President, Speaker Want Code of Conduct Relaxed

President Sirleaf has called for ‘inclusive’ elections and Speaker Nuquay wants every Liberian to have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process

By William Q. Harmon

The Legislative and Executive branches of government, the architects of the controversial Code of Conduct (CoC), seemed to be rethinking their previous position on the contentious law and are now harboring liberal views on a matter that has ignited a huge debate on the country’s electoral process.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emmanuel Nuquay, were among several high profile officials who spoke at the opening of the two-day National Political Forum that kicked off on Wednesday in Monrovia. It brought together all of the country’s political parties, CSOs and others to chart a course for peaceful elections in October.

While the CoC requires public officials to adhere to legal and ethical standards in the performance of their respective duties and a commitment to the system of internal controls, the turbulent sections 5.1 and 5.2 seek to exclude officials of government appointed by the President from vying for elective office.

The feedback from the public has been largely negative, especially since the CoC was upheld as a legal document by the Supreme Court of Liberia, much ahead of the appointment of the office of the Ombudsman, which was supposed to adjudicate disputes concerning the CoC.

However, at the forum, President Sirleaf called for fair, transparent and inclusive elections in October. She said the maintenance of peace must provide a conducive environment for development, because if there is anything Liberians agree on “it is the need to preserve peace that has enabled us to be better reconcilers.”

She said more than half a century ago, precisely seventy-three years ago, Liberians experienced the transition from outgoing President Edwin J. Barclay to incoming President William V.S. Tubman after a free and fair election.

“So on January 16, 2018, Liberians will have the opportunity of a similar experience, which will be the defining test of our nascent democracy that will be the trigger for the continuation and strengthening of our international partnership,” President Sirleaf said.

She added that she had several telephone exchanges with leaders of political parties on Tuesday, encouraging them to be a part of the process to commit to peace and stability.

“Our guests will witness the signing by all political actors the Farmington River Declaration, committing to peaceful elections. This is an opportunity we all should embrace to add instant legitimacy to our elections,” she said.

In separate remarks, Chief Zanzan Karwah, Chairman of the National Traditional Council of Liberia; ECOWAS Envoy Tunde Ajisomo; Ibrahim Kamara of the AU; and Farid Zarif, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, called on all political parties and their standard bearers to put Liberia first.

On behalf of the legislature, which many have accused of inserting the controversial section 5 in the CoC to ban other government officials from contesting the elections, Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay said every Liberian needs to be given the opportunity to participate in the electoral process and given the chance to be heard. “We want to commit ourselves as lawmakers to this process by ensuring that these elections are free, fair, peaceful and inclusive.”

He indicated that Liberians have championed peaceful elections amid the number of elections conducted over the last 11 years and there is no need to backtrack on that.

The Speaker noted that he has always maintained that peaceful elections are not a new phenomenon in Liberia as there have been several since 2006. He noted that although peace is important, peaceful governance remains key in any democracy.

However, during the working session, there was a scene of heated debate when the issue of the CoC was brought up for deliberations. Not all the parties agreed with the relaxing of Section 5 of the Code of Conduct. Many of the parties, including the Coalition for Democratic Change, the All Liberian Party, Victory for Change and others, are objecting to compromising on the Code, which they consider as the law of the land—especially after the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality.

The political leaders of the 22 parties are expected to commit themselves to a peaceful electoral process at the 51st Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Heads of State and Government Summit to be held on Sunday, June 4, 2017. But as it appears, it may not be a reality if the issue about the Code of Conduct is included in the document to be signed at the Summit in the presence of regional and global leaders.

Liberia has been struggling for a Code of Conduct for public officials since 1986 and in the words of the Chairman of the Governance Commission (GC), Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, who is the chief architect of the document, the Code was never meant to discriminate by barring others from contesting elections. This revelation by Dr. Sawyer clearly indicates that the document was manipulated with the inclusion of the controversial portion (Section 5) that is setting the stage to weaken the country’s democratic gains, if care and common sense are not applied.


  1. Let the Legislature rescind their decision on the Code of Conduct. This is just too much. We are like puppets on the strings of this administration. How laws are enforced seems now to depend on the day to day feelings of those in power. This is just a complete mess.

    • You rightly said it…If you can’t trust the laws of the gov’t then you know that you are in for a hoodwink…worthless and unprincipled state actors.

    • Esther Kpankpa, you are right, “this is just a complete mess,” this CoC was enacted into law, a test case was presented to the Supreme Court, the Court ruled that the law was legal; now today we are hearing soundings from the two major players, The Madam and The Hon. Speaker, coming up with something to confuse the whole election process; dis hole ting gar mar muff fullor oh. Mar pepo, will yor conpensat Mrs. Edith Gongle-Weh, Hon. Ngafin(sp), Hon. John Josiah, to name a few, that resign der positions to meet the requiremen of the CoC? I beg yor oh, yor mon nar makin dey law to only suit one kinnor pepo an not dey oter; dar wah wen yor makin dey law yor mus tingin befour yor enactin dey law, always remember, “town trap nar for rat alon oh, it for everybody.”Mar pepo, yor try to makin dis ting fair for everybody oh.

  2. This law should not be kicked aside just to accommodate some affected politicians, no.

    The law makes democracy a good system for any country, to continuously play around the laws under the notion of maintaining peace is the opposite. This has to stop.

    The court has spoken on this law so why a conference to break it without going through the proper channel.

    Let us learn from the Americans, despite the popular vote Clinton got she wasn’t declear winner because their laws say you must win the electoral college, that’s the law and they continue to uphold it until it can be changed through the proper channel and not a conference.

    These affected politicians are not more important than we upholding our laws.

  3. Seriously,how about Ellen and Sawyer going ahead to suspend the entire constitution to accommodate all the candidates to participate in October election. Yesterday, we celebrated 10-yr uninterrupted peace with colorful “elaborate programs”and then today,we feel so proud talking about relaxation of our laws. So Liberian candidates will tell ECOWAS org leaders that they will put on good behavior during election. Who’s subjecting Liberia to such disgrace.

  4. In Liberia, we have the world renounced Constitution, the Civil Law, the Criminal Law and other
    Statutes enacted by the National Legislature. Are all this Laws not enough to punish criminal
    behavior like corruption, nepotism, cronyism and other vices, to the extent that Code of
    Conduct has become another criminal law? Why Liberia can not just do away with broad-day
    jungle punishment of people who just went through 15 years of civil or convention war? Only
    two are satisfied in the formation of the Code of Conduct; President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and
    Amos Sawyer, the being the architects of the CoC. From the first President of Liberia Joseph
    Jenkins Roberts to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, in 195 years if our national existence, you
    mean to say only Dr. Amos Sawyer and Ellen can see the need for the Code of Conduct in spite
    of all the Laws in the Law Book of Liberia? What is the opinion of the Liberia National Bar
    Association on this?

  5. The consistent violations of the Liberian Constitution and its impact on the entire society has increased corruption. Additionally, the “don’t care” attitude exhibited by leaders of this Nation, echoed by some foreign residents doing business in Liberia continue to undermine the sovereignty of this Nation. If the President knew that the Code of Conduct was not in the interest of few of her confidants contesting in this election, why did she signed it into law? In my view, no portion of the Liberia Law should be compromised to satisfy a few individuals who should know better. They were aware of the Law and its consequences and deliberately violated the Law and therefore, they should not be rewarded for breaking the Law.


  7. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins; it has damaged the reputations of so many good people, and spilled a river of innocent blood in our long history.

    For instance, the CoD was dormant until CBL’s Dr. Mill Jones dared to deliver some of the money to those deprived of their share. Then all hell broke loose with all – night sessions to oust from the bank the upstart politician who had morphed overnight into a Man of the People threatening a bunch of potential political profiteers. In the rush, bam – bam, legislators hurriedly skimmed through a complex document, affixed signatures, and on to our Iron Lady whom many, rightfully or wrongfully, believed was the catalyst.

    Now, the chickens have come home to roost.

    It is one thing to be unaware of the truth like “fools and idiots (her description of Doe’s officials); it is altogether another thing when people who know what is true, yet ignore it out of moral cowardice or political expediency. No wonder when the UN was getting hoarse about confidence – building in 2006, a government comprised of some of our brightest and best didn’t give a hoot. Perhaps, some knew they couldn’t be relied on.

    And predictably trust between govern and governed was, perhaps, severed in July 26, 2013 when UP Chairman Sherman publicly advised an unreasonably very angry EJS that she could do better: Ebola denial, and lack of basic medical items simply compounded it. Are we surprised then that the only viable method today of persuading even school children protesting in the streets is by the use of Security Sector violence?


    (1) reverse a situation in which Ellen´s DIABOLICAL AND SELFISH personal interests to determine the next political leadership of Liberia could not be realized with the constitutionality and implementation of Section 5.1, and 5.2 of the Code of Conduct Law which she then STUPIDLY believed could block her perceived political enemies, but

    (2) turned out (as God would have it) to be MECHANISMS which are bound to render her VERY IMPOTENT OR POWERLESS in determining the next political leadership of Liberia.

    Evidence or exhibit 1 can be seen in her alien appointed NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoyah´s fear of facing the courts but wanting to have his case taken to their DIABOLICAL Office of Ombudsman.

    Evidence or Exhibit 2 is made clear viz her pulling Speaker Nuquay by his collar to have a law annulled which has been sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Liberia, simply for her personal interests, after she asked Sawyer to carry such a foolish act which he did but was disgraced by the public.



  9. Secondly, now you see how the very Kenneth Best who cried out so loudly as to whether the manner in which Harry Greaves Jr. and Victoria Zayzay were murdered were the bad deeds of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf´s government; here the very Kenneth Yarkpawolo seems to be doing PR for this diabolical act of Ellen when he writes:

    “President, Speaker Want Code of Conduct Relaxed. President Sirleaf has called for ‘inclusive’ elections and Speaker Nuquay wants every Liberian to have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process.”

    For God in heaven sake, Mr. Best, can you swear to your communion you take on Sundays that you believe that: even if those words supra written by you or anyone came from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Nuquay, they are said in goog faith???? If those words even came from Ellen (which did not come from them at all) the fact is that ELLEN´S INTENT IS:


  10. When did we see this, Liberians must stand for some thing mehn, not everything we kick against after we notice it is not in our personal interest.

  11. There u go! We knew it was coming! A nation that can’t respect its Constitution; all administrative laws n or ordinances are USELESS. We are not ready for Nation building. We don’t agree with all the provisions in the COC, but once the Court ruled, it is the CODE N MUST RESPECT and enforce it. Anything contrast, is LAWLESSNESS. THIS IS SICKENING to say the least.

    • Sir, last time I checked, the Supreme Court had already rendered a decision concerning this matter, I think it was the case of Supt. Mappy; in this light, I think the dice has been cast. Mar pepo, yor stop dis play, play ting as the longer yor drag dis ting dey moore problems we will hav tomorrow.

  12. We have to stand up against the things that are not in favor of peace in this country. The supreme court has spoken. Who are we to go beyond the rulings of the highest court?Doing so is a direct recipe yo chaos. The Code of Conduct must be upheld.With God being our helper, this nation must live on the tenants good governance.

  13. Mr. Vincent, I fully agree with you. You are correct! The Law was planted for the incumbents. Now, they have realized the problem it will create if the Incumbent wins the Presidential Election.This is the same double STANDARD they are playing with the Dual Citizenship situation. There are many Liberians with dual Citizenships currently working in the Ellen Johnson/ Boakai’s Administration including Members House of Representatives and Senators. Liberians around the World must be allowed to vote in this Election regardless of their Nationality of another Country. We are Liberians by BIRTH. This ELECTION is very important to all LIBERIANS.

    • Gee; Liberia has only one INCUMBENT; when/if it comes to the Up-Coming Presidential Election in Liberia; EJS. She is/can not run for a third term of President. The LAWS of Liberia, forbades her. Hon.J Nyumah Boakai, the People’s favorite is not an INCUMBENT. He is not running to become the V.P. An INCUMBENT, is a political Candidate seeking re-election; for the same position. You’ve accused me of picking on your favorite candidate. I should/must remind you; “POLITICS IS A TUG OF WAR”. You pull for your side. By the same token, I pull for my side. The “BEST” Candidate, J.Nyumah Boakai will win. He is the People’s CHOICE. Absolutely! No Doubt!!…

      • Henry, I expected that prediction from you for the Hon. VP. but the Nation has a surprise on the way in October. Writers, including me who are aware of t the Ellen Johnson/ Boakai’s Administration ineffective LEADERSHIP that reflects on the GROUND in Liberia
        speaks a volume. Liberians are not blind because they see how GOODS and SERVICES have been denied to them by their Administration. CORRUPTION is a Cancer in their GOVERNMENT causing uncontrolled POVERTY, poor EDUCATION and worst of all. the poorest HEALTH CARE SYSTEM in AFRICA. How can you GUYS with great deal of awareness fail to recognize that Hon. Boakai, the #2 in the Administration has no positive RECORD to defend his CANDIDACY. On the other side of the coin, he is OLD and has HEALTH ISSSUES. Sir, realize that LIBERIA is a young Democracy looking to attract innovative young and Progressive Leaders. A Man over 70s!! , it is time for a better Tomorrow for Liberia, YESTERDAY must go.

        • G; EJS did not create those negatives; You’ve listed. As a matter of fact, Lady Sirleaf, have been a big part of the solutions. Now, let’s get real. EJS isn’t leaving Liberia in the same state; as when she first took office. REMEMBER, EJS took over; a WAR-TORN COUNTRY, Liberia with nothing. You’ve forgottn, to take into consideration external circumstances beyond anyone’s control that hindered Liberia’s growth. It’s not EJS’ FAULT, when the prices RUBBER and IRON ORE collapse. EJS did not infect Liberia with EBOLA… Yes! Corruption is an ECONOMIC CANCER. In Liberia, CORRUPTION is as old as Liberia. You’ve got to be blind; at your age, not to know it. EJS, did not create corruptions in Liberia. However, under Lady Sirleaf’s leadership, we are recognizing Liberia’s problems and discussing them freely with no fear of government. That’s quite remarkable. That’s the most important step to solving the problems. All the problems listed in your post, are common occurances in the developingworld; needless to say, Liberia. JNB IS AWARE OF THOSE PROBLEMS. When he becomes President, Republic of Liberia, he will immediately get to WORK; to solve those PROBLEMS. At least JNB can walk. The younger man can’t walk. How can he lead? You tell me.

  14. The Code of Conduct is intended to hold government and public officials accountable to the people. Several different sorts of conduct in government are often held to be unethical. One of the more serious ethical issues in government is theft of public property by public officials. Such theft can range from the trivial, such as taking home office supplies, to the more grave, such as stealing millions of dollars from public coffers.
    Theft and fraud, however, are not the only ethical concerns regarding government property. Another important issue is the use of public property by public officials for private benefit. For example, using one’s office telephone for personal long distance calls, or using government vehicles for personal transportation or personal political campaigns. Although this is not theft, the issue however, concerns the purpose for which the government property is being used. There is an expectation that equipment and transportation will be used solely for activities associated with the performance of public duties and not for purely personal reasons or for private benefit.
    The Code of Conduct is therefore a law in Liberia’s best interest. This is the law passed by the highest Court of the Land. We can in no way circumvent this law for political expediency nor can we ask the Supreme Court to reverse itself so as to accommodate a few who happen to be our friends. This would be setting a dangerous precedent for which we shall all regret.
    I close with the following words:
    “I Ellen Johnson Sirleaf do solemnly swear to to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of Liberia…… help me God…….”
    Madam President, Enforce the Law so that God can help you.

    • Sorry Sir, you are redefining the so called Code of Conduct in a different Contest. From what few Liberians have read on the Code of Conduct, the Law tries to preclude some Presidential Candidates from contesting in the Presidential Election because they were given some unpaid positions by the Ellen Johnson/Boakai’s Administration and did not resign their Positions within the prescribed time limit before registering at the NEC to run for President of Liberia. Secondly, if said Law was so paramount, why the NEC did not emphasize its importance to the Candidates seeking registration for the Election? It is the duty of the NEC to make sure that all Candidates meet the Constitutional Chapter that qualifies them to run. I believe it was an intentional enforced base on pressure initiated by the Executive Branch of the Liberian Government. Thirdly, if the Code of Conduct is meant to protects unethical behavious, Theft and Fraud why has it not worked or enforced to the point that Government Officials and Legislators in violation are put in Prison? This Law is a double Standard in favor of the Incumbent. If this so-called Code of Conduct is carried out, the Presidential Election will not be Fair.

      • Mr. Gbenie, I suggest you read the Code of Conduct yourself, not rely on what “few Liberians have read.”

        It is not true that anyone was given unpaid positions so as to prevent them from running for office. Show me one such persons and I will sunmit.

        If anything, the Code of Conduct affects, not advantage incumbents, as you claim. Incumbents are the ones required to resign if they want to contest or participate fully in the elections, not non-incumbents, incumbents are the ones who would face the punishment of the law, if they use government property to campaign, not non-incumbents.

        Sometimes it’s important to seek information yourself, not rely on what other people tell you.

  15. So how will this work? Is the Supreme Court going to be asked to reverse itself or will NEC be instructed to just ignore the Supreme Court? Why didn’t the President and Speaker consider the implications of the COC before signing it into law? A big mess!

  16. This is very sad for our beloved country. We must not allow few gullible characters to continue to control and manipulate us any further.
    I think the president and Amos sawyer believe in “good governance” that appeals to their machinations. Let them be reminded that they are not ‘more thoughtful’ than the Liberian people, and laws are never perfect.

    Madam president, you are no smarter than the least of Liberians. We have given you the opportunity to lead, you have played and continue to play that role to the best of your ability. But remember, you are not above the law neither is Amos Sawyer. Your attempt to subjugate the constitution to your whims and caprices is tantamount to treason. As you are aware, executive discretion is not above the constitution. The CoC is the law of the land in its entirety, and as such, it must be enforced as it has been upheld by the Highest court. Again, it is not a perfect law but it is the law of the land. The very constitution that you swore to uphold, protect, and defend has a provision as to how a law can be change or amended. For God sake, we are not in an extraordinary time or an extreme emergency that warrants extraordinary actions. Please don’t subvert the constitution, let the law stands to protect Good Governance.

    Thank you.

  17. Ellen Sirleaf and Amos Sawyer must stop fermenting conflict in Liberia.

    There is no prospect of war in Liberia if the Code of Conduct is implemented. They are the ones creating the false and alarmist impression that somehow there will be war if the Code of Conduct is implemented; a gimmick to scare people into accepting their plan and undermining peace. If they know people who are planning war or unrest because they would be affected by the Code of Conduct, it is their duty to report that, not seek to change the law to appease those people. How many more laws do we have to change to appease everybody who may be affected by a law? We might as well not have laws.
    Sawyer wrote the Code of Conduct and Ellen Sirleaf signed it into law. When did they realize their new found conviction that the law would undermine peace?

    Don’t Dr. Sawyer and Harvard trained Ellen Sirleaf know the process of repealing or amending laws? Why are they asking the Supreme Court and now, political parties to amend the law, and not the Legislature, the proper forum to do so?

    The answer is simple, their goal is to create fear and public discord.

    Their goal is to get their friends (Mills Jones for Sawyer) into the race. Their selfish and evil machinations must be forcefully resisted.

    If Ellen Sirleaf truly wants peaceful elections why hasn’t she removed Jerome Kokoya, the compromised Chair of the Elections Commission, a former employee and business partner of one of the presidential candidates, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine?

  18. There is no legal tool available for the proponents of lawlessness to relax the Code of Conduct except to repeal it and not this election circle.

  19. Most people commenting seem to think that by “inclusive” Ellen means including a few individuals as candidates, what the word actually means is the inclusion of people who want to vote for those candidates. Africa has seen far too many occasions on which laws or edicts were passed with the intent of barring popular candidates from standing, it’s a favorite strategy of Totalitarians to stay in power or at least improve their chances of staying in power. Rejoining the nations that use that strategy to pervert the democratic process is far and away the biggest threat to Liberia’s democracy.

    • But Ellen is the very same person who signed the COC into law. Would it not have been better had she considered the implications before signing it into law? I think the bigger concern here is the precedent this is going to set. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the law is constitutional. So in what manner then will they be “relaxing” it? This opens the door for others to request that certain laws not in their favor be “relaxed”. The best way forward here is for the legislature to repeal the problematic provisions.

      Anyway, the good news out of all this is that it shows our democracy is emerging. We are trying to address issues through legal means instead of through the guns. It hopefully will be a lesson for these legislators who pass laws solely to eliminate political competition.

  20. Ellen believes governance is about machiavellianism, and so despite the fact she is the very same person who signed the COC into law, so it is not surprising she never “considered the implications before signing it into law” SINCE OF COURSE SHE STUPIDLY BELIEVED THE STIPULATIONS WERE SET IN STONE TO HAVE HER DETERMINE THE NEXT NATIONAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP OF THE COUNTRY. It is ONLY Ellen who believes issues should be addressed by the guns or machiavellianism, or deceptions and lies. There is nothing wrong with the COC, the fact that IT SHALL NOT BE “RELAXED” SHALL SIGNAL A TRUE DEMOCRATIC LIBERIA.

  21. An anonymous philosopher once said, “If there is to be peace in the world, peace must be established first in every human heart. All the trouble in the world is due to selfishness. It always has been and always will be.”

    This statement is indeed true. All the trouble emanating from the so-called “CODE OF CONDUCT” passed haphazardly into Law shows that the code of conduct was never written in good faith. It was written for selfish reasons: This law has all the trappings of political landmines to bar certain individuals from partaking in the political process. There are too many unreasonable stipulations embezzled into the code of conduct.

    Why was the legislative body exempt from the law? Some of their members who were elected by the people are also part of the government officials: Some lawmakers in possession of government properties are also running in this presidential election.

    Why should this law be good only for people appointed by the president, but it is not good for those lawmakers who are in possession of government properties and contesting in this 2017 election? Are they immune from the abuse of government properties?

    Any reasonable CODE OF CONDUCT would ask all presidential appointees such as ministers and other public officials, including those in tenured position desirous of running for elected offices, to resign prior to elections but not to ban them for 2 to 3 years from the government as stipulated. This is a total violation of their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and association. The two associates justices, Justice Banks and Justice Wolokolie, that objected to this unjust law will always be on the right side history.

    Ellen and her cohorts who crafted this law out of selfishness are now feeling the weight of their evils deeds. They are now regretting not thinking through the political ramification such selfishly crafted law has on derailing a free, fair, and peaceful election.

    There is saying, “Look before you leap”. Ellen and cohorts already have leaped; now they want to look: “relax the law”. It is too late because The Supreme Court has already Upheld the Law……..on a 3 to 2 decision!!!

  22. Typo Correction: 2nd paragraph, the last sentence should read: There are too many unreasonable stipulations embedded into the code of conduct.

  23. This shows that our leaders are so incompetent and shortsighted. I know the speaker voted for the passage of that code of conduct; and Ellen signed it into law. They thought by doing so, they would harm some of their political opponents’ chances in the elections. But I’m glad they’ve now seen that it has a potential to disrupt the entire election and their timing and calculation was stupid!


  25. Both the president and speaker should be impeached. These half baked politicians are epitome of bad governance that has thrown the country in a state development paralysis. This advocacy is a violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of Liberia. The Supreme Court of Liberia is final arbiter and its decisions must be enforced by the administration. Ministry of Justice is charged with the responsibility of implementing Supreme court decisions, not some unconstitutional, quasi-agency.

  26. When you lead a country of ppl who always “leav it 2 God” you can twist them any kinna way. Ellen you right. If Liberians could realized their power and swiftly utilize it, this blatant disregard of our laws will not be happening. Ellen’s single goal is to destabilize the country after her tenure.

  27. Speaker Nuquay Did Not Call for Relaxation of Code of Conduct Law
    -His Office Calls on Daily Observer to Retract Story

    The Office of Speaker Emmanuel J. Nuquay at the Liberian Legislature has called on the Daily Observer Newspaper to retract a story in its June 2, 2017 edition under the caption: “President, Speaker Want Code of Conduct Relaxed”.

    In a released issued June 2, 2017 by its Director of Communications, the Speaker’s Office said the story is completely false and misleading adding that at no time did Speaker Nuquay ever call for the relaxation of Code of Conduct as was reported by the Daily Observer.

    The Speaker’s Office said, at the program to which the Daily Observer is making reference in its story, the phrase: “code of conduct” was never uttered by Speaker Nuquay in any form or manner. The Speaker’s Office then wonder why a reporter would write putting words in the Speaker Nuquay’s mouth of things he did not say.

    The Office of Speaker says Speaker Nuquay is a strong supporter of Press freedom and freedom of expression as enshrined in the constitution of Liberia and that it is disheartening for some people or institutions to choose to deliberately abuse said freedom.

    The Speaker’s Office said it has no doubt that the Daily Observer is a professional newspaper and that it won’t hesitate to correct the misstate by retracting the falsehood it reported, thus sending the message forth that Speaker Nuquay did not call for the Code of Conduct law to be relaxed.

    P. Gardea Moore
    Director of Communications
    Office of the Speaker, House of Representatives

  28. Since June 2, 2017, Speaker Nuquay’s Office, in an official communication, called on the Daily Observer to retract the story, up til today’s date, the paper has not done so.


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