President Weah Dismisses EPA Director Blama

President George Weah (left) appears to be on a roller-coaster of allegations against EPA Executive Director Nathaniel Blama (right), starting with 'Coronavirus' and now 'Corruption'.

President George Manneh Weah has dismissed with immediate effect Mr. Nathaniel Blama, Executive Director of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Mr. Blama who was recently reinstated by the President was dismissed on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, for acts of fraud.

Mr. Blama on March 7, 2020, unilaterally signed a US$20 million contract without the signatures of the Ministers of Justice and Finance contrary to the law and established governmental principles and procedures.

An investigation conducted by the Ministry of Justice established that Mr. Blama did not adhere to legal requirements, standards procedures regarding the selling of the Government of Liberia assets.

Meanwhile, President Weah has warned he will not entertain any unscrupulous behavior of any government officials. The President reiterated his zero-tolerance stance against corruption.

Mr. Randall M. Dobayou, Deputy Executive Director of EPA will act as head of the entity pending the appointment of an Executive Director.


  1. Quote
    “He had been in conversation with the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill and the Minister of Finance concerning the agreement and they both expressed optimism that it would be a fruitful agreement” Optimimistic is NOT confirmation or LEGALITY…

    Mr. Blama told FrontPageAfrica that contrary to reports that he committed government’s resources in the agreement, he only stated that whatever proceeds that come out of the agreement would be used for environmental works. (Does this means the EPA runs on her own?)

    “It’s a platform like the Green Climate Fund, like the Adaptation Fund, like the Global Environment Facility Fund – it’s the same kind of platform set up globally. We have had this discussion with the finance minister before, I’ve had the discussion with the Minister of State and they are aware,” he said. (Are you kidding me?)

    “He stated that the US$29 million endorsement he did for the defense project for New Kru Town was never signed by the Minister of Justice nor the Minister of Finance, noting that such is the case with environmental platforms”. REALLY REALLY REALLY??????? THE COUNTRY IS DOOM…. THIS MUST END NOW

    why is it that FPA story supports NAT Blama and Daily observer plus other outlets does NOT?
    From all indications, it detects that the EPA runs unilaterrally with no oversight.
    How can a minister/director sign deals, sell stock unbehalf of the country without signatures of both the Justice and finance ministers? Are you kiidding me? Where are we heading? How can we continue to do these things only because it was done before? where is the DAMM change?

  2. You chopped yours and you don’t want your friends to chop theirs? We call this witch crafty, Mr. President.
    If you don’t put that guy back, he will blow horn oooooh!

  3. If you fire one person for BREAKING THE LAW, you must fire everyone else who breaks The Law.

    And, it is a very good thing.

    But you cannot fire one person for BREAKING THE LAW while, at the same time, your brother-in-law, your friends, and some of your family members are BREAKING THE LAW and going FREE…!!

    Let’s practice “The Golden Rule”.

    What is good for John, is also good for Paul.
    “Do Unto Others, As you’ll have them do unto you”.

  4. Nat. Blama, after your suspension you should have just resign; in your absence these people had already planned to dismiss you, because you differ with the Executive Mansion on whether you refused quarantines or not; all of them were angry that you spoke contrarily to the president.
    Secondly, your deputy was there trying to prove to the public that he was qualified to hold position, when he had not graduated from college yet, at least the Bachelor, the writings were on the wall for all to see, except you.
    Thanks for representing our country adequately.


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