Pres. Weah Reinstates Wolokollie at Commerce Ministry

Madam Jemima Wolokollie, Senatorial Candidate for Montserrado County

Also makes new appointments…

President George Weah yesterday, October 9, made further appointments in government affecting the Board of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC), as well as the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce and Industry.

At the same time, the President has reinstated Deputy Commerce Minister for Small Business Administration (SBA), Jamima Wolokollie with immediate effect, an Executive Mansion said in a release.

It can be recalled that President Weah on May 18, 2018, suspended Minister Wolokollie for “insubordination” towards Minister Wilson Tarpeh, after she had accused him on radio of conniving with shady foreign businesses in the country at the detriment of Liberian-owned businesses. Wolokollie’s action was described as “unprofessional,” thereby leading to her indefinite suspension.

In a one-line statement issued by the Executive Mansion, the president emphasized the need for all deputies to accord the highest respect and courtesy to their leaders (in this case their ministers) and refrain from taking internal disputes and/or disagreements to the public space for redress.

President Weah further encouraged all subordinates to practice professionalism in conducting their duties, and they must follow the proper channel in addressing disputes.

In her rant on a local radio, Wolokollie said “I am asking Minister Tarpeh to open the market for Liberians to be able to do rice and petroleum, to bring in onions, but he has refused,” she alleged. “It is very disturbing; why is Professor Tarpeh giving me a problem?”

She also claimed that Minister Tarpeh was blocking all her efforts to prioritize the interest of Liberianization – a policy that provides exclusive trade and commerce privileges for Liberian entrepreneurs – and does not want her to succeed in her functions.

While deputy minister Wolokollie’s revelations found a way in the public, Minister Tarpeh refused to comment on the allegations made against him, “because doing so would be giving relevance to unsubstantiated allegations,” he said.

In a related development, President Weah on Monday made further appointments in government affecting the Board of NASSCORP, NCHE, PPCC, ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce and Industry.

Those appointed, according to an Executive Mansion release, include Cyril A. Allen, Chairman, NASSCORP. Other members of the Board are Comfort Sawyer, Mydea White, Laurice M. Saba, Habakkuk S. Wonmei,  Pape Suah, and Marayah Fyneah.

At NCHE, President Weah also appointed Mawine Diggs as the Director General, and named Robert Clarke as Commissioner at the PPCC.

At the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce and Industry, the President appointed Marie K. Coleman as Deputy Minister for Administration, Abraham Korvah, Deputy Minister for International Corporation and Economic Integration, while George D. Wolo was named as Deputy Minister for Industry.

These appointments, according to the release are subject to confirmation by the Senate where applicable.


  1. Where is the money to pay all these people Mr. President? How are you going to undertake development when all everybody is hired by government? Please downsize the government so as to make it more effective. The very people you are hiring will be the same one who will accuse you tomorrow for not doing much to develop the country. You do not have to employ all CDC members for fear of not to be reelected for second term. Mr. President, if you invest huge resources for development there will be no question for your reelection. Too many people are not doing anything in those offices. You should encourage both local and foreign investments into the country so that citizens will find their way to the private sector for employment. Mr. President you cannot please everybody.


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