Pres. Weah Promises Regular Inspection of Pro-Poor Projects

Pres. Weah inspects the ongoing road work in the Doe Community.

President George Weah on Monday, October 15, shoved his way through a jubilant crowd welcoming him to the Battery Factory community where he had gone to assess conditions of the road situation in the area, also known as the Plank Field Community, according to an Executive Mansion release.

Throngs of excited residents, including children, women and youth, abandoned their regular chores to greet and welcome the President.

“Our Papay is here; thank you Mr. President for coming into our community,” the residents chanted as they made their way behind the President, walking a few miles deep into muddy path towards the nearby swamp.

“We are glad to have you today,” the residents added.

The President was in the community to assess the road as his government targets 45 feeder roads for construction and pavement. The President said he was under obligation to build the road so as to give residents easy access to the main road.

“By November 2018, we want to start this road,” Weah declared to a round of applause, while waving to residents who were shouting his name jubilantly.

“As you can see, the road is very bad; the place is muddy and unhealthy,” President Weah said.

Therefore, he said it is his government’s responsibility to ensure that residents have good roads.

He assured residents of the community that the government was determined to fulfill its road construction promise.

Earlier, the President visited Samuel K. Doe Community, carrying out a firsthand assessment on the ongoing project, which began few months ago.

Enveloped by a crowd of residents and passersby, he said, “We just came here to inspect the work on this road. You know, we don’t want to give contract to people who will lay back and do nothing. Our additional task is to ensure that every project is done and on time.”

The President said once his government has expended money on behalf of the Liberian people for the execution of Pro-poor projects, “I have to make sure it is done properly and on time.”

President Weah promised to always be on his feet to conduct a sporadic inspection of the road projects that the government is undertaking.


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