Pres. Weah Issues Proclamation for Tubman Holiday

National unification was one of the greatest achievements of the late President William V. S. Tubman (pictured).

President George Weah has by Proclamation declared Friday, November 29, 2019 a national holiday marking the 124th birth anniversary of  former President William V.S. Tubman, the 18TH President of Liberia.

The day, is to be observed throughout the Republic as a national holiday.

The Proclamation further ordered and directed all government ministries and agencies, business houses, as well as market places closed during the observance of the day from six O’clock ante meridian to six O’clock post meridian.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, activities marking the observance of the day are in recognition of President Tubman’s productive and meaningful services to Liberia, including his integration policy, the granting of suffrage to Liberian women, open door policy, as well as many other socioeconomic developments, particularly highlighting his contributions to the emancipation of African colonial territories into statehood.

The observance of the day is in recognition of the numerous contributions, and profound changes and lasting accomplishments made by former President Tubman during his administration for which the citizens of Liberia expressed their deep appreciation, and approval for his outstanding, noble and remarkable leadership, through a petition that requested the Legislature to enact a law in honor of his birth for posterity.

At its 3rd Session, the 42nd Legislature enacted a legislation declaring November 29 of each year, as the Birth Anniversary of President William V.S. Tubman (Late) to be celebrated as a national holiday in keeping with the will of the Liberian people.


  1. Some of these nonsensical holidays should be scrapped out of the calendar. Tubman’s birthday, Tolbert’s birthday, Doe’s birthday, and maybe very soon we will have Weah’s birthday celebrated as a public holiday. There is much work to be done! These people have been dead for many years. Why will you take precious production days to waste on stupidity? The country is undergoing an excruciating reality, can’t you see that?

  2. Don´t you know we need to enact a law making us to celebrate Charles Taylor´s birthday, since he is the only President who won the highest amount of votes (75%) in the country´s history of multi-democratic free and fair elections?

    Oh, I forgot to metntion that the USA, with their grand plan for Liberia to get on its knees, instructed President Doe to have a recount of the 1985 presidential votes, and claim winning (10) of the then thirteen (13) counties, since a non-recount would have eventually placed the country into the hands of the remnants of the TWP after they had assasinated Jackson F. Doe who would have won a non-recount vote results.!

    The only President who came close to Taylor is President Weah with over 60% winning eleven (11) of the Fifteen (15) counties..

  3. Tubman, a symbolic Cold War Autocratic Dictator, who kept Liberia at base of the cue of third world under developed nations! He was referred to as “ the old man” by Liberians. Fear of any reprisal from anyone, Tubman kept a tight lid and iron grip on the nation. His reign was the best economic time Liberia had and will ever experience for a long period of time. But regrettably, the less development the country ever achieved. Tubman will rule the nation for 27 years with a population of 2.5 million at the time. Five iron ore companies and world largest rubber processing plantation. An annual GDP of over 150 million and per capita income of $1120.00, for the 50s and 60s for every Liberian. Were everyone enjoying this massive economic growth ? No equipped high institutions of learning, few high schools, few paved roads etc.

    Such an individual birthday should be scraped off. Let’s use his birthday to develop a science fair day for all schools in Liberia. This will perhaps, makeup for those lost years that the country went through. Development in science and technology, will push Liberia forward.

    Just my opinion.

    Mamadu Bah (N P) Nurse Practitioner
    Meridian Health.

  4. Jesus! I am so sorry to invoke the Holy name of Jesus in this area of public opinion. I did so reluctantly. I hope that all the good and skeptical readers of my comments will understand that I am a good guy, contrary to what the illiberal dreamers say about me.

    For the first time in a while, I will hold my face in the air and say this……there are too many holidays in Liberia! I have argued in the past about consolidating presidential holidays into one. The Americans have a day set aside for all presidents. We can do a similar thing in Liberia. So instead of celebrating each president’s birthday from JJ Roberts down to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, we need just one day to be celebrated for all presidents.

    Maybe, they are learning from us.

  5. Liberia is a nation of fools with false projection as intellects on the silver screen of darkness.We are the only people in the World who go to school to learn how to create problems rather than finding solutions to solve them. Put your so-called education to work and create solutions to Liberia’s problems.

  6. It is time consuming and a waste of resources to celebrate each and every president birthday as a national holiday; and, as such, the month and the date of March 15 can be used as President Day(national holiday to honor all presidents).

  7. Fellow Liberians why can’t we live an exemplary live instead of wasting our time talking things that are of no importance. We Liberians shift blames on others too much. Why? We are the cause of our problems.

  8. Under Tubman’s watch, Liberia’s Executive Mansion alone, consumed in excess of 25% of Liberia’s fiscal “BUDGET”. Much MONEY💰 was wasted on extravagancies. No reason(s) to celebrate. Let there just be Presidents’ Day. Even J.J.Roberts does not deserve a birthday celebration. Under Roberts, only Liberians of settlers descend were considered citizens of Liberia. I don’t blame The People of Nimba, Liberia; for refusing to honor J.J.Roberts’ birthday. It’s a total waste to Liberia’s Economy. Wasted Productivities! Liberia can/should do BETTER.

  9. Further, I don’t believe Boatswain aka Sao Boso a notorious slaves trader, should have any of Liberia’s Public Schools named in his(Boatswain) honor. Remember! Boatswain’s words to Liberia’s settler elements: “If these people(Native Liberians) oblige me to come and conquer them(natives), I shall do it, by cutting off their(natives) “HEADS”… Ironically, Boatswain High is attended by the children of native Liberians. That school should instead, be named for King Long Peter.


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