‘Pres. Weah Is Knowledgeable About NHA’s US$400K ‘Bribe’

Suspended NHA MD, Duannah Siryon and DMD for Administration, Tugbeh C. Tugbeh and other defendants have been acquitted of all charges in the alleged bribery case.

-Defense first witness claims

The ongoing National Housing Authority (NHA) bribery scandal over the awarding of the 50,000 housing units contract to a company from Burkina Faso, GELPAZ-IMMO, on Thursday, October 25, 2019, took a dramatic twist when the defense’s first witness claimed that President George Weah was aware of the deal.

Isaac Roberts, NHA Deputy Director for Technical Services, claimed that President Weah is said to be in the know of the alleged US$400,000 that the company gave to Ambassador Augustine Weah under the pretext of offering the contract to him.

The US$400,000, according to Roberts, was transferred to Liberia by Ambassador Weah. Roberts did not mention any relationship of Ambassador Weah to President Weah during his testimony.

Roberts, who testified at Criminal Court ‘C’, alleged that when his boss, the former NHA managing director Duannah Siryon, talked about the US$400,000, and it reached President Weah, “the President knew about the money and Amb. Weah was approached, thus making him angry with Siryon, but Amb. Weah said clearly to us that he came to disgrace Siryon.”

Roberts also claimed that Amb. Weah informed them that he was going to make sure that Siryon was fired from the position, “And his Plan worked when the President dismissed Siryon, Tugbeh and me.”

Siryon, Tugbeh, Roberts and Amb. Augustine Weah, believed to be the chief executive officer of Guss Group of Companies, were indicted on multiple crimes that ranged from theft of property, economic sabotage, bribery, criminal conspiracy and criminal solicitation for allegedly extorting US$92,000 from a man identified as Emmanuel Tapsoba, former coordinator for a Burkinabe company, called GHLPAZ-IMMO.

The company has been in the country to construct over 50,000 housing units along the Roberts International Airport (RIA)/Monrovia Highway.

When he also appeared on Friday, October 25, 2019 as the defense second witness, Tugbeh supported Roberts’ accusation that US$400,000 was collected by Amb. Weah from executives of GHLPAZ-IMMO.

Tugbeh, like Roberts, clarified that he received the information about the US$400,000 being issued to Amb. Weah, from Siryon.

“I was informed by Siryon that Amb. Weah, when he was in Burkina Faso, was given the US$400,000,” Tugbeh alleged. Surprisingly he did not mention the purpose for which the money was given to him.

According to Tugbeh, when he asked Siryon about his source, Siryon informed him that it was a Burkinabe, named Benao Bazonon, widely known as BAZ that gave him the information.”

Prosecution claimed that to consummate the deal, GELPAZ-IMMO‘s project general coordinator, Emmanuel Tapsoba, presented the amount of US$80,000 to Siryon at the Royal Grand Hotel for purpose to liaise with other purported government officials of which Siryon allegedly concealed US$60,000 and later gave US$20,000 to Amb. Weah for distribution among Siryon’s two deputies, Tugbeh and Roberts.

It was during the unequal distribution of the US$80,000 bribe money that confusion, ensured among Siryon, Roberts, Tugbeh and Ambassador Weah, leading to the exposure of the scheme, the prosecution said.

In his response to that allegation, Tugbeh openly informed the court, saying: “I did not know about any confusion that ensured among us and Amb. Weah regarding unequal distribution of the US$80,000 that was allegedly given to Siryon on September 16, 2018.”

“I have absolutely no knowledge of my boss, Siryon receipt of US$80,000 at the Royal Grand Hotel, neither was I present when Amb. Weah gave Siryon US$20,000 in his office,” Tugbeh claimed.


  1. Isaac Roberts, do you think by saying ” a President knew or knows about the criminal offence committed by you and your colleague or boss,” such EMPTY DEFENSE UNSUPPORTED BY THE REQUIRED ADEQUATE OR SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE can ever incriminate whichever authority (whether a president prime minister or otherwise) and exonerate you and your accomplices or partners in crime against the government and state??

    If such judgement of yours is how criminal prosecutions are conducted, then no such culprits as you and your accomplices would ever be found guilty. You Isaac Roberts, Tugbeh, and Siryon, are simply greedy and have no principles.

  2. The question is no longer whether Weah lacks integrity, is bribable, or is criminally culpable for the many impeachable offenses that he has committed since he took office.

    The question is how to summon the political will to prosecute this monstrosity of a president that our poor people have brought on themselves.

  3. The only good news is CORRUPTION IN ANY FORM OR SHAPE IS NOT A CRIME AT ALL IN SWEET LIBERIA, AND THAT IS WHY WE CALLED LIBERIA SWEET LIBERIA. So there is no need to worry about who knows or who knew about this case.. Every corruption case is automatically dead upon arrival in any court in Liberia. Those of you who keep causing lot of noise about every news that pop up about corruptions in Liberia, seems to me you guys are living in UTOPIA while the guys who are doing the actual eating in Liberia, they are also living like fools in PARADISE.. (WATCH)

  4. Patrick Samolu,

    President Weah is a man of integrity! KROS the USA, the Secretary General of the UN and ECOWAS have proven this. This high moral and principled standing of his have long been made for the whole world to see by virtue of him rising from a poor man to one of the richest men in African and world history ABSOLUTELY from his talent as a soccer star. He founded the most populous political party and coalition from the sweat of his brow.

    • Do you think Weah is the only man that was ever poor? Many people had nothing and have come up to be great leaders. Obama had no father but he became a great leader. Weah is a thief, a womanizer who has no respect for his wife or women, a crook who builds 42 houses wth our money. Your will suffer in that country. But Kpaku you strong so stay inside.

    • I guess you could say the same of O. Jay Simpson, Bill Cosby and other rich entertainers, including many athletes noted for brutalizing, raping or mauling their loved ones to death, since money is the yardstick for “honesty” and “integrity” in your little pinheaded world. Such crass stupidity in the name of sycophancy, or could it be tribalism on steroid? “Honest” or has “integrity,” the fact remains the man is a jackass being used by unscrupulous others while he is clueless about what’s going on around him. What a curse?

  5. why are we surprised at this? Did we really think a footballer who squandered all his wealth and could not manage a business would be anything but a corrupt leader. Sit and sing that Weah is a great leader while Liberia burns to the ground. The man has yet to account for the money given to him as peace ambassador. This man is the greatest disgrace in our nation’s history.


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