President Sirleaf Congratulates Donald Trump

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sent a congratulatory message to the President-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, President Sirleaf emphasized that there is a lot that Liberia can learn from the United States elections as the country gears up for a historic presidential election in 2017, which ends her term in office.

She further stressed that as Liberia’s closest and most traditional ally, government looks forward to the continuation of the timeless strong bond of friendship and cooperation with the United States under President Trump’s leadership.

“I will be delighted to work with you to further broaden our historical relationship in all spheres and ongoing initiatives including the Liberia-U.S. Partnership Dialogue,” President Sirleaf stressed.

Reacting to the US elections on November 8 after Mrs. Hillary Clinton was defeated, President Sirleaf told the BBC that she was “extremely saddened by this missed opportunity on the part of the people of the United States to join smaller democracies in ending the marginalization of women.

“However, Liberia has a long and historical relationship with the United States and we expect the good relationship to continue.”

President Sirleaf also worried about existing agreements between the US and Liberia and conceded that “it is too early to say what Mr. Trump’s presidency will mean for Africa.”

She stated “I’m worried about trade deals for Liberia, for Africa; I’m worried about investment and the special programs that have been put in place by President Obama and by President George Bush before him.

“And we just don’t know what the new policy towards Africa will be under a Trump administration. We’ll have to wait and see. Obviously, we are concerned but we have to just give him the benefit of the doubt.”

President Sirleaf’s position irked many Liberians and Radio Talk Shows were filled with condemnations of her reaction, fearing that she was putting Liberia’s relations with her traditional ally in danger.

While Liberians waited nervously to hear a possible US reaction, Pro temp Jallah of the Senate, Senator George Weah and Presidential candidate Dr. J. Mills Jones commended President-elect Donald Trump for his success and called for further improvement in the relationship between the two countries.



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