Chiding Words Between Weah, Boakai

It's a throwback to their days as rivals from the presidential campaign between President Weah (left) and former Vice President Boakai.

While the public was anxiously glued to their radio last Friday to listen to President George Weah address the numerous economic and social issues confronting Liberia, the President, without much emphasis on the prevailing issues, was assertive in warning former Vice President Joseph Boakai to “behave”. In an apparent response, Mr. Boakai likened the rhetoric of the President and his party to that of a predatory insect.

President Weah had stated that he had helped the former Vice President with his medical bills and vehicles and therefore, the former VP should have expressed gratitude by not supporting the campaign calling for President Weah to “Step-down”.

Additionally, President Weah accused the former Vice President of making profane remarks about him, accusing him of being wicked.  Earlier, former Vice President Joseph Boakai had issued a statement in the wake of publicity about the December 30 planned protest, calling on the government to dialogue with the protesters or provide them the security to carry on their protest as part of their constitutional rights.

He also addressed the economic issues of the country and emphasized how badly the economy has deteriorated and Liberians continue to suffer in their own country.

As President Weah faced journalists John Kollie and Ledgerhood Rennie in his first live radio interview on the ELBC, December 20, he described Boakai as “Ungrateful,” declaring, “Boakai has to behave.”

“Boakai spent 12 years of his life as a Vice President, he got sick, almost died, he didn’t have any support, and the only person that came to his aid is George Weah. A Boakai that I did almost everything for and gave him respect will sit down and try to oust my government,” President Weah said.

President Weah in his first-ever live interview on ELBC said he was shocked to note that the former Vice President had accused him of being a wicked person despite settling his medical bills for heart surgery—a statement the president could not prove.

On the following day, while addressing a group of students from the College of West Africa, his alma mater, former Vice President Boakai appeared to question the President’s upbringing, making reference to a biblical principle of discipline.

“Just yesterday, the leadership of this country took it to say all kinds of things about us. You see, the Bible says, ‘train up a child in a way that he should go and that when he is old, he cannot depart from it’. That’s the way he was brought up and those are the things he was trained to do. But thank God we have children who are brought up differently.”

Boakai further said: “We have a saying that you cannot burn down your house for mosquitoes because the mosquitoes will go and the house will be burned. This country has to be preserved.”

Without addressing the issues relating to medical bills and vehicles President Weah claimed to have given him, former Vice President Boakai’s supporters and other rational people have sharply reacted to the President’s comment through different media outlets.

A call-in section of Kool FM morning conversation solicited disdainful and annoyed reactions from the public, criticizing the President for not addressing the economic issues of the country but making what they called “a hypocritical statement” about his goodwill gesture towards the former Vice President.

Mo Ali, Unity Party Director of Press and Propaganda, posted documents on Facebook challenging President Weah’s comments about Boakai and stating that money and vehicles given the former Vice President were not from the current President, but that they were for state resources to which the former VP is entitled.


  1. So Unity Party, that VP Boakai was a 12 years 2nd man in command left Liberia a healthy economy and in two years the CDC broke it down. No problem since he and his VP planned that failed (COUNTRY VS CONGAU) was to come and kill like the doe regime lost, he think he will be back in power. I am very surprise at him even condoning same, and I held him as a man of integrity. I never one day heard him criticize President Sirleaf. He lived with ease through it enjoying the benefit untold. December 30th is Monday, let him and his COP get ready to remove a sitting President.

  2. Dopoe, You and your editor are liars. Boakai never called for any dialogue. And this is why even FPA’S EDITOR RODNEY SIEH asked .Boakai why or “if he Boakai want Weah removed ” in a HEADLINE.

  3. Mehn Boakai, shut up your STUPID and very DIRTY mouth. Is that how your backside trained your childrem pr how your parents trained you? To undermine people who helped you and keep grudge for them? Ellen helped your ass to become VP. What did your ass do? You undermined her son’s ambition while keeping 17 malicious grudges for her while expecting her to rig the elections for your immature and POLITICLY VERY SILLY SELF. Is this how your backside was trained by your parents? You ungrateful bastard!

  4. You are a stupid coward! Why you cannot use your real name? You not have respect for your own parents. This is one of the many reasons Liberia continues to suffer. This man is the most respected public individual in our country. He is highly educated and with worth of experience and exposure. He completed his post graduate studies all by himself. He never paid anyone to do his post graduate studies. The former press secretary to President Weah admitted that he did President Weah’s master degree. for him. He was dismissed from his position by President Weah because of that. What a shame? President Weah lacks experience and education to lead this nation.. We do not need a student president like the late Samuel Doe. We all know how his presidency ended up in a disaster . In fact, we are not too far from history repeating itself. The way and manner that President Weah earned his master degree is the same way he is ruling Liberia. People are telling what to do rather than himself doing it. He is of no match to the former VP. In fact, the current VP is more educated than him.

  5. Joseph Nyumah Boakai is the most respected public individual in our country?? You must be a damn fool to have such silly thoughts!

    Boakai who is known as a damn thief and was disgraced at the Ministry of Agriculture! What respectable man will keep malice for a woman he is working with, to the extent that he would not be on speaking terms with her EVEN IN THE PUBLIC!

    BOAKAI IS A VERY RAW UNCIVILIZED EVIL MAN. The guy is so stupid that he does not know that he is too damn old and extremely stupid and with an apolitical mentality that he is not fit to be president, but rather probably only a paramount chief for some village in Foya.

    What respectable man will prefer the destruction of the simply for his selfish ambition? Boakai is a damn fool and an agent of the devil!

    • Who are yiu afraid of, why not use your real name. Don’t be a coward. Caesar said cowards die many times before their death. Don’t be a coward.

    • As you call yourself freedom to be blunt, I think you call yourself freedom to be rude because no intelligent person and a person from a home will abuse an elderly person under no circumstances. Please behave yourself properly young man.

      • You silly Davig G. Foday Sr., you better just shut up your dirty country-backside. Elderly men are wise and decent men. Boakai’s thievery character, and his primitive and satanic mentality not been on speaking terms with his president his boss within his capacity as VP, not to mention his ungratefulness and backstabbing attitude towards President Weah and President Johnson-Sirleaf ARE PROOF that Boakai is not decent and he is NOT wise. He is simply an old and ugly satanic and very stupid person.

  6. You see, not that I support boakai nor weah. Just as boakai said, Train up a child In a way he should go and as the Bible says, you guys have join the president to insult boakai. Remember what goes around will come around one-day. Today it’s boakai, tomorrow it would be you that your son will insult and you will start to swear him. But at least boakai didn’t swear weah nor insult you for you to use this means to insult him. I never voted for boakia, everyone is free to express themselves even you all on this news stand but insulting someone directly is a crime just as you have said here becuz you disagree with what boakia said.
    But remember the day Bible said honor your parents which could be elderly for yours to be long. Even though it says don’t provoke your kids to anger, it also say don’t allow your anger lead you to sin.
    You all need to be careful of what you said to the elders. He may look old and bad but his alive for a reason. At least he spend 12yrs trying to make Liberia better but the true is Liberia as gone so bad in the last 2yrs and you no n weah to put the problem on the pass leaders.
    This will not help, but finding my a solution to the situation, having my dialogue with hurt people and working will everyone to bring growth to Liberia will help.
    The Bible say don’t let you right hand knows what your left is doing. You don’t boast publically about what you do for people. This is why I bless God that no one now in Liberia can boast of what they did for me. No rich or money man scholarship send me to School, it was all done by God’s Grace.
    May God help Liberia on Dec 30 and onward. Amen.

  7. Kae, are you okay? Boakai spent 12 years as Vice President using FAKE AND GHOST PAYROLL for his VP office, and you say that thief spend 12 years trying to make Liberia? Boakai is not just old and ugly for nothing or a cursed fool for nothing. He is a damn thief and a fool.

    • Well Freedom To Be Blunt,
      What a great name. At least when Boakia was vp things were very bad as compare to now, the rate of USD was 2times higher than what it is now, During their 1st and 2nd terms 16billion LD x 2 got missing, civil servants were taking pay once or twice a yr, and lastly becuz of the way they were brought up Ellen or Boakai came out many days to insult weah and CDC openly and threatening that he wants to overtake their govt even though they were stealing and building mansion in a yr time.

      What ever you or every other young Liberians that choose to insult the old man or join the president to insult the old or past leaders becuz you have power, God is not sleeping, he will not sleep I promise you. I am also very young and asking God’s will to be do you you and the president who will not see the reality and find ways to settle them but choose to join me. Weah to insult the older people. I am wondering how will America or other countries come to help. Becuz if you can insult your own mother and father who else you can’t insult becuz you have power today that will end tomorrow. Even after 6 or 12 yrs you and weah will not stay in power forever.

      it is a shame to see my fellow young Liberian brother like weah and you insulting the older people forgetting to know your time will come just as it is now. But thank God the man said some young Liberians are different.
      Indeed it is truth that the Bible says train up a child in a way he should go. Thank God though we have differences not every young Liberian will behave like weah or you Mr. Or Mrs. Freedom to be blunt.

      May God be with you one-day for what you are defending today.

      May God save Mama Liberia.

  8. I repeat:
    Only the best of our educated Liberian with the Needed Know-Hows, Skillsets can lead Liberia to being part of the modern world.
    If you are telling people, children, education is not important, you are a wicked person.
    God will judge you.

  9. Happy the holidays. If you let your wine throw you down, you are not wise. Biblical. I only pick wise people up.
    Gone in silence for long. Tell Liberians yours.

  10. “Wine is a mockery, strong drink is raging. Whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”…Check the holy scriptures. No more free ideas.

  11. Liberia was resting peacefully in the hands of the Congo People. Yes, the Congo were eating and (but) blowing like a mouse under our blanket. But now that the country is in the hands of the “Children of the Soil”, they are all stealing everything on a grand scale and accusing one another. Only a fool will think that UP and CDC are thieves at odds with each other. Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA

  12. Well, there is an end to EVERYY rope, no matter how long that rope is. Liberia will rise again to its pre-war days when a real patriot will come and lead this country again like the murdered president William Tolbert (R I P).


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