Pres. Weah Makes Appointments In Local Government

President George Manneh Weah

President George Weah has made appointments to the local government administrations of Lofa, Grand Cape Mount and Grand Kru counties, an Executive Mansion release said.

The appointed officials, according to the release, include Thomas M. Bundoor -District Commissioner/Waum Administrative District, P. Hallie Bundoo -Township Commissioner/Solrlormba Township, Waum Administrative District, William T. Banquando -District Inspector, Waum Administrative District, Alfred Tamba Kollie -District Commissioner, Tengia Administrative District, John K. Saa -District Inspector, Tengia Administrative District (all in Lofa County.

Others are (Grand Cape Mount County): Varney A. Sheriff -Assistant Superintendent/Fiscal Affairs, Augustine F. Konneh -Relieving Commissioner, and in (Grand Kru County): Nathaniel C. Weah -Superintendent/ Forpoh Statutory District.

“These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Senate where applicable,” the release said.


  1. Where did President Weah find the money all of a sudden to support all of these appointments when protests and demonstrations are occurring everyday because teachers and government employees are not being paid? And by the way, what is the rational behind the appointments?

    I ask these questions against the backdrop of the fiscal and monetary constraints the government says it is facing at this time, and the need to cut unnecessary spending.

    These appointments do not fall short of gimmickry as Liberians have observed the 2020 elections are around the corner, and the government has begun to ramp up again its dubious tactics of bloating the national budget around election times by buying voters over to its CDC camp under the guise of recruiting people to serve in critical functions.

    One intriguing factor in this scenario is, in the midst of the president’s deepening economic crisis, his domestic agenda has been heavily focused on using his state security forces to crack down on dissent; thus, creating an environment of fear, terror, and driving critical investors away.

    A good way out of the nightmare could be the president staying within the IMF policy prescriptions and stopping the unnecessary spending.

  2. He appointed these people so that they can create havoc on the already dying and impoverished people. They will support their lifestyles through constant harassment.


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