President Weah Fires In-house Critic, Boima

Boima JV Boima, Dismissed LBS Deputy director for rural broadcasting

President George Weah has fired the Deputy Director for Rural Broadcasting at the Liberia Broadcasting Services, Boima J.V. Boima, hours after he (Boima) had announced his intention to resign from the government in December this year.

Boima J.V. Boima, who in a public Facebook post critiqued the government’s shortcomings following the ruling party’s colossal defeat in the senatorial by-election in 2019 that brought Abraham Darius Dillon to the Senate, said he was finally resigning due to President Weah’s failure to prioritize the general welfare of the Liberian people, most especially partisans of the Congress for Democracy Change.

“Mr. President, my resignation is due to the fact that the true meaning of fighting to claim state power, which motivated some of us to make enemies and abandon family members to support your quest for our country’s highest office, has not been felt by the greater majority of the Liberian people,” said Boima in an open letter to the President yesterday.

But the President, whose relationship with Boima began to sour after the first public critique, did not hesitate to fire the LBS appointee who had accompanied his letter of planned resignation with a second public critique — via Facebook post — in which he claimed to be suffering too much under the regime.

The President’s move to jettison his in-house critic for making his grievances public, especially on Social media, comes a year after Boima declared that Senator Abraham Darius Dillon’s victory in last year’s senatorial by-election was due to the failure of the ruling party and President Weah to seek the welfare of the people.

“Yes, this was a revolution; our people did not struggle to become beggars. The results seen out there are as a result of an internal revolt. Majority of our once zealots supporters have gone sour. They are not happy at all. They are not happy with us, Mr. President. Majority of those who voted for Dillon are our own very CDCians. Some didn’t even turn out to vote. Their message is clear; look into our direction now too,” Boima said in his 2019 Facebook post.

In that post, Boima downplayed fear of losing his job and expressing in a sense that it was better to speak out than to pretend and live with “negative consequences.”

Repeating similar lines this time around, Boima argued that it was better for him to remain jobless than to stay in a government that has made him to struggle and suffer.

“I have struggled and suffered too much. Maybe we were not meant to enjoy the benefits of the revolution. It’s better I remain jobless. Again I say thank you. Long live Liberia, long live President Weah,” he said.

Another piercing comment in his letter to the President notes that the revolutionary struggle that got Weah elected was not meant for him and few of his friends to become rich while the citizens remained poor.

“Some of our very brothers and sisters who labored with you in the revolution have been abandoned with rooms given to only those around you.  Mr. President, our quest to make you President was not to make few of your friends rich while the vast majority of our people perish in abject poverty. It is based on this factor that I am tendering this notice to kindly inform you that I will be quilting your government by December 30, 2020,” Boima’s letter said.

Meanwhile, a release from the Executive Mansion says Isaac Redd, Director of Press in the House of Representatives, has been appointed as Deputy Director for Rural Broadcasting at the LBS replacing Boima J.V. Boima.


  1. Better late than never. We used to advise Boima that he was on the wrong side of history by his zealous support for Weah, and his sometimes intolerant reaction to anyone who advised him against uncritically supporting that non skull of a Weah. Now he seems to have seen the light.

  2. This fool and hypocrite should have been thrown out long long ago. This government gets too unnecessarily over..tolerant !

    • See another He Goat’ venting his desperation here again at a persons who has become a victim from a sacred marriage with his darling wife broken by the Prezo. This concern citizen is very much less concern instead. he pretends to be concern for his selfish interest. These are the morons that are masquerading around town during night hours beheading innocent folks that speak truths to power.

      we soon get this bitch soon and trust me, he will be castrated. Concern citizen wife / husband will be the next in line to be eaten by the prezo and his criminal associates. just wait and see. we are arranging the purchase of his/her car to sack you soon and the prez will add he/she to his list of cocubants. dual sim!

  3. I feel it is very good to have someone in my circle tell me that I am going about things the wrong way. Constructive criticism is always good. I may not like how it comes out, but it comes out to tell me that things are not going correctly, and I should do something about it.
    Albeit, he criticized the government on social media, but isn’t that better than being a “yes man” and keeping things inside of you and watch as they start to fall apart?

  4. Ummm, see Boima JV Boima replacement, another sycophant to the core desperately hustling for job all over the place. This Redd Peking is noted for undermining his friends in workplaces and lets hope he don’t import this virus to the LBS. Liberia has truly gone bad off where the incapables turning to the capable.

    Hope this idiot don’t get confirmed as he has no clue of what it takes to serve in such capacity. He has been seen around his fellow rebel journalist of the NPFL Smith Tobay always just hunting for job. Now that he has gotten one, lets see how well he performs especially when he has no good credential to back up such appointment from the president.

  5. Philip Moore , you must be a tamlan. Who told you a mere deputy director for rural broadcasting has to be confirmed?.You are running your “mouth” ås some chicken bambutu, and you are so poorly prepared.

  6. That’s another worry for you again. so poorly prepared’, come to think about this from a moron. How dare you allow such nonsense to shoot out of those toilet mouth of yours again. Idiot!!

  7. Hmm hmm hmm a and now he is a confirmed opposition and will be hail as a hero for the people by the people and people will start to listen and glorify him as a serous person.
    Oh! Liberia what A damn joke


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