Pres. Weah to Launch Book by Former Pro Tempore Wotorson


President George Weah is expected to lead an array of government officials, local and foreign academics as he officially launches a book authored by former Senate Protempore Cletus Segbe Wotorson.

The launching ceremony, which is expected to be graced by other high profile dignitaries, is slated for Thursday, October 31, 2019, at the Monrovia City Hall.

According to the former Grand Kru Senator, the book, titled “Acceptance,” chronicles his struggles and celebrations of the rewards that trailed.

While calling the book the story of the “Pandakor boy,” Wotorson revealed that he tried to replicate the examples of much more experienced Liberian authors, including Professor Tombekai Dempster, Bai T. Moore, Dr. Joseph Saye Guanu, Elwood Dunn, and Dr. Amos Sawyer.

Mr. Wotorson, a geophysicist and retired politician, served as Protemp in the 52nd Legislature.

He said that the title of his book was suggested by a former student, believing that the name would capture Wotorson’s entire life-experience while trying to be successful in the Liberian society.

The name Cletus Wotorson started to gain prominence in the early 1970s, especially in the petroleum and mineral sector.

He can be credited for the establishment of the Liberian Petroleum Refinery (Refining) Corporation, eventually becoming its first managing director in the 1980s.

The Grand Kru County (then Grand Cess or Kru Coast Territory) young “jigger toes boy,” who journeyed to Monrovia in search of education, did not rest on his aspirations as he attended the best schools in Monrovia those days.

Maybe his biggest success story was when he decided to go abroad to study as a geologist and subsequently a geophysicist; he later became the minister of Lands, Mines and Energy.

On the political scene, Mr. Wotorson attempted as a coalition head for the presidency in the 1997 presidential and proportional general elections.

He went ahead later to represent his native Grand Kru County as a senator, and a few years later as Pro Tempore. But he, along with late River Gee former Senator Frederick Cherue, declined to contest so as to retain their respective posts in the 2014 Special Senatorial Election. His supported candidate (now Senate Pro Tempore) Albert Tugbe Chie won that seat.

As a private citizen, Mr. Wotorson, together with former and retired like-minded colleagues, has since established a consultant firm in the first house he built when he was a young man.


  1. Cletus Wotorson is a very corrupt politician. He received a lot of bribes and kickbacks from most of the current concession mining deals in operations at the moment. “Acceptance” my foot. He knew the reason he titled his book acceptance. It’s because as a politician, he accepted so many bribes and was involved in a lot of corrupt deals. The true purpose of acceptance is that corruption and bribe taking in Liberian society is acceptable.

  2. Was Geophysics ever at LU ?
    i was on LU in 1978.
    Please give details.

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