Road Connectivity Absent in Weah’s Inaugural Address

A very deplorable spot on the Grand Gedeh and River Cess highway in southeast Liberia.

Rural Liberians Urge New GOVT to Make Road Connectivity Paramount, Foremost

Several rural Liberian farmers and business people have lamented the fact that President George Manneh Weah did not mention anything about road connectivity in his inaugural address on January 22, 2018 in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

However, political commentators told the Daily Observer in separate interviews on Monday that perhaps the Liberian leader might give details on his infrastructure development plans in his legislative agenda.

The lack of good road connectivity is an age old problem that has confronted rural dwellers including farming communities virtually forever. Entire sections of the country are cut off during the annual rainy season as most roads degenerate into muddy troughs that make vehicular traffic extremely challenging.

Such  difficulties continue to hamper development initiatives in many parts of the country to the extent that on some occasions development projects are not completed on time, or not completed at all.

On many occasions during the course of the heavy rains in Liberia, commercial, private and other public service vehicles are seen stranded for weeks in deep mud on some of the major highways in several parts of the country.

Farmers and business people also told the Daily Observer, for example, that bridges that only require small sums of money to rebuild or repair are left unattended to deteriorate, most often at the detriment of ordinary Liberian farmers and business people.

“Our roads are most of the times in very deplorable conditions thus, making our harvested produce to get rotten on the way to our various markets in our country. This should claim the immediate attention of our new government,” farmer Davidson B. Kolliewala stressed.

Kolliewala, 45 of Gbarpolu County, who produces rice, cassava and yams on a very large scale urged top officials of the new Liberian Government to strive hard and fix farm to market roads in the country.

“I was indeed disappointed and felt sad because our President did not mention even a sentence about our farm to market road connectivity, something I personally expected to hear from our President that received massive support from us in the rural areas of our country,” Kolliewala lamented.


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