Pres. Weah Warned of Inner Circle Traitors

Weah delivers remarks at the 2020 Independence Day celebration

“Do not let these people spoil your government for you with ill advice,” — Rev. Simeon L. Dunbar

President George Weah has been warned to be careful of advice from people around him if he cares about his government.

The warning, which was contained in Rev. Dr. Simeon L. Dunbar’s National Independence Day oration yesterday, implored the President to not be overly concerned about people outside, rather people in his inner circle, some of who may be his real enemies.

“Be careful of who you allow in your inner court. Be open up to ideas from wise technocrats who are well experienced and possess some measure of the fear of God. Be courageous and strong as our captain and lead this team to its noble destination,” he said.

Rev. Dunbar, who served as National Orator for Liberia’s 173rd Independence Day, told the Liberian leader in front of his most trusted officials to be mindful of secret enemies who parade as friends around him.

“Mr. President, while it is true that you are faced with a very difficult task of leading a mysterious nation like ours;  do not let these people spoil your government for you with ill advice.  Don’t be overly concerned about your opposition, but rather your social contract with the people and be concerned about your secret enemies who parade as friends around you.

Rev. Dunbar, whose bluntness comes as a surprise to many, especially when many religious leaders appear less prone to call out vices in the government, wonders why the President should allow his people to get on the street and protest before he takes action.

“Your Excellency, the people who elected you as their Commander-In-Chief of this great nation do not have to get on the street and protest before you take an action,” Rev. Dunbar reminded the President.

Rev. Dunbar further added that government’s relationship with its people needs to be mutual; if the people respect the government,” the government also needs to respect the people.”

“No man or woman is above the law. If we seek to advance as a nation, lawmakers need to cease from being lawbreakers. The issue of police brutality against lawful citizens needs to stop. Our security sector should learn to adhere to the rules that govern this land and not abuse them. Press freedom also needs to be respected at all levels,” Rev. Dunbar said.

Rev. Dunbar’s warning to the president comes as reports of police violence and intimidation of the press continue to take place under watch with little action being taken. One these existences happened in early April when scores of citizens were beaten and serious injury during the imposition of the country’s first state of emergency to combat the coronavirus.

 ‘Revisit our organic laws’

 Adding, Rev Dunbar said Liberia is poor because of impunity, and that there is little or no punishment for evildoers and corruption has fast become a way of life. Such condition, he noted, has eaten deep into the fabric of the society, which also includes the church and other religious organizations

“We need to revisit our organic laws and change what ought to be changed, repeal those that need to be repealed and implement those that need to be implemented, but do not tamper with our core values as a God-fearing nation and the vision of our founding fathers: foundation matters,” Rev. Dunbar said.

‘Redefine National Agenda’

As for the development of Liberia, Rev. Dunbar called on the President to redefine the nation’s national agenda, with clear-cut vision, a statement, which strikes another blow to the President’s pro-poor development agenda, which is similar to the Poverty Reduction Strategy of the erstwhile Sirleaf Administration, much of which remains unachieved.

“Let us redefine our national agenda, with clear-cut vision, achievable, both in the long and short term. Make people-oriented policies that will redirect funds to the agricultural and production sector, thereby creating jobs throughout rural Liberia,” the Clergyman said.

Rev. Dunbar further criticized the government dependence on foreign aid, a situation which has kept it captive to donors.

“We claim to be independent and still depend on foreign aid and imports of our staple food and basic commodities to boost our economy,” Rev. Dunbar said. “Anyone who feeds you will control you. The decisions that run our government should not be made in other capitals around the world.”

However, Rev. Dunbar said such state of affairs can come to an end if the government began to empower local farmers and promote large scale food production while reducing the subsidies on the importation of our staple foods and gradually ending it.

“The government needs to re-evaluate the decentralization policy that will empower rural Liberians to be more productive. All of Liberia is farm-ready and eager for production.

“[It also needs to] reintroduce the work culture amongst our people and let everyone earn their honest living through merit and dedication,” he said. “Understand that government is about continuity; we must stop wasting resources on starting new projects without completing old ones.”

‘Take Action against rape’

Meanwhile, Rev. Dunbar has pleaded with the President to take serious action against rape, as many continue to cry for justice for innocent Liberian girls.

“The issue of Rape needs to cease from being an everyday song on the lips of our people. We cannot continue to hear the cries for justice of our innocent girls,” Rev. Dunbar warned.

He described it as “beyond sickening that, while the country is battling COVID-19, it has to deal with reoccurring cases of rape of teenagers and babies who haven’t even learned to talk.”

“Rape perpetrated by inhumane men who claim to be citizens of this God-fearing nation. It Is Sad And It Needs To Stop. If that means introducing the death penalty on these evil perpetrators, so let it be,” he said.

Drawing inspiration from the late U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Rev. Dunbar quoted: “‘Those who deny freedom of others deserve it not for themselves.’ These men shouldn’t rape today and be allowed to walk free tomorrow.”


  1. The relics of Dunbar were more polarizing than an independent day oration!
    Am independent oration emphasizes patriotism as a bedrock for a country’s struggle for self reliant, cataloging it’s potentials as the resilience for a comeback!
    Where was stupid Dunbar when Ellen, a typical descendant of his congau breed, massively benefited 12 years of foreign aid to the detriment of the country’s development?
    Liberia has no greater enemy than the underground congau elites who exist as wolves in sheep clothing over a nation they economically systemically vaporized!
    What stupid Dunbar doesn’t know is, Liberia has risen to a new generation of thinkers, who will not be misled!
    Stupid Dunbar can font the hardest for his COP, Cummings, benefactors, unfortunately the game will fail!
    President Weah must take culls from the Doe’s bad experience of Americo- Liberians such Dunbar.
    There are better qualified native Liberians to do Independent Day oration than uninformed people like Dunbar!

  2. Smith White or whosoever! The correct word contextually is “Independence,” not “Independent.”

    Weah’s failures are not only to be put on his inner circle. Weah himself is a challenge for Liberia. He needs to evaluate his dream that has been fulfilled. He wanted to become president. He has got the job – now, do the damn job or step aside.

  3. Is the Orator speaking about Mr. True or False Nationalist as a traitor ? Heeee, maybe , maybe. Having said that, lets get right into the article. After 12 long years of uninterrupted peace plus three whole years of uninterrupted peace of the new regime, that almost since the civil war days ended, the leadership of the nation and its body politics are still talking about vices that in the first place took that nation in the path of self-destruction ? Even at the nation’s national day celebration, they are still pointing to the existence of those vices and their resistance to change in areas such as impunity, nepotism, corruption, bad governance practices in all three political branches, rape of minors , dysfunctional social society and so on and so on and so on and so on, with a never ending sight in the darkness of hopelessness. Since the war days, and on the nation’s national day, the leadership of the country can not speak to the citizens’ index sentiment report. That corruption is down, impunity is down, nepotism is down bad governance practices are down, social dysfunctional conditions are down, economic hardships are down, due to economic growth, the pursuit of happiness is up through the rule of law , the protections of properties are up ,the protection of life is up, under the rule of law. The citizens’ index sentiment report was never, meaning never touched by George or the Orator. What was mentioned by George himself was about a dreadful future left to the hands of God. God will fixed corruptions. God will fixed impunity. God will fixed the rule of law. God will fixed the dysfunctional social society that is responsible for destroying 5 years ago children as rape victims. George says the Liberian people are resilient , but changing the vices found in the country are in the hands of God Almighty. No, not George, who was Ordained by God Himself as a leader of his people. Lets face it. This is not about heaven help those who help themselves. But more so of a that will blessed God, will that nation be blessed by God. A nation that cast itself away from the presence of God through its political institutions will feel the wrath of God through its Ordained leader. Because God Ordained all political leaders for his purpose. And the sword that the leader bears in his hands is the wrath of God. For God will only blessed a nation that with blessed Him through their political leaders. Let your laws be your laws. And so at 173 , and even after the war days , the nation is not truthful to itself. And George can not defined the future of the country. Couldn’t tell the nation that rapes against children are on the decline. And better days are ahead for the future of the children. Something that George could boast of as a hope for the future. But all that is in the Hands of God, He will fixed all that. What A Shame , What A Dreadful Shame of a once proud nation. Can’t put itself together.

  4. Mr. Davis, you nailed it wright !. Philosopher George Santayana correctly put it “Those who cannot remember/learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. The question is, what can we do as a society in the midst grotesque impunity, corruption and indecency in the corridor of power.

  5. Very good points and analysis by the orator but this govt will not listen. So often we have listen to good and sound independence day oration and nothing happens.

  6. I admired the orator’s emphasis on improving a merit base society, yes really yes we need a bit of that cause our society today wants to merit what was not worked for but contrary to that societies that flourished or anyone meaning success cannot rely on such a mindset, seriously if you want anything in life you’ve to pay equal price and through that you will have equal value for it.

  7. Reverend Dunbar,

    What a beautiful Independence Day reawaking call to duty. You’ve touched the hearts of the silent majority and pinpointed major ills in our society.
    But you know Reverend, all you have said is like the Parable of the Sower that I would like to remind here:

    “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the PATH, and the BIRDS CAME AND ATE IT UP.
    Some fell on ROCKY PLACES, where it DID NOT HAVE MUCH SOIL. It SPRANG UP QUICKLY, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were SCORCHED, and they WITHERED because they had NO ROOT.
    Other seed FELL AMONG THORNS, which GREW UP AND CHOKED the plants.
    Still other seed fell on GOOD SOIL, where it PRODUCED A CROP—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

    Reverend, I hope the seed you have just scattered not fallen among the thorns which will grow up along with the good seed to choke the plants!

    Thank you!

  8. The former Boston Celtics All American forward, Larry Bird, once said, “A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his/her goals.”

    Reverend Dunbar spoke candidly on plethora of problems plaguing Liberia (rape, foreign aid dependency, lawmakers as lawbreakers, Judases in the President’s midst, lack of merit system, etc.) that need immediate corrective action in order to elevate Liberia to a successful nation.

    Despite Liberia’s bitter past, Reverend Dunbar knows Liberians have God-given talents. The biggest problem in Liberia has always been deficits in good leadership. Liberia needs good leaders: leaders with integrity; leaders who can unite the Liberian people; leaders who have the ability to delegate; to communicate; to show empathy; who can influence; who are honest; have good listening skills; who can show positivity; are innovative; know how to collaborate; who are honest; who can show passion and commitment; who are diplomatic; are courageous; show humility; who are clear and concise; who can motivate; last but not least who can show humility.

    Leaders with these above qualities can motivate Liberians in developing their God-given talents into meaningful skills and utilizing those skills to make Liberia a wholesome, functioning, and productive law abiding society.

    As the former Boston Celtics player, Larry Bird said, “A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his/her goals.”

    So too Liberians have God-given talents. So too Liberians can work their tails off to develop their skills. So too Liberians can use these skills to accomplish their goals.

    Let us not allow our political ideologies, nor our tribal, or ethnic affiliation destroy a beautiful nation called Liberia.

    Remember, we are all proud LIBERIANS. We either live together in peace, or perish together like fools.

    Well done Rev. Dunbar. The truth will set you free!


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