Pres. Weah Inspects Major Projects in Gbarnga

Accompanied by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and an array of government officials, President Weah assured the residents of government's commitment to ensure that Gbarnga's Broad Street's pavement and the Bong County Technical College are completed.

President George Weah has reassured the people of Bong County of his government’s commitment to complete the Bong County Technical College (BCTC) and the cement pavement of the Gbarnga’s Broad Street.

The President made the disclosure on Friday, October 26, in Gbarnga when he toured the two projects at the close of a special cabinet meeting held in the city.

Accompanied by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and an array of government officials, President Weah assured the residents of government’s commitment to ensure that Gbarnga’s Broad Street’s pavement and the Bong County Technical College are completed.

“This government takes serious interest in investing in human development and the completion of the BCTC, while the road pavement will enhance free movement of residents,” he said to a cheering crowd of supporters.

During the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections campaign, Mr. Weah (then Senator) announced in Gbarnga, Bong County, that if elected President of Liberia at the October polls, he would make education absolutely free from kindergarten to high school and his administration would complete the BCTC.

“This Gbarnga’s Broad Street road is among the 43 roads earmarked by this government through the Ministry of Public Works to be paved this dry season to enhance free flow of goods and services,” the president emphasized.

Funding for the two projects are provided by companies operating in the county as part of their corporate social responsibilities as enshrined in the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) that the concessionaires signed with the government.

Active work on the college started in September 2010, with the agreement between the contractors and the county leadership that the first phase of the project, which comprises the school and the administration buildings, would have been completed in 2012. However, despite the county leadership spending almost US$7 million on the construction work, the building project is yet to reach completion.

As for Gbarnga’s Broad Street pavement, active work commenced in 2015, with East International, a Chinese Construction Firm that won the bid in the tune of US$ 1.3 million for the 6.0 kilometers road and half of the amount was paid upfront by the county leadership to the company. But 40 percent of the road has not been completed, the Daily Observer learnt.


  1. Every time I read about Liberia’s economic progress I become a bit apprehensive.

    Can these high salary government officials get anything done in Liberia without the president’s intervention? I understand that the president was already in Gbarnga and needed to see the road progress but he also needs to cut down on making too many empty promises!

    Similarly, I notice in both past and present government where the president is everywhere inspecting roads, making sure streets are cleaned, and everywhere dedicating minor building projects…..that could have been done by people hired to do these jobs. The president needs to free up his time to run his government efficiently.

    I believe there is a lack of trust on those who were elected; appointed or hired to do these development projects on behalf of the Liberian people, or the president is inserting himself on inspecting these projects to get all the credits coupled with sanctimonious adulation he gets from the poor people.

    Show us the economic progress these high salaries elected government officials are bringing to these counties and districts? Many of these elected officials only seek elected positions as a means of getting rich. When these elected officials get into power, they neglect their constituents who elected them….like the long neglected Bong County Technical College and many unfulfilled development projects around the country.

    When these high salaries elected officials get into office, they immediately begin to cater to their own interest by buying large tracks of land; by building big mansions, and by spending most of their time tending to their large agriculture farms….while people who elected them continue to live in abject poverty in those counties and districts.

    A wise person once said, “Power intoxicates people. When people are intoxicated by alcohol they can recover, but when people are intoxicated by power they seldom recover.”

    Liberian politicians are deeply intoxicated by Power! Liberia’s highly centralized system of government is intoxicating and nevertheless, it is also a mockery to democracy. This centralized system of “no check and balance” has the propensity of creating an imperial presidency coupled with a rubber stamp house of congress running amok.

    Isn’t history repeating itself in Liberia????

    • Well, the truth is you can’t trust anyone in Liberia so as President you have to unfortunately micromanage everything or nothing gets done. When Sirleaf was President, she has a team called “Project Delivery Team” or something of that nature monitored projects and what have you. I think President Weah needs to put together a similar team of people he trust. All those high salary bureaucrats you referred to are only interested in getting rich quick. They don’t care about developing the country. It really sucks because only Liberians can develop Liberia.

  2. @Alpha Conneh and @Phil George, I can assure you that the government officials are working. The President making visitations does not in any way indicate that the projects are not being executed.

    Lets look at just a limited few tasks that are executed by the government, GOL salaries payments, vehicle clearance at the Freeport, Tax Collections at the other ports of entries at the boarder areas, JFK hospital handling patients intake and discharge, Maritime etc. So many things are being executed, some of which the president does not even know about and he’s provided report.

    So why would you folks want to believe that the numerous things being done by government successfully is being done because it’s closely monitored by the president?


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