Pres. Weah Wants RIA Highway “Reconstructed”

President George Manneh Weah

Asks Senate to authorize commitment with contractor

A communication from President George Weah, seeks the indulgence, approbation and acquiescence of the Senate to authorize the Ministry of Public Works to enter a contractual arrangement with the East International Group Incorporated, to reconstruct a 44 kilometers stretch of on the ELWA/Robert International Airport (RIA) Highway.

However, in a motion, Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, said: “Knowing that the request is not within the role of the Senate, I move that the communication be sent back to the Leadership, so that proper decision can be made with the leadership of the Senate for consultation, and the communication be returned to the Executive for proper direction.”

Following that motion, Senate Pro Tempore Albert T. Chie immediately announced the Senate leadership’s seizure of the motion.

In his communication to the Senate, dated October 3, 2019, President Weah recalled the September 2017 Senate’s ratification of a pre-financing agreement between the Government of Liberia (GoL) and East International Group Incorporated for the pavement of a total of 65.5 kilometers of road.

The President recalled that since then, intervention has been made on a total of 21.5 kilometers of these roads, while about 44 kilometers are yet to be implemented.

“Distinguished Senators, the purpose of this communication, therefore, is to seek your indulgence, approbation, and acquiescence of the honorable chambers to authorize the Ministry of Public Works to enter a contractual arrangement with the East International Group Incorporated, to carry out the reconstruction of the 44 km RIA road as a replacement for the remainder of 44 kilometers neighborhood road under the ratified agreement that are yet to be implemented,” President Weah said in his communication.

“Honorable Pro Tempore, the RIA road, which is a gateway to our nation’s capital, is in a technically challenging state, and stands in need of urgent reconstruction works to guarantee its safety, continuous viability to elevate it to acceptable international standard,” President Weah said.

He reminded the Senate of the countless number of floods and traffic accidents along the RIA corridor, because of its current challenges; “Immediate intervention is required to avoid these… occurrences. It is therefore my anticipation that you will favorably grant this request in furtherance of infrastructural development and rapid social economic advancement…”

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