Pres. Weah Promises Vibrant Agriculture

President George M. Weah

… Though sector remains underfunded

President George M. Weah in his third annual address to the 54th Legislature on Monday, Jan 27, 2020 described agriculture as critical to the transformation of the country and, as such, he said that the sector remains a major pillar of Liberia’s development agenda.

He said that the country cannot realize full economic transformation without a vibrant agriculture program.

This is the second time the President has spoken about his commitment to transform the country’s agriculture sector in his annual message, but the sector still remains underfunded, except for money that comes from external sources.

Liberia as a country is yet to align with the Malabo Declaration for Food and Nutrition Security that mandates African governments to allot not less than 10% annually for agriculture in their respective national budgets, something stakeholders in agriculture have constantly called on the Government to adhere to.

In his address, President Weah stated that while he improves roads network, the next step by his administration is to reorganize the agriculture sector.

“With the program to connect the various communities and counties through quality paved road networks now fully mobilized, funded and underway, the next big push by my administration this year will be to reorganize the agriculture sector and put it at the front burner of our national development initiatives,” he said.

He added that the greater investment in the sector will not only guarantee food security, but will also provide jobs and a source of livelihood for thousands of families across Liberia.

The President further said that the success of his administration to transform agriculture depends on finding a qualified and passionate person to manage the sector.

“That is why my vetting and selecting of a new agriculture minister was comprehensive and thorough. I believe we have found the right person to lead this charge”, the President said.

He said that the agriculture minister-designate is a woman whose track record, competence and dedication match his vision for agricultural transformation.

“I hope that you will share my view, and grant her speedy confirmation so that she can urgently embark upon the great task that is before her.  If she cannot do it, then I do not know who else we will find to do it,” he said, urging lawmakers to confirm Madam Cooper.

Agriculture minister-designate, Madam Jeanine Cooper,  was nominated two weeks ago by the President, subject to confirmation by the Senate to replace former minister Mogana Flomo who was relieved off his position since June 2019.

When confirmed, the new minister-designate, who has served as founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fabrar, Liberia’s biggest rice processing company, will become the second Minister of Agriculture in the Weah’s Administration.

The President further told his audience that over the coming months, the Government intends to harness both local and international support and resources to lead the new agriculture drive, adding that it shall focus on the entire value chain.

“We will exert every effort to subsidize the works of more farmers and local cooperatives with the objective of enhancing productivity,” he said.

According to him, under his administration the country will still focus on rice production, however he stated that he is also thinking on working with authorities in the sector and international counterparts to look at ways to fully cultivate other cash crops, such as cocoa and coffee.

Amid his numerous promises to revive agriculture, the President said that Liberia has invested more in to the sector but the returns were regrettable.

“Over the years, millions of dollars were put into agriculture with very little result to show,” he said.


  1. My people, this dimwitted president is still making promises like he is running a campaign?

    Let him sell his 47 condominiums he built in 6 months of his presidency and give the proceeds to the Agriculture Ministry, or denote it to the people, then we’ll know that he is serious.

    The country is at a loss! This man is not a leader!

  2. A wise person once said, “Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people.”

    Akinwumi Adesina, 2014 World Food Prize winner and the current President of African Development Bank once said, “Unless Africa uses modern technologies, our farmers’ output will remain low, and we will remain dependent on others to feed us.”

    Yes indeed Mr. President, “Agriculture is critical in the transformation of Liberia’s economy.” From the two quotes above, there are two key indicators to acknowledge in order for agriculture to be successful in Liberia: Heavy investments in the agriculture sector and the application of modern technologies in farming methodologies.

    Agriculture in conjunction with your road network projects are key pillars that could boost the economy and provide employment for many unemployed Liberians.

    Finding a qualified and passionate person as the head of any organization is not the only factor to transform a dormant entity like Liberia’s failed agriculture sector or any failed sector in Liberia.

    Liberia’s agriculture sector was once a pride of Africa in the 60s and 70s. I hope it could be revitalized by giving the newly appointed Agriculture Minister, Madam Cooper, the necessary financial, technical, and logistical support it takes to run a large scale productive agriculture system.

    Liberia’s lack of trained technical man-power in agriculture, and the lack of scholarships to send agriculture students abroad or to regional countries like Ghana, and Nigeria for Agriculture training are hurting Liberia’s chances for cross training Liberians in various agriculture sectors like rice (Asia), cocoa, yam, tea (Kenya), coffee (Ethiopia), and other cash crops.

    Liberia could even bring in foreign rice experts from mainly rice producing Asian countries. These Asian rice experts could play key role in helping Liberia produced high yield rice on the same plots for many years. This style of planting high yield rice on the same plots will help reduce the traditional shifting cultivation (moving around) many small farmers practiced in Liberia.

    As usual, for political expediency some Senators will selectively bring up the dreadful question of “Foreign Citizenship” to kill Madam Cooper’s nomination. At the same time, many unqualified nominees were never asked the “Foreign Citizenship” question.

    Selective justice is rampant in Liberia.

    Good luck Madam Cooper!

  3. But if she is not a citizen of Liberia why should she be nominated to such position?

    Keep in confirm of the law in Liberia..

    • Cheap politics, hypocrisy and envy, who cares about that bullshit rumors. That lady’s father was one of Liberia’s first Agri-Economist. The war has damaged some of our people mentally. People keep preaching citizenship nonsense without any substance. Once you step out of Liberia for a few years to better your life and that of your family, you are no longer considered a Liberian but a foreigner in your motherland or fatherland.

  4. Road construction and the issue of agriculture are intertwined. Liberian farmers cannot mass produce if there are no roads or if the existing roads are impassible because of inclement weather conditions. Liberian farmers will make progress in terms of food production when most of the roads are connected and covered with asphalt. The countries of Ghana, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast have better roads than Liberia. Because of their good roads, it’s easier for their farmers to transport their produce to the major markets. Tropical West Africa has a rich soil. Liberia happens to be a tropical West African country like Ghana, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. One does not have to go to any neighboring country in order to learn how to plant bananas or cassava in Liberia. Yeah, Liberian farmers will most definitely need modern farm tools, but the roads must be done. Weah’s idea of building roads in order to improve the economic sector is good. I hope he will follow through.

    • Mr. Hney,
      there is NO Liberian product. There was never enough in the interior to eat. There is hunger season in the interior always. I am from the interior.
      Agriculture is NOT being practiced in Liberia. Agriculture is Science and Engineering Cultures.
      It is the native farming that needs to be improved but again, it will still come to Engineering atleast.
      Liberia is seriously illiterate everywhere “Da book we le eat”?; one of the greatest Sin of Liberia.

      PS: You read about the Korean ambassador basically warning Liberian about education.

      We are down.

    • The only issue I have with Ms Cooper is, her Agricultural Credentials that I read, are not near Agriculture? There should always be atleast 3 resumes to select from when dealing with employment.

      Da book we le eat? Yes we “MUST eat book” else we will eat Hell.

      • Blah, Blah, Blah, empty words everyday, no significant contributions to Liberia’s educational sectors nor suggestions of solutions but condemnation of everyone’s credentials. Recitation. recitation, recitation. The Liberian people don’t have to be bully by anyone for the choice they made to vote President Weah into office, It is their democratic right and they don’t owe anyone an explanation even if the said ‘That book we will eat’. Maybe the mitigating factors that led to that saying should be looked into to have a clear understanding. While we sat in the comfort of our homes abroad, they were the ones that lived and experienced 12 years of Ellen’s crap.

        Everyday, ‘Liberia don’t have the skillset’ but offers nothing. Why with all these negative assertions about Liberia, you would be interested in the Presidency ? No wonder, the I, me and myself, selfish and crab mentality.

        When Liberians chose Ellen, the one they thought was prepared, educated and have the ‘skillset’ What state did she leave the Liberian economy after 12 years ?

        Liberians are not stupid, they know some of you are on here for selfish reasons and not for the good of Liberia.

  5. Senior Engineer Pete Curran,
    I have to correct you on this one. To say that “there was never enough in the interior to eat”, is incorrect. There may not have been enough in the county in which you were born or maybe in adjacent counties to your county. But I am from the Southeast. When I was growing up in the Southeast, (Maryland county) the poor people did their subsistence farming without worrying about what to eat tomorrow.

    However, on a higher educational level, I agree with your skill-set philosophy. We Liberians have an obligation to make bigger farms. It makes no sense for Liberian consumers to depend on Guinea or the Ivory Coast for onions, corn or whatever. If my brother Petarus Dolo (a Liberian native who farms in nearby Ivory Coast) exports his onions to Liberia, we’ll buy it. But the gentleman (don’t let him hear this) needs to park his farm tools and get back in Liberia to make heavy duty farms. I mean the “bloody uncivil war” is over man. Or otherwise, his exported products to the motherland will be boycotted.

    It’s an absolute must! We have to make farms. I am negotiating to buy a 20-acre land in Bomi county. I prefer Nimba, but I’m afraid Dolo will not agree to sell an ounce of land to me. I have land in Maryland county, but there’s no road. If you load up a truck filled with green bananas and travel from my county to Monrovia, your bananas will get ripe and probably crushed before you smell Monrovia. If you’re unlucky, the monkeys will eat your ripe bananas on the way before you know it. We need roads.

    We can do it.

    • Good morning Uncle Hney,

      I have seen your post. It’s indeed enlightening for me this morning. It made me to start my day with a grin.
      However, know that I do not farm onions and I do not have a farm in the Ivory Coast. If I were to do so, I would supply the entire market in Liberia. I don’t need to do that outside Liberia but, in the country, to supply jobs for my fellow countrymen.
      Believe me, farming onions alone can enrich me in Liberia as we still import this basic commodity.

      You are welcome to Nimba County, a beautiful land with beautiful and hospitable people. We opened up to the entire Liberia and still beckoning to others to join us in the pursuit of the common goods of all. In fact, if you look at the demography of Liberia, Nimba is the most populous county outside Monrovia. It’s because we are a warm people. I don’t know when last you ever swallow GB. Come and taste it.

      Again, I will send you this invitation: Whenever you think about coming to Liberia, pass through Abidjan. I can give you a drive through the Ivory Coast to Liberia. I want you to visit Nimba and fall in love with the verdure landscape and lush soil. I can give you a piece of land in my village for FREE, not for sale. My people are very kind indeed, and they like strangers. You know, I have not seen you, I don’t know what you look like, but from my exchanges with you, though you will never join me in the Cummings’ camp, I LIKE you sincerely.

      Believe me again Uncle Hney, I love Aaron. By the way, let me take this time to welcome him back. I hope you have changed a little, Aaron. Petarus loves you, sincerely. We will surely meet and hug.

      Truth No. 1: Nimba is the most beautiful part of Liberia and the Nimbaians are the warmest and trustworthy people you can ever interact with in Liberia.

      Peace unto you all this morning!

  6. Welcome back brother Aaron Doe Nelson Sr. Don’t leave like that next time or if you do that again, you will be asked by big brother to cook a good cow tongue soup with crabs and shrimp in it. You were missed.

    • Snr. Bro. Hney,

      I must apologize, I will pay the fine and definitely give a heads up next time.

      I took a trip to visit one of my sons who is in the US Navy. I brought back some gifts for him from my trip to Liberia last November to December 2019.

      You know Snr. Bro. Hney, One of my father’s friends that I admired very much was The late Col. Arthur Bedell. Assistant Chief Of Staff for Aviation under President Doe regime. It was amazing when my son told me besides Engineering, he going to be flying for the Navy soon. Instead of putting Liberia down, I told him about Liberians that did and are doing what he is about to become and constantly remind all my kids to contribute their quotas to Liberia in any shape or form that they can and they should always have Liberia at heart.

      On my visit to Liberia, My wife and I visited the medical school of the University of Liberia. By the way, My wife has a doctorate from the university of Minnesota in the medical area before the critics ask about qualifications and skillset. We had a fruitful meeting and she asked how could she be of help to the school ?
      She took note and we are working on helping the school.

      Bro. Hney, Government cannot do everything, so if every Liberian will do something, no matter how small it is, Liberia will be in a better shape. Telling Liberians how illiterate they are everyday and not doing anything to help change it is nonsense to me. There are lot of factors that put some Liberians backwards in their educational quest that cannot be overlooked instead some take the liberty to blame some of the victims of the ills in society daily.

      There is no potential forceful regime change threat posed to the government of Liberia at the moment, so we will come in and comment when necessary. Intensity is at a all time low LOL….

      • Truth No. 2: No Liberian, I mean ABSOLUTELY no Liberian, will ever dream about regime change again without the ballot box!

        We will, without let up, vigorously criticize Ineptitude, Ignorance and Incompetence. We want Liberia and its leadership to develop Insightfulness, Inspiration and Innovation to meet up with the challenges at hand.

        So Aaron, don’t flirt. Weah will go 6 years. We will take on him during the next election. But we are not going to sit supinely and see him do the wrong thing. We will shout and yell for him to come back on the right track.

        See, we now have a very good Agriculture Minister. If we had not talked, jokers and guessers were going to be appointed.
        We are doing our job as opposition, don’t be upset about it!

        • Petarus Dolo,

          I personally share the belief that Criticism in any democracy is healthy. President George Weah is a friend of mine and his most vocal critic, Mr. Costa is also a friend of mine. Mr. Costa has my personal cell phone number and I have his and we talk from time to time. The 3 visits Mr. Costa paid to Minnesota, I was always there to welcome him. We are all one people, Liberians. At the end of the day, irrespective of our different political views, we should be able to sit at a table, share a meal and knock glasses together.

          Criticizing President Weah is one thing but stereotyping the Kru tribe to his government was not wise on your part and it brought a lot of aggression from me to you. Let be realistic, not everyone in Sinoe is a CDC partisan, even the party you would like to hold state power have partisans there, so you cannot put everyone in the same category because President Weah is Kru.

          I don’t have a problem to meet with you, hug and talk. I have a lot of your kinsmen that are playing very important role in my personal and family life that I will tell you about.

          I’m totally against anything that will disturb the peace in Liberia because when all is said and done, we will again realize as a people that it is not worth it. During the civil war, I lived in the AFL control area and soldiers from AFL were in my area looking for people from Nimba to kill. I gather 4 of my friends that were from Nimba and hid them in my house. One of them was Workie Mienwipia, who lived on 9th street sinkor and was a student of the William V.S.Tubman high school at the time. He was able to make his way to Canada where he is now a Senior Engineer there with his family. He called me last month before my trip to Liberia to thank God for using me to save his life. Up to today, this young man remembers this ordeal as if it was yesterday. You might run into him one of these days, he will tell you more and who I’m.

          Petarus, you wrote ‘ I hope you changed a little ‘ Well, I can say, there will be drastic change on the tongue towards you. We are all one people and we have to learn to deal with one another.

          • Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, my dear brother Aaron!

            Thank you for being a gentleman. You know Aaron, I don’t like to have enemies, but opponents. As much as possible, I like to be on good terms with everyone. Do you know why? Simply because I am a poor boy from a poor family, and above all, I am a Christian.

            Frankly, I did not go on tribal line. In all my posts, I hated tribalism and always cautioned against it. We as Liberians, should forget tribalism totally.
            Having said the above, let bygone be bygone.

            The world is a small place. I know the Mienwipia family from Sanniquellie. I know how other Liberians from other tribes shielded citizens from Nimba during the war. By brother was in medical school then, living with a Kru family in Monrovia. He was protected and left the city safe and sound.

            Like you, I am totally against any armed struggle in Liberia again. I am critical of Weah because I do not want us to go along that line.
            Look at the people of Rwanda, Kagame united the country such that there is no longer a divide between the Hutus and the Tutsis. And guess what, Rwanda is the first black African country to have the nuclear technology today. How come, they put their past behind them and forged ahead with positivism to build a better future.

            We can do the same. Weah is your friend, but I consider him a big brother. Do you know that he used to be called “Slippery” for his dribbling skills? I first got to know him when he used to pay his grandmother visit in our community, Yekepa.
            I met him several times in Abidjan to get my “lil thing” through friends whenever he passed by here.
            We are one family with a common destiny, irrespective of our political affiliation. Let’s agree to disagree.
            I personally think he missed his calling for Liberia. He will slump Liberia into untold sufferings and hardships. I hate to imagine the outcome of his 6 years for a people endowed with such immense natural resources.
            You may disagree with me, but let’s keep the tone cordial henceforth.

            I am sorry for hurting you, brother Aaron.
            Have a nice day!

  7. My dear brother Nelson,
    I have just arrived at my little dwelling place. Before I eat or do anything, I have to let you know that everything you’ve said is 100% supported by me and agreed with.

    Thanks for what you and your wife are doing and will do. Thanks for instilling those powerful values into your kids.

    I will get in touch with you soon.

  8. Mr. Dolo,
    As a member of the opposition, you and your partners have a right to be critical of Weah. However, it is wrong for the opposition (of which you’re one) to claim credit for something you didn’t do.

    For instance, in the last paragraph in your post above, you write, “see, we now have a good Agriculture Minister. If we had not talked, jokers and guessers were going to be appointed”.

    Now Mr. Dolo, with all due respect, you have blatantly told a falsehood. For once, let’s be fair. Weah made a good decision in terms of hiring Ms Cooper to the position of Minister of Agriculture. We know that Ms Cooper has an impressive resume. But realistically, Weah didn’t hire Ms Cooper because of Cummings’ influence or because of the CoP’s recent protest march. You owe your readers an apology for stating a blatant falsehood. Many Liberians who are not affiliated with the opposition have spoken in the past about the need for qualified government Ministers to be hired. Please Sir, don’t muddy the water like that.

    I hate being repetitive. But it is imperative for the truth to be told always. Here is the truth. As an ardent member of the opposition, you are entitled to your opinions, but not the facts. The fact is that your influence did not impel Weah to hire Ms Cooper. Please don’t claim credit for it!

    Thank you. As always,


    • Sir,

      With all due respect, it is the pressure from us that made him to appoint Ms. Cooper. Weah was under fire even from his own partisans.
      Didn’t you read about Mr. Morlu’s recent statement on the news?

      By the way, my boss Cummings has just made an official declaration to debunk all the fallacies in Weah’s state of the union address.
      Please read it.

  9. Mr. Dolo,
    I hate to hop from topic to topic. I have read your boss’s rebuttal. Here, we have a case of a double whammy! All of a sudden, you’re admitting that Cummings is your boss. In the past, you have said that you’ve never seen him or talked to him directly. Very incredulous!

    As it relates to the appointment of Ms Cooper, to the Agriculture Ministry, you have told a false narrative. CoP’s influence or that of your immediate boss Alexander Cummings, did not impel or motivate Weah to appoint Ms Cooper to the Agriculture Ministry. Please stop! From the beginning, Weah was under pressure to appoint the best of the best. If anything, Weah should be given the credit for the appointment of Ms Cooper whom most Liberians (whether critics or supporters) feel is competent and experienced.

    Your boss Alexander Cummings and his CoP colleagues should not claim credit for something they didn’t do. Tell the truth! Tell…… The……truth!

  10. Not the CoP, please. It’s again me, Dolo.
    Is it wrong to call someone I have never seen my boss? I admire the guy and so I have the right to call him my boss.
    Had Liberians, mostly from the opposition, not vigorously cricize Weah, would he have ever look for a resume like Ms. Cooper?

    No way Sir. Look at the one they imported into the CBL. He doesn’t even know his year of birth. Am I to believe his credentials?

    Ca va se savoir!

  11. Mr. Dolo,

    I am glad you are sitting by your table and monitoring all that’s being said. You used to wonder whether some people bothered to sleep at night. That seemed to be a direct reference to me. Like you, I wonder whether you will go to work today. Are you going to Youpugon to buy some bush meat? Believe me you, we will dump a lot of junk on you. Don’t be scared. I will get to your “boss’s” rebuttal! In his rebuttal, Cummings has made a series of malapropos statements. In sincerity, he has failed to substantively deliver.

    You failed to answer Barnard’s question. If you’re so hypo about missing money, why is it that the ANC or CoP affiliates who call themselves lawmakers, have been unable to talk about the missing money? What is worth pointing out is your inability to tell how many CoP lawmakers there are. It is comical. You don’t know whether there are two or three CoP/ANC lawmakers in the Liberian National Assembly? Get on with it.

    And yes. It is downright duplicitous to be closely aligned with someone whom you have never met. I am disappointed in you. I hope you don’t faint in the future when you meet your political idol.

  12. I am sitting behind my desk and closely monitoring my computer screen, expecting many reactions from my boss’s rebuttal.
    As I told you before, I’m in office at 6am every morning, so don’t worry about my time on this blog. I am here because I am sick of what is going on in my country.

    Yes, I answered Mr. BARNARD. Look at his post again, you will see my reply below. I do not delve on topics I don’t have much control over.
    Yes, I do not know how many lawmakers the ANC has in both houses. I know of the guy form Nimba.

    The missing money
    Nothing is missing. Ellen was very emphatic about that. There has been mismanagement. Weah and his Hebrew boys want to shift blame for embezzling that money.
    Take up your time to read the Kroll report. I have a copy, if you like I can share it with you. Ask Weah and the Hebrew boys to give account of that money.

    Kellyanne Conway didn’t know Trump by then when she defended him in open debates during the 2016 presidential election in the USA. She is now in the White House with President Trump.
    Cummings is not a perfect person; he will have shortcomings. We may disagree on somethings or not appreciate each other on some other matters, but what matters is Liberia. We have many things in common for the leadership of Liberia.

    Peace there, Uncle Hney

  13. Good. But again you’re wrong. Mrs. Conway met Trump before working for him. She didn’t wish to work for him before she met Trump.

  14. No, Sir.
    Mrs. Conway had closely followed Trump during the primary, acquiesced to all his beautiful plans for the USA, started running his campaign and defending him during public debates, radio and TV shows before she attracted Trump’s attention. They finally met and she agreed to work for him.

    I closely follow America politics. I love it because it’s highly intellectual. And I usually closely follow up on people I have interest in. Trump is my guy. I started following him from the primary and felt in love with him, especially when he demolished little Bush, causing him to relinquish.

  15. Uncle Aaron,

    Welcome back, Sir. I was askance about what had happened to you. I am glad to know that you are ok and I know that you are a family man. You know, wonders will never cease. My dad is telling me that he met the late Col.Bedell and during their brief but wonderful encounter, the Col. was very kind to him. He narrates that things were tough on him when he was on BWI and he went to apply for an army scholarship and it was where he met Col. Bedell and they fell to talking and he found out that Bedell was a graduate from BWI and when he (my dad) told him (Bedell) that he was a student of BWI at the time, Bedell moved Heaven and Earth to obtain the scholarship but in the final analysis, my dad was able to get on a BWI working scholarship from the Late Principal T. Kudar Jarry and was able to go on and complete his schooling. That is the connection between your family and mine, Uncle Aaron, we are all inter-connected.

    Uncle Hney, please be informed that when you are in the process of obtaining land from Bomi, let us know oh, before you come go buy our land. yes, my mom is from bomi.

    Agriculture is the bedrock of any society, but if the folks cannot ply their wares effectively, then, like Uncle Hney rightly alludes, the wares will all be rotten by the time it get to the Market. goods roads are a must.

    I do think that Madam cooper will make a good minister. Not because she operated her family’s rubber successfully, but because she herself is an honest and forthright person. My dad worked with her when she operated her NGO in the early 90s and this is his assessment of her. I believe him. She has honesty on her side and that, to me, is a good leadership virtue.

    Uncle Dolo, I am still waiting for you and I am glad that you agree to hug/shake Uncle Aaron’ hand in a gesture of oneness. Despite our healthy debate, we all have a common denominator: LIBERIA.


  16. Hi Joe,

    I have already submitted a proposal of the book on Uncle Hney. Didn’t you see my proposal?
    Please check. I made a first proposal.

    Have a great day Joy. I believe in all you have said about Ms. Cooper.

  17. JM,
    A little more than a decade ago, I met a beautiful young lady who told me this, “there must have been a reason why God made this happen”. (But before I proceed any further, I want to let JM know that the lady I am talking about was not my girlfriend). Okay JM? I guess she made that statement because of the way in which the whole thing happened.

    Now, I brought that up because of the the way in which things are shaping up. You have been tracking me for a while. You and your loving parents have extended an invitation. I am blessed to have been extended a heartfelt invitation. Now, JM, your mother is a derivative of Bomi, a place where I would like to own a property. Thank you. If Dolo can’t do it, you will do it.

    In the words of that young lady I met, God made it possible for me to meet your family. It’s now 9:42 p.m. You are asleep, because it’s 2:43 your time. Have a great night.


  18. Good morning Joe,

    Please tell Uncle Hney I have 5 acres of land for him in my village. I will offer him the land free of charge, but under ONE condition: He must get an “iron titty” from my village or else my parents will not easily accept him.

    Peace unto all this day!

  19. Uncle Dolo:

    Thank you again for the book suggestion. We have drafted the introduction of the book and we divided it into 3 sections. very simple and straight forward. The book introduces us to a young man who came from humble beginnings, very studious, sang in the choir, carried the cross, a man who basically grew up in the church. Along the way, he found love, but it was not be, and he wandered across the land, a tortured soul, looking for his lost love. We still developing it yet, but we going along that line. Feel free, to add or subtract, Uncle Dolo.

    The pieces you write are very enlightening. you write that a person from Nimba should be comfortable in grand Gedeh and vice versa and they should be able to live together as one. Very powerful indeed. I just wondered if such a thing is feasible? Excuse my skepticism, but those of us born during the war era or were toddlers during that time knows of nothing else but war and rumors of war and protests and other vices that don’t auger well for society.

    When I hear my dad speaking of “Doe Time” and how things were good then, and how he hopes that such time would return again, it sounds like a dream to my sister and myself, because, such a time, to us, is just unforeseen. I wont even trouble us with the reasons why we think so.

    things and times are extremely hard. everyday is a brand new story about why this is such and such. I sometimes think that those who are away don’t get the full picture of what is really unfolding here. yes, you do get glimpses here and there, like what you read in the papers or what you are told by friends and/or family and, based on that, conclusions are drawn.

    The nation is in peril. collective efforts must be taken to bring us back from the brink.

    uncle Dolo, just give my Uncle Hney the land and forget about the CONDITION attached to it. Perhaps you don’t know him as well as I do. He will not accept the land on that condition. I might include that in the book.


  20. Yeah, I agree. I will buy the 5-acre land. But I am not interested in the two attached words (I T). I cannot repeat those words. JM is right. A Marylander such as I should feel comfortable in any part of Liberia just as a Bopolu native would in Maryland county and elsewhere in Liberia. It is really good to be proud of one’s place of birth. But to say that a person is superior to someone because of his or her tribe of origin is a complete cop-out! A Bassa man or woman is as good as a Nimbaian, despite the fact that GB is not a way of life in Bassa. But so what? Still, we are one! A soccer team is composed of a body of people who hail from different backgrounds. Similarly, our 15 countries should act as a team. We Liberians should have the moral fortitude to do the utmost best for our country. So, I am going to Bomi.

    JM, I will talk to you regarding the land deal in Bomi.

  21. Hi Joe,

    Tell Uncle Hney that the condition is removed. No strains attached to the land Uncle Hney. I hope you will take it when we are on the campaign trail.

    Joe, I hope you can develop career in writing. You have the skills for creative writing. When done with Uncle Hney’s love story, you must join my daughter to write mine. She promised to do it for me, but her English is not as good as her French, so I would like you to team up with her. My story could bolster the hope of many poor Liberians to never despair in life, and to face life honestly and be God-fearing. Anyone can honestly succeed in life if they TRY to hold on to biblical principles.
    My constitution: The Ten Commandments
    My creed: The Beatitudes

    Joe, I understand your skepticism about the time we are living in Liberia. Believe me, I know it even better than you. I have siblings and other external relatives in Liberia. I pay school fees, cater to my late brother’s children and occasionally provide subsistence to other relatives and friends in Liberia.
    Let me tell you one of the motivating factors that brought me to this blog, and which will eventually lead me into politics. I lost my older brother and my best friend, 2 people that were dear to me, in Liberia foolishly due to the current untold sufferings and hardships. Why should it be so if our country has enormous potentials in mineral reserves and bright and rich human resources?

    These are some revolting issues that brought Cummings himself to politics. I am sorry you did not have the time to follow and listen to this guy and read his website during the 2017 campaign. Joe, Cummings’ net wealth is about 23 million. He sits on the board of at least 3 multinationals with a minimum monthly income of 80 thousand USD. Joe, imagine some Liberians that I have seen, why do you think this guy could resign his job as vice president of cocoa cola to altruistically come to Liberia to fight for us? He doesn’t need salary as president of Liberia, believe me. He will use his salary to cater for the poor; orphanages, scholarships and other humanitarian gestures. If he were still looking for money, he couldn’t have forgone his opulent life to get himself insulted by loonies for a job which pays him below his stature.

    I understand your dad’s nostalgia for Doe’s era. But things were even better before then. Life was normal; merit was respected and rewarded, hard work was virtually recompensed rightly and there was pride in calling yourself a Liberian.
    We should begin such life for our children and generations to come. It is high time we let go of the little things that divide us and focus our attention on what unites us; Liberia.
    We once lived in harmony, cared less about a person’s tribal affiliation or religious belief. This war has had irreparable damages to Liberia’s cohesion.
    Joe, the first girl I ever dated was in the same class with me in elementary school. I only knew she was a Krahn in 1990 when we started realizing that we were different from the other based on tribal affiliation. Why should life be like that in Africa, particularly in Liberia?

    There is a better tomorrow Joe. Things will change, come 2023. We will beg Liberians to make the right choice this time. Leadership ultimately requires formal education, then insightfulness, inspiration and innovation. Leadership is not the exhibition of popularity, neither a beauty contest nor a show of strength. It must be a drive to provide better living conditions for your fellow countrymen.

    It is feasible to happily live together again as one people Joe. When we take over the helm of affairs, we will reconcile Liberians again. The Mano or Gio man will be assigned to a village in Zwedru as a PA or medical doctor. We will see if the Krahn people will kill him.
    The Krahn man will be assigned as superintendent in Nimba, we will see if the Nimbaians will reject the representation of the state.
    The Mandingo man will be assigned to teach in the villages of Nimba and Grand Gedeh, we will see if those people will deprive their children of education.

    Don’t worry Joe. I pray and hope we will make it to 2023. By hope or crook, we will unite Liberians and make Liberia prosperous again.

    My regards to your dad and sister, Joe.

  22. Comrade Dolo,
    Before going further, I deeply sympathize with you because of the deaths of two people who were dear to your heart. May God bless you and your family. Dolo, I went through a similar situation. I lost my oldest sister in the Bong Mines during the bloody war. Prior to the war, I brought my mother to the states. But when the death of my sister reached us, my mother was never the same. She agonized over her death until she died in 1994.

    I took her body to Liberia via the Ivory Coast. You probably know a place called Ivocep (sp) a moque. They charged me dearly, because I knew nothing. I chartered a bus to Liberia, but when we crossed into Liberia over the Cavalla River, all hell broke loose. The bus I chartered was forceably returned. I had to charter another van on the Liberian side…very beat up van. It’s a long story. But I understand your situation.

    Nimba has a good rich soil. Hang in there buddy. Let’s build Liberia up irrespective of our political differences.


  23. wow, both your stories drove me to tears. I cannot, in my widest dream, imagine what both of you must have gone thru during your time of grief. I know how much I love my sibling, eventhough she drives me nuts. If anything was to happen to her, I don’t know how I would handle it. It is not an easy thing to lose a parent, sibling or a child. My parents join me in extending our heartfelt sympathies to both of you.

    Our commonalities is far greater than our differences and I can almost bet my last USD$27 that we were to go further, we will find out that there are people who all have in common. But as I am not a betting man, and that’s my last money I have, I wont bet with it.

    I, too, share your sentiments, Uncle Dolo, that things will one day become better. I am also honored that you would ask me to write your story along with your wonderful daughter. But, from the brief story you narrated about your elementary school girlfriend, you seem to be a “player’ yourself. I can almost bet my same 27 dollars, that if I was to see that lady now and ask her, she would say that you left her for another girlfriend. you are a HEARTBREAKER.

    In your story, you would certainly be the villain and I would say that you were a persuader of women and the story will take a life of its own. I will talk to your daughter.

    Uncle Hney’s story is quite the opposite of yours. He lost his love due to circumstance beyond his control, and, hurt, he wandered from place to place seeking and searching, until he was healed by the Almighty.

    As for the land issue, He will go along with me to Bomi. We thank you though, for the gestures.

    May the week treat both of you well.


  24. Good morning Uncle Hney,

    Sorry to hear your story as well. There were irreparable damages done. You were certainly misled at Ivosep because they saw that you were from the USA. Sorry for that as well. Let’s turn a new page for Liberia, united with a common goal. May the soul of your sister forgive whosever took her life and repose forever in perpetual peace.
    No one can ever imagine the pains your mom bore after the tragic and brutal disappearance of your sister. Thank God she made it home where she lies in ancestral bosom. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

    Dear Joe,

    I love entrepreneurship. If you can take up career in writing, you will write thousands of books about Liberians like Uncle Hney and me. There are many exciting, exhilarating, sorrowful and very painful stories about Liberians out there. We are not going to be limited to just writing but translating them on screen. We may eventually come up with “MollyWood” for Liberian films. Think about it.

    Joe, I was never a player and I am not a player. I respect and cherish family values, the core of any successful society. Sorry for using the word IT on Uncle Hney, I am getting to know him and so sometimes I send out a hook to see if he can bite the bait.

    We were dating then in elementary school. I am using the word “dating” in its real meaning Joe. However, it was painful to have been separated on tribal line. Ever since the war, I saw her once in 1993, on a basketball court. I don’t know where she came from, but she had been there discreetly watching me play. When it was about time to go home, I heard a familiar voice saying, “big man, you can play now oh”. When I turned and saw who it was, irrespective of what we know we are now, we eagerly and warmly hugged as if some part of us had been renewed. Joe, this encounter took place in Nimba, precisely in Yekepa in 1993 from where her parents had fled since the capture of the town in 1990. After a while, fear gripped me for her. “Where are coming from and what are you doing here?”, I asked shivering. Apparently Joe, she knew I was not a fighter and so she had no apprehension to stand and talk with me. She was very sparing on words and shrouded by shoulder to assure me that she was okay, and that I should not worry about her. It was the last time we ever met. To date, I don’t even know where she is, no news about her at all.

    See Joe, I am not a HEARTBREAKER, but due to circumstances of life. My little piece of advice to you, if you are not yet dating anyone: DO NOT FEIGN AFFECTION. Love is forever, not seasonal neither by interests nor for social gains. Love is natural and divine. The 3 words “I love you” should never be used vainly or apprehensively to an opposite sex.

    Have a nice weekend Joe.

  25. Uncle Dolo,

    your story evoked emotions in my family. They are all sitting with me here as I respond to you. They all have series of comments/questions for you and I will word them exactly as they say. hope you don’t mind.

    Dad; Says to tell you that he can take you down anytime on a “one on one” basketball game, say that he can dunk on you anytime

    Mom; When you saw your friend in 1993 in yekepa on the basketball court, why did you not inquire about her well-being, as to how she was doing, how the war had treated her and where she was residing at the moment?

    Sibling: how can she know your daughter better?

    Me: No Sir, I am not seeing anyone at the moment. I know that that will happen in time. So I am in no hurry. Right now, I am working hard to perfect my writing style and see where that will take me.

    Thank you, sir, for sharing your story. It was heartfelt.


  26. To the Moses Family,

    I wish you all a very happy weekend.

    It should be normal to answer the questions in the order they came but with your permission Daddy, allow me to answer Mom in the first place.

    Mommy, it is a story to be written by Joe. If I give all the details here, the book won’t sell when we get it out on the market.
    However, know that both of us stayed on that court until 8pm without realizing it and without any fear of being under the cover of night. She told why she was there, how she got there and when she is leaving. Actually, she must be somewhere in Europe or Australia, but I have no contact with her presently.

    Daddy, I am 6’1”. So, do you think you can dunk over me? Also know that I used to “eat iron” like no body business. I was playing the forward position for my team, and my late best friend was our center on our team. So, Daddy, if you are ready to take me down, we will see when I get there.

    Sibling: You will surely know and talk to my daughter. She is named after my late mother. I missed her so much that I still wanted to call her name around me till death do me part.

    Joe, take time to love passionately and sincerely. God ordained the sacrament of marriage. Societies are disintegrated because we are turning away from what God established as an institution.
    I love listening to Lucky Dube sometimes. I was a victim of a broken marriage and so I’d like you to listen to a song by him entitled “Think About the Children. The wordings:
    The parents are the people we’re depending on
    For the growth of the children
    If they treat them right
    We gonna have a brighter future
    If they treat them wrong
    We gonna have brats in the world
    If they grow up without the parents
    Who’s gonna tell them this is right
    If they grow up without the parents
    Who’s gonna tell them this is wrong
    You’ve got to fast your while
    Just think about the children
    If they grow up without the parents
    Who’s gonna tell them this is right
    Without the mother, children are suffering
    Without the father, children are suffering
    Without the parents, children are suffering
    Born to suffer, born to suffer
    Born to suffer, born to suffer
    Born to suffer, born to suffer
    Born to suffer, born to suffer
    Born to suffer, born to suffer
    You’ve got to watch…

    Joe, we no longer want brats in Liberia.


  27. Comrade Dolo,
    Thanks for your words of encouragement! In response, I am dedicating and recommending two songs to you for your listening pleasure.

    (1) A gospel song entitled : Grace that is greater than our sins….. (with lyrics). It’s a song of encouragement.


    (2) Heartbreaker, (with lyrics) by Dionne Warwick.

    Download the two songs from the YouTube. You will like them.

    Although the songs are being recommended to Dolo for his listening pleasure, you’re more than welcome to download them on your YouTube as well. But wait…..yours is coming soon.

    Nimba county has got good soil for cassava. But, I am going Bomi. I want to speak Gola.

    Hang in there guys.

  28. Uncle Hney:

    Thank you for the song suggestion, heartbreakers.. sorry, but that is not my kinda song. you give yourself away bit by bit with your utterances. You old school, Uncle Hney. We getting to know your mindset, your likes/dislikes, and how you were raised. That is a good thing for us. more flavor to the story.

    uncle Dolo,
    We think you being very boastful, about your prowess as a basketball player, but we have the perfect solution on how to defeat you. Uncle Hney and Moses, Sr. will combine forces to defeat you on the court. Two against one. how you like that? Moses, Sr. is 5’9″. He says he knows and likes the song you recommended. he is a huge fan of Lucky Dube

    uncle Hney,

    Mom say you are more than welcome to Bomi, The County of the blue Lake. The scenery is so breathtaking ng in its beauty that one is left speechless. So the next time you find yourself on this side of town, you are more than welcome to come on a tour with us. We were there last weekend to visit and to see grandma. Wd go there the last weekend in every month.

    happy New Week to you both.


  29. The Hney-Moses team is the A team; A for Action…..the one to watch!

    Now Joe, the songs were recommended and dedicated to Dolo. Yours will come.

    Have a great day!

    As alwa

  30. Good morning Hney,

    Thank you for your dedication. I listened to the 2 pieces over and over during the weekend. And guess what, I then started piecing together and recollecting memories of when this all started.

    From my recollection, you were enthusiastic about my posts at first, started engaging me in so many ways. I have always found pleasure exchanging with you. Our exchanges later became tense, sometimes sour but always cordial. Directly and indirectly, I was called names and you were pictured gloomily. But there was one thing and there is still one thing we both hold dear and cherish; our patrimony. I do not believe in chance, there must be a common destiny.
    We have now begun to share some pains we have borne, sending out mutual words of consolation, wow! What twist of turns!

    There must be something divine about this encounter. I believe we will eventually disagree to agree, find ourselves alongside Cummings, make Liberia a better place for you and for me. My special dedication to you this morning: USA For Africa – We are the World by Michael Jackson and Friends.

    Peace Hney
    My heartfelt regards this morning!
    Put aside any little apprehension you may have against Cummings and let’s join hands with him to making Liberia a better place for Liberians and the world at large.

  31. Peace brother Dolo,
    It’s a sincere pleasure to hear that your are well. You also listened to the songs that were dedicated to you, bravo! Guess what happened? A young guy who was urged to download the songs, did so, but with mixed emotions. According to him, one of the songs he downloaded is “old time music”. In a way, he’s right! But my retort, (although I completely understand where he comes from) is that contemporary music of today is filled with violence, vulgarity, etc. You just can’t listen to the lyrics of most songs today without hearing a foul language. On the flip side, I hope some readers (they will not admit it) listened as well.

    Yeah. You and I have a commonality of interest. We both believe that our country is developing at a snail’s pace. Also, the country is plagued with extreme poverty and corruption. We certainly have a moral obligation to work and chart a positive course of action based on mutual respect. Sadly, there is a divergence……the Cummings factor is a set back or a no brainier or both!

    Here in America, Trump is the president. Trump is a Republican. I am a registered Independent. Then you’ve got the Democrats. So although I as well as most Democrats do not support Trump up to 99%, we maintain our sanity and work with him philosophically. In Liberia, Cummings is not the president, but a presidential aspirant. I will “never” support Cummings, the-hungry-for-power-presidential-aspirant. Take my word to the bank! Brother Dolo, in my lexicon, the word “no” means no!

    You did say that there were times when our relationship/correspondence became tense. You’re right! The reason we both became agitated is that you tried (as you have begun to do) to push Cummings through my gazook! So if you go that route once again, things will quickly fall apart. From my perspective, we can do the very best we can to lift Liberia out it’s doldrums. But we don’t need to sit in the church with Cummings in order to get constructive things done in Liberia.

    Another week has begun. Hope you are having fun with your friends and family.

    As always, peace!

  32. I heard that Uncle Hney, you gossiping about me and here I am thinking that I am one your favorite nephews, if not the favorite. My feelings are hurt. I will stay in my room and cry for a week.

    The generation gap is there, no denying that but the beauty here is that there is so much that bind us together. I have watched you write and sometimes most of what you write I am in agreement with. Slowly but surely, my family became a part of our exchanges and they became drawn to you up to a point where you and Moses,Sr. have agreed to team up against Uncle Dolo and give him a resounding defeat.

    I watched the exchanges between you and Uncle Dolo, sometimes heated, but always cordial and I took a great lesson from there; that you can disagree with a person but still be civil.

    Watching you two go at it, I am always reminded of the French Philosopher, Voltaire, who said; “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it”

    You both will defend the other’s right to say what he has to say. Civility to the highest.

    Apologize to me, Uncle Hney. I know you wont because you will justify what you said. I le my own with God.


  33. Sure JM, I will apologize to you because you feel slighted. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Frankly, it wasn’t meant to be a gossip. I knew you would read what I had written. Please, don’t lock yourself up in the room for a minute, let alone a week agonizing over something like that. As I prepare to go Bomi, I would like to see a young guy in the car with me whose name is Honorable Joe Moses, the younger. Deal? I hope so.

    Hang in there young fella. Enjoy your palm butter today with fresh bush meat in it.

  34. Hi brother hney, this is Moses, Sr. Moses Jr. is arguing with his mother in the back of the house. Moses Sr. will be with you on the trip to Bomi. Jr. wrecked my car in the past so he is never driving my car, at least not this year.

    Thanks for your friendship towards Jr. and my family.

  35. Mr. Moses,
    It’s a great pleasure to hear from you. I have the greatest honor to be able to communicate with you.

    Brother Moses, are you on Messenger? If you are, I will give you my information.

    I am very sorry to hear that your car was wrecked by Jr. Please forgive him. Brother Moses, my son did the same thing to me. The engine of my Toyota blew up because he didn’t service it. On top of that, the police towed my car to a police pound and charged me the towing fee….$175.00!

    I sincerely hope that you and your family are doing extremely well. I would have come before May, but two of my brothers are trying to bug me for tickets. So when further adjustments are made, I will inform you in earnest. Please let me know if you are on Messenger.


  36. Did you punish your son for the damage he did to your Vehicle? Jr. is saying that you did not inflict any punishment on your son and I should therefore follow your noble example and lift his punishment.

    No, Sir, I regret to inform you that I am not on messenger. I just am not into Social network. I could get there if you deem it necessary. Jr. is on Messenger.

    good day, sir.

  37. Brother Moses,
    If jr. is going to ask a question like that, let’s encourage him to go to Authur Grimes law school at the University of Liberia. He certainly wants to become a lawyer and he’ll be good at it.

    Yes, I punished my boy. The issue is that he had his own car. I think he wanted to impress his girlfriend. When he made the request, I could have said no. But, I didn’t. Tell Jr that God punishes his children. Any father can punish his children. But, please be lenient with Joe.

    So I will check with the Messenger search machine. Does Jr. use Joe or Joseph? Or is there an initial?

    I will respond later. I am driving right now.

  38. Mr. Moses,
    I didn’t punished my son in the real sense of the word. What I said was kinda (slang) firm. I told him to go to a car wash facility in order to have his car cleaned in and out. There’re thousands of car wash facilities all over the US. The machines do a pretty good job in terms of washing cars after the required fee has been paid. You sit in your car, windows closed, the gear put in neutral, machine sprays soap all over your car, the car rolls on rails and the wash commences. Once washed, the dryer blows water off your car and that’s it. But, it is a genius idea to use a dried cloth and wipe the water off your car after you have pulled out of the car wash room. His car didn’t look too good inside, so he decided to use his dad’s car in order to impress his girlfriend.

    Mr. Moses, I didn’t impress my dad like that. In fact, I was ashamed to even showcase my ID or main squeeze (girlfriend) to him. These days, especially in America, it is different. Sometimes when we go out to eat at IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) with their girlfriends, guess who picks up the the tab? Me. When a guy takes his ID out, he should pay, right? My boys were born here in the states. They think differently.

    For Jr.
    Drive carefully. Don’t be distracted by anyone. Look out for pedestrians, no one else. Be cool. It will be okay. But, don’t mess up next time. Okay?

    Haha, I think my book will sell well. I can feel it.

    As always, peace. 🤪


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