President Weah Appreciates US Gov’t for Resolving DED Impasse

President Weah Photo Credit: Executive Mansion Photo

President George Manneh Weah has expressed heartfelt appreciation to President Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, the Government and people of the United States for the opportunity granted Liberians on the Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) to stay in the U.S. for another year, an Executive Mansion has said.

According to the release, President Weah also commended the United States Embassy in Monrovia, headed by Ambassador Christine Elder for the role played in making the process a success.

President Weah said the decision to allow Liberians on DED live in the U.S. until March 2019, has brought a great deal of relief, not only to those on the list as direct beneficiaries, but their families and friends back home; it serves as a testament of the longstanding partnership between Liberia and the United States.

Weah expressed hope that the concerned Liberians will utilize the extension of the DED to contribute to the American Society in the most positive way and continue to be law-abiding residents.

He said the gesture clearly speaks to the U.S. government’s unwavering commitment to upholding the bond of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

It can be recalled that President Trump recently directed the Departments of State and Homeland Security to bring an end to a humanitarian program that has allowed some Liberian nationals to have temporary residence in the United States.

The grant of Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberians who would otherwise be returned from the U.S. was last extended by President Barrack Obama.

However, it was due to expire on March 31, this year, but President Trump has ordered that the deadline be extended for one more year as part of a “wind-down” effort before the DED is officially terminated for Liberian nationals.


  1. Actually the program expires as planned on March 31, 2018. But Liberians have been granted an additional 12 months to leave the United States. This is not an extension, but a ‘winding down period.’ DED and TPS for Liberians are both over. Now let us see if people truly make the effort and return lawfully home to their mother country.

  2. President Weah thanks for bringing up this Citizenship issue on the table in Liberia, it past time that Liberia of all people realize we have come a long way since that clause was placed in the 1847 constitution. Not allowing non-white citizenship is not only racist,but has hindered Liberia’s development to a large extent. Just cross the border into Ivory Coast and you feel so sad for our country. Non-white don’t hinder average to be president nor do they have to be Senators if that’s what the so-called elites are afraid of,but they citizen old contribute tremendously to the development of such a poor country. Weah knows what he talking about,because He has experienced life outside Liberia. It’s now time to put Liberia first!!!

  3. Dual citizen and non-negro citizenships are good moves for Liberia. Even the US had such extreme clause in their constitution. You have to be born in the US to run for president. We can do the same in Liberia. Open it up and restrict the public position aspects. U have to be born in Liberia to run for any public position. Granting citizenship to non-negro will lift our country to another level. If other nationals want to identify themselves with this poor country, let us welcome them.

  4. This 34% Liberian President should not be eluded by the move the United States Government has given to close DED. Extra year pardon is an extension to have Liberians who almost got entrapped, and to allow ample time to pack up and come home. It is now the Liberian Government responsibility to make it extremely easy for Liberians to come home regardless of status or financial burden. This is the reason blinded Liberians still seeking pseudo gravy, should curb wealth, as such in power or not, hardly accepting the hurt, should begin to see the terrible effects of slave trade and white supremacy and avoid tampering with the Liberian constitutional rights on people of “negro descend”. On this, the Liberian country President will soon be graded as a slave seller, if he does not see the adverse effect of attempted penury adjust to the destiny of freedom for a people set by our founders. He says he wants to solve the poverty problem. If he means what he is talking, he must not associate with slavers. Otherwise he will be ousted by Liberians. Whites not interested in becoming citizens of Liberian with their share in the fixture of freedom as only material trade and investments will eventually question the arms struggle that infused our just left civil war. Blacks will get ready again to defend their freedom. So this group should not only table the issue but cut the bill off in the Legislature and never to be mentioned again. What Liberians need right now to develop is actual trade. This means that we must fairly exchange our natural resources for finished products to begin inventing for ourselves. We must respect our own currency regardless what name it has. Any knowledge invents. There is no mineral this nation cannot find on land, in air space and offshore within its borders. Why not we trade the actual and produce our own, right at home? Answer the Liberian People as a people. Do not ask me for further Liberian knowledge. Do not answer my box. Gone to silence.


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