President Weah Begins Nationwide Tour Friday

The President tour will begin in Bong County before heading to Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland, and Grand Kru Counties.

— Tour to focus on acquaintance, groundbreaking, and dedications

President George Weah is expected to embark on his first county tour three years after coming to power.

The tour, which is for 14-day, starts on February 12, 2021, and aimed at strengthening the President and citizenship relationship, inspect and dedicate development projects.

During the tour,  the President will also hold town hall meetings with locals, county caucuses, and administration, as well as commission projects including roads, administrative buildings, and housing units.

According to Executive Mansion, the President tour will begin in Bong County before heading to Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland, and Grand Kru Counties. The tour is expected to end on February 26, 2021.

Also during the tour, Dr. Weah is expected to become the first-ever President of Liberia to visit and interact with the people of Gbi and Doru, in Nimba County. It is reported that the President has a farm in the Gbi and Doru settlement.

While in the Southeast, the President will dedicate projects funded by Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa, Senate President Pro Tempore Albert Chie, Senator Peter S. Coleman, and the Ministry of Agriculture during the three days’ visit to Grand Kru County.

The President, according to Grand Kru’s schedule will be received by local authorities, meet and greet with residents and have a town hall meeting at a Methodist Church in Behwain, Grand Kru County.

The Liberian leader will leave Behwain and arrive in Grandcess, where he will meet and greet with residents and do a live Radio Broadcast at the Grandcess Radio Station, followed by a town hall meeting at the City Hall built by Pro-Temp Chie (ribbon cutting & touring only remarks will be done during the town hall meeting).

The President will leave Grandcess for Barclayville, where he is expected to greet and meet residents and thereafter retire for the day at the presidential Residence in Barclayville.

On Thursday, the President will do the groundbreaking for the pavement of Barclayville City Streets,  tour Grand Kru County Service Center, have a town hall meeting at Barclayville City Hall, and then do a special interview with all Grand Kru Radio stations.

On the same day, the President will depart Barclayville for Sasstown (town of his late grandmother), wherein he will meet and greet citizens (from Nrokwi, Dayokpo, and other communities).

The President will dedicate the G.T. Worjloh Elementary School funded by Deputy Speaker Cllr. J, Fonati Koffa, and also dedicate the Pro-Poor Housing Presidential Units.

After dedications, the President will have a town hall meeting and the day will be climaxed with a football game with the President all-star and the combine county meet team, and the Old-timers of Grand Kru.

President Weah is expected to retire in Sasstown in one of the newly constructed pro-poor units. 

Still, in Sasstown, the President will tour the area beach, and inspect the five acres of land donated to him by elders of Sasstown. The tour will be followed by a war-dance and meeting with county authority, elders, and ends with a party.

The President will depart Sasstown and arrive in Buah Geeken for a groundbreaking of Youth Center in Geeken/ funded by President Pro Tempore Albert T. Chie and also dedicate the Geeken Market Funded my GOL/Ministry of Agriculture/ SAPEC.

While leaving Geeken, President Weah is expected to dedicate the Buah-Taybu Elementary School funded by Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa and further dedicate the  Chegbetee Elementary School also funded by Deputy Speaker Koffa.

The President will dedicate Doeswen Clinic and Nurses’ Quarter funded by Sen. Peter S. Coleman, and then have lunch in Doeswen, which marks the end of the  Grand Kru tour by the President and entourage.


  1. If Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah and his CDC-led Government want to be seen, respected, and treated differently, he and his Government will need to terminate Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean, Finance Minister, Samuel D. Tweah, Minister of State, Nathaniel F. McGill, and restructure the entire Ministry of Justice and instruct the office of the Solicitor General to swiftly indict, arrest, and prosecute all Financial and Economic crimes cases, starting with the Reports generated by the General Auditing Commission (GAC), irrespective of those named and highlighted by the Reports of the GAC. Mr. Weah and his entire Government can travel from county-to-county in Liberia; it will not change anything and how the Liberian people see Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government. By refusing and failing to indict and timely prosecute Financial and Economic Crimes in Liberia, Mr. Weah and his Government’s image will remain the same, dark, wanting, and not appreciated by any Liberian residing in and outside of Liberia. Liberia and its citizens are wealthy people, by she is being poorly run year-in-year-out by every incoming government of Liberia.

  2. Cllr Jayweh,
    If you feel that Liberia is being run poorly by the CDC government, you should be a man and rise to the occasion. In other words, do not sit back, recline in your rocking chair and complain. Do Something! Run for the upcoming presidency. Don’t act like a coward. Get out there Jayweh. Prove your gentility. It’s about time that a gentleman from Grand Bassa county had shown grit. So step up to the plate. Make yourself known. Demonstrate your truest intentions.

    I know you are an affiliate of the Rainbow Coalition. But the Rainbow Coalition, (RC), is aligned with Alexander Benedict Cummings. Cummings’ affiliation could pose an unsolvable Conundrum for you because of his popularity. If push comes to shove, you have to show gravitas by disentangling yourself from the weaknesses of the opposition. Your sincerety to contest the presidency will be unobserved if you run your campaign in the bedroom. So do something, otherwise something will do for you a disfavor.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. Mr. Hney,
    Why are you attacking me for publicly expressing my view? Am I not by law, entitled to Freedom of Speech? I, need not remind you that I do have and every Liberian certainly has such right and legal opportunity to fearlessly express him or herself. By the way, Mr. George Manneh Weah and every member of his CDC-led Government know that the Republic of Liberia and its citizens are wealthy country and people. But, financial and economic crimes, such as Property Theft, Misapplication of Entrusted Property, and Economic Sabotage, are blamed and responsible for enhancing and continuing the life of poverty in Liberia. Mr. Weah, can visit every village, town, district, and county in Liberia, as long he and his Government want. As long as he refuses to indict, arrest, and prosecute financial and economic crimes in Liberia, his visit, certainly will not change the hearts and minds of our people.

    The solution, terminate Liberia’s Ministers of Justice, Finance and State for Presidential Affairs, Frank Musa Dean, Samuel D. Tweah, and Nathaniel F. McGill, instruct and staff the office of the Solicitor General of Liberia with independent and qualified attorneys, revisit all the Reports of the General Auditing General Commission (GAC), swiftly indict, arrest, prosecute, and convict all those named in the GAC’s Reports to timely recover Liberia’s stolen wealth, assets, and properties misapplied, and accordingly apply all funds recovered to help strengthen Liberia’s development and advancement.

    Financial and Economic crimes have overtaken and overburdened Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government; for neglecting, refusing, and failing to swiftly indict and prosecute financial and economic crimes in Liberia, Mr. Weah’s visit will yield no fruit. Staff the office of the Solicitor General of Liberia and instruct qualified and independent-minded attorneys to swiftly indict, arrest, prosecute all those named and listed in the Reports of Auditor General of Liberia. Liberia and its citizens, want results and not mere presidential visits, empty speeches, and sharing meals.

    Liberia and its people know better, and they will not elect anyone whose culture and tradition are alien and run contrary to Liberia’s cherished culture and tradition. In or before 2023, Liberians would have known who is culturally and morally fit to lead Liberia. Boys will marry to girls in Liberia and not the other way around. Those that stole Liberia’s revenues and resources and established political business, will not see the face of power and the presidency in Liberia.


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