President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments in Gov’t.


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made additional appointments within the ministries of Internal Affairs, Lands, Mines & Energy, Agriculture, State for Presidential Affairs, Judiciary, National Elections Commission and the Liberia National Lotteries . These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Senate where applicable.

Those appointed are:

The Judiciary
Attorney Joseph S. Fayiah – Resident Judge, Criminal Court E
Counselor Yarmie Q. Gbeisay – Relieving Judge

National Elections Commission
Mr. Boakai Dukuly – Commissioner

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Rev. William R. Tolbert, III – Peace Ambassador

Local Appointments:

Grand Cape Mount County
Mrs. Tenneh Kpadebah – Superintendent
Mr. Mohammed M. Kiawu – Assistant Superintendent for Development
Mr. James Seituah – Statutory District Superintendent
Mr. Abraham M. Fofana – Asst. Statutory District Superintendent
Mr. Patrick Alieu – District Inspector
Mr. J. Siafa Bodokai – Land Commissioner
Mr. Philip Quay – Relieving Commissioner

Margibi County County
Mr. Joshua V. Robinson – Superintendent, Mboo Statutory District
Mrs. Roseline S. Davis – City Mayor, Unification City
Mr. Wilmot D. Okai – Commissioner, Charlesville Township
Madam Rebecca Hill – Commissioner, Kaba District
Mr. Robert T. Williams – City Mayor, Marshall City

Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy
Mr. Willis Knuckles – Assistant Minister for Energy

Ministry of Agriculture
Mr. Patrick Tarnue Worzie – Assistant Minister for Planning & Development

Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs
Ms. Mardia Peters – National Youth Advisor

Liberia National Lotteries
Mr. Claude J. Katta – Chairman, Board of Directors
Mr. David K. Vinton – Member, Board of Directors
Rev. Ellen Fartu G. Varley – Member, Board of Directors
Cllr. Kathleen Pyne Makor – Member, Board of Directors
Ministry of Finance and – Statutory Member, Board of Directors
Ministry of Gender, Children and – Statutory Member, Board of Directors Social Protection
Ministry of Justice – Statutory Member, Board of Directors


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