President Weah Extols US Peace Corps

Flashback: President Weah (center) with Peace Corps Volunteers.

President George Weah has described United States Peace Corps’ coming to Liberia as “brave” people whose action demonstrates a sense of humanity.

President Weah’s statement was contained in a brief remark he made at the swearing-in ceremony of 44 Peace Corps Volunteers on Friday, August 17, in Monrovia. The 44 PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) will be deployed in the 15 counties for two years.

According to the President, while people are leaving and turning their back on Liberia, Peace Corps Volunteers from the United States are leaving their comfort zones to come to mentor people free-of-charge.

The President recalled that he had encountered Peace Corps years back while in school, and it was through his encounter that a Peace Corp Volunteer gave him the name, “George”, to replace Manneh that he first used at school.

In an entertaining joke about pronunciation of Peace Corps in the Liberian colloquial, President Weah said, “We used to call them Peace Cope, but on the paper, I am seeing Peace Corps,” something which brought about laughter among the audience.

The President then called on the volunteers to be friendly, and make friends with Liberians in order to help them be fully integrated into the society, assuring them of government’s full protection while in the country.

He said their work will be easier for the students they will deal with, to drive away their fear.

“Peace Corps those days made friends, and it was through that that a Peace Corps volunteer gave me the name ‘George’ as my Christian name, but before then, I was called Manneh.  Make friends with people you will meet so that they will remember you, and you will remember them,” the President told the Peace Corps volunteers.

The President’s remarks to the PCVs bring to remembrance former US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, whose stay in Liberia as a Peace Corps volunteer, paved the way for her to have Liberia as a second home.

Prior to her departure from Liberia in 2012, Ambassador Greenfield visited Lofa County where she resided while in the Peace Corps, and told the people there that it was her home county in Liberia, because she was there prior to the civil war as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Ambassador Christine Elder lauded Liberia for its appreciation of PCVs.  She said among the countries Peace Corps volunteers are being assigned, Liberia shows the highest appreciation of volunteers by their hospitality. She also commended government for making education a priority in the Weah Administration, emphasizing that education is the chief driver of any development agenda of a country.

Amb. Elder then called on the PCVs to be inspirational and abide by their oath. She too recalled her days as a Peace Corps Volunteer before assuming the position of a diplomat.

She said the rationale behind President John F. Kennedy’s call for the establishment of PCVs was to serve others, and volunteers should therefore serve with distinction, to dispel any perception contrary to the true meaning of sending them around the world.

The Country Director of Peace Corps in Liberia Kristi Raube, also informed the Volunteers that their presence in Liberia represents America and that they should see the job as a commitment anyone can make to do any job.

Raube said through the Volunteers, Liberian students can realize their dream of what they want to become, urging them not to wait for others to do what they want but to always take the first turn to move forward.

Prior to the civil conflict, PCVs served in Liberia, and their activities reflected on every development agenda of the country, with education, agriculture, rural development, and health education being chief among them.

Peace Corps Volunteers’ first presence in Liberia was felt in 1962, and over 4,000 volunteers had served the country since then.

After a long time of absence as a result of the civil war, 12 Peace Corps Response Volunteers were deployed to Liberia in 2008 and in 2015; 23 response volunteers arrived following the evacuation of 108 of the PCVs due to the Ebola crisis that struck the country in 2014.

The 44 volunteers will be teaching Mathematics and Science in various public schools across the country.

Additionally, the Peace Corps will also be involved with teacher training program, to build Liberian teachers’ capacity to take over when the PCVs shall have left in the future.  It also improves the school community by promoting positive discipline in place of corporal punishment.


  1. Thank God for the Peace Corps! It is my hope that the Peace Corps will feel very comfortable in Liberia. I personally benefited academically from the services of the PCV.

  2. “President George Weah has described United States Peace Corps’ coming to Liberia as “brave” people whose action demonstrates a sense of humanity”
    Mr President, what specifically makes their coming to Liberia “brave”?
    Have they not always being and are still in Liberia today as NGOs under the pretext of providing aids?
    So again what is “brave” about them now coming to Liberia again with basically the same agenda as always just under a different name?
    How can you not see this, they are using tricknology to invade our nation. The white man knows that we are a chump and gullible people who will fall for whatever nonsense they throw at us. Is called “the Hegelian dialect”, the same people creating the problem that you are suffering and dying from are the same people providing your resolution (problem – America -> reaction – You -> resolution – America).

    Matthew 7:4&5
    “How wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”
    These people want to promote peace around the world but they cannot promote peace between white America and black America in a nation they live. Unless in actuality, they are not in Liberia for PEACE as they so claim. Please try to understand the psychology of these people. A wise man once said “it is insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results”. Right now if you were told Charles Taylor is in Liberia helping with the government, no matter how good his intention, I’m sure if not all but majority of the nation will be outraged about that. Same way you should be outraged about the placement of these people in all 15 counties of Liberia. They are there to monitor you and report to their government of any progress that they deem threatening to them. Yes, your advancement in any shape and fashion is threatening to America. You advancement means:
    – Less or no more influx of refugees to America to fuel the American economic system
    – You will become wise to value your own currency thereby reducing America popularity
    – You might get smart and start to mine your own minerals and selling at the global market’s rates
    – You will become economically and politically strong that they can no longer fool you with money to influence your government decisions
    – You will become independent and self-reliance meaning you will no longer need them.

    So they are there to monitor and derail any sign of progress they see in action and potentially place you on a sinking ship with the hope that it will land one day if you keep working hard. Ebola was released in Sierra Leone and Liberia to slow both nations down, to keep them contain at a poverty level where they are always reliance on the western power for aids. In turn they get to steal your minerals and natural
    resources to advance their nations that you so admired. I say it again, you need to wake up and understand the psychology of these people.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape”
    If we are not such a chump we would understand what the Bible has being telling us always and and we would prepare ourselves against the trcknology of these people but you are all stuck in Jesus’ loves while your enemy plans your economic degradation and systematical exterminated.

    One last point:

    Mr President, so you have encountered United States Peace Corps before and they gave you the name George which you are proud to call yourself today?
    Ok Mr President, did they tell you why they called you George?
    Among all the gazillion of names on earth, why they chose to call you George? Maybe it was just a coincident. Or they were naming you after the first president of America “George Washington”- meaning you will give birth to a new Liberia one day. I guess that would mean the prophecy is in progress and they are come to see it to fruition.
    No, if you don’t know, George is the name of a monkey on a famous cartoon show in America called “curious George”. You can look it up yourself on the internet and I’m sure you will find it amusing. Pay attention to the characteristics of the monkey – he knows nothing and he keeps going around and making trouble, His owner has to keep teaching. You can’t take your eyes off curious George or he might start destroying something somewhere.

    He that has an ear let him hear.


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