President Weah Names 83 to Cabinet

Mini. Tarpeh

Wilson Tarpeh heads Commerce Ministry; Jefferson Koijee, Mayor of Monrovia

The Executive Mansion has released a list of 83 cabinet appointments so far by President George Manneh Weah, subject to confirmation by the Senate, where applicable. Ministers-designate include: Prof. Wilson Tarpeh, Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Prof. Ansu Sonii, Ministry of Education; Williametta Piso Saydee Tarr, Ministry of Gender and Social Protection; Gesler Murray, Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy; D. Zogar Wilson, Ministry of Youth and Sports; and Varney Sirleaf, Minister of Internal Affairs.

Interestingly, the name of Justice Minister-designate, Cllr. Charles Gibson, is not on the list, though his suspension by the Supreme Court of Liberia was lifted late this week, just days after he finally paid back money that he siphoned after collection on behalf of his client, foreign businessman Anwar Saoud. However, Presidential Press Secretary Sam Mannah told the Daily Observer that President Weah has not rescinded Cllr. Gibson’s appointment; therefore the appointment still stands.

Lenn Eugene Nagbe will remain at the helm of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT), as will Mary T. Broh at the General Services Agency (GSA); Ledgerhood Rennie, Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS); Florence Brandy, Montserrado County (Superintendent); and Lemuel Reeves, Liberia Immigration Service (LIS).

Also in the security sector, James Henric Pearson, Jr. will head the National Security Agency (NSA), while Trokon Roberts will head the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

President Weah has also appointed Archibald Bernard as Legal Advisor to the President; as well as CDC deputy secretary-general Janga Kowo, Comptroller General, Republic of Liberia; and CDC youth chairman Jefferson Koijee, Mayor, City of Monrovia.

The full list of names also includes deputy and assistant ministers-designate as well as director-generals-designate, a number of who are being retained from the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration. Eddie Tawalie Assistant Minister-designate for Correction and Rehabilitation, is listed under Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, instead of Ministry of Justice, his actual assignment.

Mannah also noted that the President, through these appointments, “is trying to demonstrate that he is dedicated to the empowerment of women and youth.”

See full list of appointments below.


  1. Thank you big Papa President Weah and I am hoping to hear good news from the LEC and Water & sewer Lwsc because we are really in need of these two things as Liberians.

  2. Thank you Mr. President for the recent appointment in national government. We hope you have trusted those people like we did for you on December 26, 2017. Let them help you do the Liberian people work as you have promised us in your inspiring inaugural speech.
    We love you Sir.

  3. Thanks for the appointments Mr. President. There are some qualify security officers that are capable of becoming Directors, deputy director s and assistant directors within EPS, LNP, LIS and NSA that their names have not been submitted to you. Their CVs are all at the CDC HQ.

  4. why the rush? some of the people are not qualified. Is this the same friendship business again and again? The new mayor is a joke. Why keep old people like information minister ? Only Mary Broh should remain. But listen to your ma Ellen and your boss Jewel. Liberia will stay in deep mess.

  5. Mr. President thank you for the new appointment you have done your homework, it’s now their responsibilities to either hold onto the trust or messup. Congratulation to all of you coming into government we will hold you accountable for whatever you do.

  6. Bravo to President George Weah for his appointment.
    you have done your best and one good thing i like about these appointments is that people who had been appointed are people that have no business in any European country. so all their investment will remain right in Mama Liberia..

  7. Bravo to our country Giant we are expecting more appointments as our ears are widely open please be very sincere in the appointment and may the Almighty God grant you more wisdom as Solomon. I do sincerely love your administration and willing to work with you. Thanks.

  8. I know CDC has worn election and they need to satisfy the partisms equally so they should consider west,north and,easthen region that voted for them not only close ally, we want to see balance change

  9. Bravo to president Weah for his appointment .l hope the remaining appointment will be based on qualification not experience because some youth are qualified to work in government but the opportunity was not given in the past government.

  10. Dear president Weah, Thanks a million for the appointments made.papa please for the ministry of Health we want someone that will respect health workers.Secondly please reinstate our union heads. May God almighty continue to bless you and guide you.

  11. President thanks a million for the appointment so far, but please I’m begging your office to carry Mary Bored at LABOUR

  12. Praises be to the almighty God for a true son of the soil, may God bless him with the wisdom of Solomon to lead his people.
    God bless Pres. Weah, God bless the people of the Republic of Liberia

  13. Those that are appointed are working at the will and pleasure of the president.
    The will and pleasure of my black president,is the will and pleasure of the Liberian people.If u are not in the interest of the LIBERIAN people,
    U are out.
    I wish u good tidings Mr.president

  14. Dear President Weah,
    In your strive to put Liberia on good trajectory, i pray fervently that the people you are appointing must have the country at heart. Notwithstanding, don’t have an iota of feeling to dismiss anyone of them who will fail to live up to task.

  15. THANKS Mr,president for appointing those people you belived, in doing the liberian people work.thank GOD for breging such a president for mama liberia.

  16. Dear President George M. Weah, Platt the New mat from the old mat and take your time to appoint new government officials.

  17. Mr. president please look at the list from Maryland county. All those on that list from Harper District which is unbalanced. The other two electoral districts, Pleebo sudoken, and Barrobo & Karloway districts deserve fair of power distribution. Some of us want to see you succeed while others seeking employment only.

  18. Mr. President you have to be careful of who you appoint. You made us to understand that your Government will be inclusive. There are other qualified Liberians that are not members of CDC.

  19. Hi former senator and now president George M. Weah of RL you please remember that your appointing government officials is very good but I want to study the bible with u if it is good in your eye or hearing please bye time for us to meet .

  20. Mr. President thanks for the new appointments. Please put fire behind them to do their works properly for the betterment of our only country MAMA LIBERIA.

  21. Bravo, Mr.President for the excellent appointment. My CV is already in,please let the Liberian government try me this time.I pray to implement my services during your regime. I pray for additional wisdom for you Papa.May God bless you.

  22. Mr. President, ur appointment should look at Grand Kru critically. This county is far behind in team of development, we have had female superintendents in the past and now this county needs male superintendent who is up to task and can unite the people the people and be straight in developing this county. With the way the county is still behind, we do not want superintendent who will come to be learning, one of the past leader want to bring family people into our county issue, he served and left no mark in the county but rather disunited the people. Grand Kru now needs male superintendent please Mr. president.

  23. I pray God that the wisdom of Solomon be passed unto you. And I confess with confirmation from God;Those That Laugh And Mocked At You, Must Definitely Laugh And Dance With You Papa!

  24. Congratulations president weah for your surprise,trustful,confidence,encouraging etc appointments u have made in this new government…..u are a very true and chosen leader for Liberia and the world… bravo to you.recommandation to u president weah: please try to look at the followings- prices of goods and services,exchanging rates,labor law,the descent work bill,job creations and finally please don’t re-appoint people who work in the passed government most especially those with corruption allegations,no recycling in general etc etc

  25. President weah,if anyone work before weather mad.sirleaf first term or the second term please let them give chance to other Liberians to work too… cuz they are also responsible,qualified,and competent to serve…. Thanks

  26. Thanks President Weah for the appointment but please take into consideration gender balance. And do something about commodities price and the rate

  27. Bravo his EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT George O.weah for bringing the youth on board. We hope and pray that their comparative Analysis will be applied to make Liberia a modern nation

  28. Bravo to his excellency George Weah for the excellent appointment, but Liberian people hope for total inclusiveness from around the fifteen sub-division to assure perfect governance.

    once more the minister in charge of the Agriculture ministry must be a visionary who will only support projects that will have lasting impact on the dweller of the region, install of short term impact with huge funds.

  29. bravo our president ,just do all your best as you can to complete the appointment in government and turn to masses , please see reason to drop the prices of goods and the exchange rate ,bravo again in your so join Mr. President

  30. Dear President WEAH, Thanks for your new Government. Me and other concerns pray that your Development in the new Government should be Higher as your HEIGHT is above all former Presidents of the Republic of Liberia.
    Hmm…The people’s CHOICE.
    Lesley Q.Nyema

  31. Well done so far Mr President, i always pray that God give you wisdom to see us through. But my advice to you is that anyone blunder by not serving us should be fire and not re-circle. All the best Sir.

  32. I’m Melvin Success Jerry from Cape Coast,Ghana.I’m a born Ghanaian(dad)-Liberian(mum).I’m a International Technology(I.T) student.Lets me congradulate our humble,loving,hardworking,innovative,visions,full of wisdom,and peaceful servant,His Excellency President George Manneh Weah for his millions of wisdom in making a sounds decision by appointing such a able man of wisdom,visions,loving,peaceful,and hardworking Ministers.I want informed our President George Manneh Weah shouldn’t appoint any former government official of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf including Roberts Sirleaf and his mum Madame Sirleaf to work in your administration.Because they are all corrupt officials of Madame Sirleaf who has broke down the Liberian’s economy and increase the high poverty rates in our beloved country, Liberia today.We strongly believe in God the Most High that,God has send u to Liberia to delievered Liberians from such a bad living standard,and under developed or poorer nation in the world.May God wishesly bless you and increase

  33. May the Lord of Host bless us all
    Let Yahweh be with you as you lead us.
    My black president George Weah
    GOD BLESS LIBERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Thank you Mr. President for your good leadership role. Leadership is getting jobs done through people, so if you can’t get jobs done through certain people please fire them.

    By the grace of God,you’ll be remembered as the best President of Liberia.

  35. Hello my Excellence President George Manneh thing I am asking God for you is to give you the WISDOM of leadership for your.please don’t listen to liberian’s plenty talks. Most of them don’t
    have metal development for the country. But as a good leader they may crisis you to make you lose you track. The last. is don’t forget your’s God don’t join Liberian to be evil.I love you so much Mr president.

  36. Hey Mr President,
    The scopes of the three basics aspects must all be achieve as to do with national development proposes, they are politics , economy and social which is very Paramount indeed. But we have achieved scope one politics now the economic is the most important two which needs structures or Reformation with the policies frameworks segments there that will support the social development. But now the economic has now structures as far as I am concerns with the subjects matters.
    I am associated with chartered financial services institution
    Best regard
    Amara A.Donzo

  37. great job president weah.i m Archie N. George voted you argue on cdc behalf from intellectual centers, high school,universities,college,nta buses,taxes,entertaiment centers,sports ground.i m looking up to your good office to please make some of us smile.i do not need big job but let me feel your administration. i m a university student and work with the institute of public administration.i m reading accounting and economics at the stella maris polytechnic and study information technology at international institute of computer studies and manpower development and did purchasing and supply at the liberia institue of public administration

  38. Dear MR. President:
    am excited of your appointment you make
    thank you so much his Excellency Ambassador George Mennah Weah ….

    best regards
    shadrach Brown

  39. Liberia and Liberians must tackle the gross level of corruption/inefficiency in every sector of society. Practically nothing ever get done even at the slowest pace without bribery, extortion and measurable attributes. This is a national disgrace and action speaks louder than the lengthy speeches Liberian are famous for. No country prosper without hard work and transparency and it is hard time that both private and functionaries of government be held to measurable production tasks. Let’s face it, Liberia is at the mercy of the foreign cartels who basically control imported products.

  40. Mr. President please look at the Agricultural sector of our country. We are far behind, we need to redoubled our efforts. “Any nation that is able to feed itself is a strong nation”




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