Pres, Weah Returns Following Visit to Nigeria

Pres. Buhari (right) greets Pres. Weah at the State House in Abuja.

President George Weah, has returned to the country following a three-day visit to Abuja, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, President Weah and other world leaders on June 12, 2019, attended Nigeria’s Democracy Day, and ceremonies climaxing President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration.

Buhari was inaugurated on May 29, 2019, but opted to climax his inauguration with the celebration of the country’s Democracy Day where he delivered his inaugural oration.

Presidents Weah and Buhari held a tête-à-tête after which they spoke to journalists on Thursday, June 13, at the Presidential Villa. Both leaders discussed the need to solidify relations between the two nations towards advancing diplomatic ties, and promoting security, trade, investments and economic advancement of their respective peoples and countries.

President Weah, according to the release, hailed President Buhari and the people of Nigeria for holding successful elections and upholding democracy.

He said democracy is cardinal to the development and growth of any nation.

President Buhari expressed gratitude to his Liberian counterpart, and his delegation for honoring his invitation.

He assured President Weah of Nigeria’s commitment to harnessing diplomatic ties between the two countries, and ensuring Nigerians’ investment in Liberia.

On the margins of the ceremonies, President Weah also held discussions with the Presidents of Senegal and Namibia.


  1. Countries like Nigeria do have a four year term in office for the president; a small country like Liberia, with no development to show for, has set its own presidential term at six years, why?? If we want to follow other world democracies, especially copy the United States’ system of governing as we claim, then we should and must follow suit. There is absolutely nothing a president cannot accomplish in four years if they are really serious about helping their own people, but give excuses to wait for six yrs. term in office, to do what? This is very sad to watch! One comes in office poor and ‘broke’, like we say in our local usage of the word, but when they leave office after 12 years, they are multi-millionaires why the masses do not even have drinking water, not to talk of means to send their kids to school…Who set the presidential term in office at six instead of four? I think the ill-purpose gain was to steal country resources and to enrich themselves why the poor continue to suffer.


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