President Visits The Ahmadiyya Clinic


Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf applauded the services of Ahmadiyya Clinic given to Liberian people. On September 9, she paid a surprised visit to Ahmadiyya Clinic Sinkor and thanked Doctor-in-charge, Dr. Abdul Haleem, who is able to continue operating the clinic throughout EBOLA crisis. She donated food items to the staff in appreciation of their services. On the other hand, Ameer and Missionary-in-charge, Moulvi Naveed Ahmad Aadil, reassured the government that the Ahmadiyya doctors, teachers and Missionaries who are mostly expatriates will not leave Liberia and will continue to offer their services. Upon the offer of the President that if Clinics needs anything to continue running its health facilities, the doctor in charge assured that we have everything necessary in quantity to protect our staff. However Mission is rather arranging to bring in some necessary items for EBOLA protection from USA through Humanity First, an NGO run by Ahmadiyya Mission. The Ameer also presented a prescription of Homeopathic medicine which was sent by the international Head Quarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission. He also assured to bring in homeopathic doctors to train health workers about the medicine if the need arises.


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