President Congratulates Muslims at Climax of Ramadan

President George M. Weah's expected reshuffling “is going to ensure that we have better alignment and coordination on matters that are critical to the economy, uproot corruption and enhance better service delivery.”

Offers Muslim Gov’t Employees Day Off

President George Manneh Weah has wished all Muslims a happy and blessed Eid Mubarak as they climax a month-long fasting and sacred encounter with Allah. According to him, all Muslim government employees are free to take the day off to celebrate, without it being counted against them.

The Liberian leader said he cannot emphasize enough the longstanding contributions the Islamic Community has made to the society, and as such reaffirms his Government’s unwavering support and commitment to the promotion of religious tolerance.

A statement from the Executive Mansion said: “In respect of the sacred nature of the day to the Islamic Faith, the President hereby informs all Muslims within the employ of the Government of Liberia that they are at liberty to take this day off from work at no repercussion to them, as they join their Islamic brothers and sisters to celebrate the joyous and festive Eid Mubarak.”

It added: “It is the hope and prayer of the President that the month-long Ramadan period will yield bountiful blessings for the Nation as we work collectively towards a prosperous and better Liberia.”

In a related development, President Weah has called for unity amongst Muslims so that together they can contribute to making Liberia a better place. He said he recognizes the strides Muslims were able to make during the past thirty days, interceding on behalf of the nation, and emphasized that he does not take lightly when it comes to God’s business.

President Weah spoke Thursday, June 14, 2018 when Muslim leaders offered prayers for him and the nation at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We thank Allah for bringing you through these tense thirty days; let’s come together because we are one country, one people and one destiny,” President Weah told the Muslim leaders. He also reminded them that as a former Muslim convert, he will strive to keep the Islamic disciplines.

The President also defended his decision to break fast with Muslims sometime ago at his Jamaica Resort, indicating that President Donald Trump did similar thing at the White House for Muslims in the United States.

Earlier, Muslim leaders offered prayers for President Weah and the entire nation. They beseeched Allah to guide and bless the President as he steers the state of affairs of the nation.

Also in their supplications, they asked Allah to protect the President from the menace of terrorism and fanaticism, that Allah will give him long life, wisdom and make him a reconciler, unifier as well as a forgiven leader.

Grand Mufti Samaworo (Gurley Street Mosque)

In brief remarks, Muslim leaders thanked President Weah for giving young Muslims opportunity to serve in his government. “When people doubted our ability to make meaningful contributions to this government, you insisted that we can make it,” said Musa Konneh, a Muslim and acting Managing Director of the Liberia Agricultural Regulatory Authority.

He said as Muslims they will support the President with their blood and sweat to ensure the success of the government.

Grand Mufti, Sheik Abubakar Mory D. Sumaworo informed the President of the time they spent praying for him to be successful. He said they had come to appreciate the President for the strides he has been making for the Muslims Community, such as the donation he made at the beginning of the Ramadan.

“The burden of this country lies on you – but let Allah give you the strength to carry us through. We will be the soldiers to fight for the success of the country,” he said.

The Muslim Cleric informed the President that he has been the choice of the nation, the one long yearned and waited for to lead, and stressed that they will do anything to fight against extremism and insecurity.


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