Pres. Weah Kicks Off Independence Celebrations at Golden Image Awards

President Weah: "All Liberians should focus on national unity and peace."

Ahead of Liberia’s 172nd Independence Day celebrations, President George Weah has been drumming up national support for reconciliation, peace and unity, an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, President Weah spoke at the program marking the 9th edition of the Golden Image Award (GIA), where he called on Liberians to stand together and undertake responsibilities that ensure a prosperous future for the country.

He said no nation has a brighter future without peace and harmony.

The Golden Image Award, created by Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP), a local organization, is to recognize, adore and encourage the extraordinary works of “extraordinary people” towards national renewal and peace.

Its 9th edition was held at the Monrovia City Hall on Thursday, July 18, 2019, as a precursor to this year’s July 26 Independence celebration under the theme, Together we are Stronger.”

President Weah added, “I want to encourage all of us to renew our commitment, and our patriotic duty; we must continue to undertake those responsibilities that will ensure a prosperous future for our country.”

He said broadening the national vision is to build a strong and peaceful nation where the citizens continue to dialogue and treat each other as one people.

The President used the occasion to recognize, and pay homage to citizens who distinguish themselves by striving to nurture the country’s cultural heritage through artistic creativity.

“You give us hope for a better Liberia, and we salute you all,” the President told his audience, particularly the honorees.

He told recipients of this year’s Golden Image Awards that Liberia is proud of them, further admonishing them to continue on the positive path they have taken.

President Weah hailed the monumental endeavors of the LCP, organizer of the GIA, in promoting cultural values as well as peace and unity across the country.

The President stated: “Through the GIA, you have initiated an important milestone in promoting Liberia’s peace through culture and arts, which continue to promote Liberia’s peace. You continue to inspire an entire generation, and bring pride to our country; on behalf of my government, I will like to thank you for this.”

In a related development, President Weah also commented on the passing of the Domestic Violence Bill by the House of Representatives and expressed the hope that, when finally legislated, the Law will, in the long run, help to enhance women’s political participation and also increase their seats from nine (at present) in the 54th Legislature to 15.

The GIA award’s night, brought together several Liberians, who received awards in different categories, including human rights, development, peace, education and humanity, while a monument of President Weah was unveiled.

Many Liberians and foreign nationals have won the GIA since its inception in 2011 in honor of individuals who make enormous life-changing contributions to their societies as well as humanity.


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