President Sirleaf Hails Indonesia and Gabon on 71st and 56th Independence Anniversaries

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sent two separate messages of congratulations to the Governments and peoples of the Republic of Indonesia and the Gabonese Republic on the occasions marking the 71st and 56th respective Independence anniversaries of the two countries on Wednesday, August 17.

According to a Foreign Affairs Ministry release, in her message to her Indonesian counterpart, President Joko Widodo, President Sirleaf prayed that as Liberia and Indonesia work together in furtherance of peace, security and cooperation, the Almighty Allah will endow President Widodo with abundant wisdom and strength as he leads his compatriots to greater prosperity.

August 17 marks its declaration of independence from the Netherlands in 1945. Indonesia, an archipelago of over 17,000 islands and the fourth most populous country, had been a Dutch colony for over 300 years when a group of revolutionaries declared independence on August 17, 1945.

It took Indonesians four years of diplomacy and armed struggle before their independence was formally granted by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

In her message to the President of the Gabonese Republic, Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba, President Sirleaf said Liberia looks forward to expanding the excellent friendship for the prosperity of the two governments and peoples.

On August 17, 1960, Gabon, the last of four territories which formed French Equatorial Africa, gained official independence from France, after more than a century of domination.


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