Pres. Weah Invites Zambian ‘Prophet’ To Pray for Liberia

Prophet Shepherd M. Mesala of Zambia

…As Ghanaian ‘Prophet’ warns of ‘civil war again in Liberia

President George Weah has invited a ‘man of God’ from Zambia, Prophet Shepherd M. Mesala, to beseech God on behalf of Liberia, the Zambian Observer reported earlier this week.

Since the publication of the story in Zambia, the office of President Weah is yet to make public comment, though the Daily Observer has made series of contacts with Isaac Solo Kelgbeh, including text messages and phone calls, which have not yet received reply.

However, according to the notice availed to Zambian Observer, Prophet Shepherd M. Mesala will pray for the economy of Liberia and will meet delegates from the head of State. “His accuracy in Prophecy, healing and preaching the ‘word of God’ has won him international favors and recognition,” the Zambian news outlet says, adding that “some Zambians see him as an ‘attention seeker’.”

Other countries that invited Prophet Mesala in 2019 alone, the news outlet says, include Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Malawi, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Liberia. He is known for advising politicians, and speaking his mind to the people of Zambia as a voice for the voiceless using his Ministry.

It can be recalled that the Religious Advisor to President Weah, Reverend M. Emmanuel Nimely, also called on all bishops, apostles, prophets, prophetess, pastors, evangelists and Imams, as well as the entire religious community to observe a three-day fast and prayers.

The purpose of this, according to Rev. Nimely, was to intercede for God’s traveling grace and favor upon President Weah and his entourage in acquiring investments, and grants for the nation, as well as to strengthen bilateral relationships with other nations.

He backs his calls with Psalm 18:44-45, which says: “As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves to me, the strangers shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places.”

Rev. Nimely also calls on all churches across Liberia to hold a thanksgiving service, gratifying the Almighty God for gains made by the Liberian delegation in China.

“The fast and prayer are also intended for God’s mercy to foster Unity and Reconciliation among the Liberian people and cleanse the land from divisiveness,” he said.

Additionally, Rev. Nimely calls on all Christians to hold an all-night tarry on every last Friday in the month to intercede for God’s mercy on the Government and people of Liberia as well as the Lord’s intervention on the infrastructural and economic drives of the nation.

Ghana Prophet 

While the Liberians and the Government anticipate ‘Prophet Mesala’s turn to lead intercession for Liberia, a prophet from Ghana has warned that all should pray for Liberia, otherwise, a long and dark future for the country awaits.

His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran, a prophet from Ghana.

In his Facebook post on Sunday, October 20, 2019, His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran of Ghana, declared that the whole world should pray for Liberia country, prophesying that “June 2020, the Government of Liberia will shake, and the whole country will shake, Anti – George Weah people will protest against the government, the security personnel will fire live bullets at protesters, and civil war will begin again in Liberia. This time, it will take 15 years for Liberians to cease fire and have peace again.” 

He closed his prophecy with a rather striking parable:

“H. E. George Weah, a man who eats palm nuts food, whiles wearing a white dress, does not have a meeting with his in-laws after eating. Don’t forget a white dress and a palm nut food are enemies. “[thus] saith the Lord” prophecy by Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran,” he said.


  1. George Weah can bring in the most anointed man of God on planet Earth, if he doesn’t deliver on what he has long been fighting for (rule Liberia at all cost even without a vision or technical know-how), the people are going to epress their frustration and vent their anger on him. Such attitude may go out of control, knowing the recent past of Liberia.

    Leave the prophets alone Pres. Weah, improve the living conditions of the people!

  2. There are men of God here praying for this nation so not sure we need any foreign prophet. Our problem is, for God to do the supernatural, we need to do the natural. Mr. President has to make sound fiscal decisions, uphold the rule of law impartially, replace government officials who not performing and separate friendship from leadership principles. Do the the possible and God will do the impossible.

  3. I see why Liberia is desperately poor and poverty striken. I see why instead of feeling our citizens through going to farms by embarking on agriculture, we are fasting for manner to come from heaven. I see now. When Liberian government fails to critically think but believe spirituality will solve economic problems…. What a shameful leaders we have who are doing everything possible to make Liberians lives miserable….

  4. Yes, praying is good but not without plan and hard work. We plan not to fail , you can not manage what you do not plan. Yes, there is God, but if you think that he will come from the heavens and pour prosperity over your failing nation, is the most absolute / extreme / remote thoughts. It does not happen this way. If you suppress, corrupt and cheat on your population and think God in his great wisdom will forgive you for these sins, is a joke. Start planning, holding people accountable for crimes, investing in your Human Resources, provide justice and follow the constitution, then after all these, you can now turn to God for his help. By these he will have favor upon you and your nation. I see this as a waste of financial resources bringing in a spiritual celebrity to pray for economic prosperity. Please use this money to enhance the life of your people. Hospitals are emptied, teachers are not paid, ministries are out of office supplies, folks are walking and dropping in the streets from hunger right in front of you and you want to spend millions on a spiritual celerity to come pray for what? Take for example folks in Asia, America, China and other developed nations, pray less but plan and work harder. So you see prayer along does not cut it. So take this formula moving forward: Planing+ Managing properly + hard work = Prosperity and maybe you can add prayer.God has over a billion people to attend to, so he is very busy with the sincere, honest and hard working folks first.

  5. The laughing is coming from the IMF who cannot believe that our president is so foolish as to spend more money to make the situation worse. Mr. President, you can call Jesus himself and it will not solve the problem. As long as you keep the same know nothing people around you like Tweah, Kojee and McGill, Liberia is finish. You do not understand that a country needs qualified people. Your CDC people will not save you. You can fast, go naked, put on sackcloth and ashes and Liberia will still go down.

  6. What man proposes, GOD has always disposed. Prophecy is good to be listened to, I respect the man of GOD who made said prophecy about war, the same GOD that reveals, redeems. Now that he has said it, the revelation will be made to about that which is to happen. What I am certain about is that, the Weah’s administration is instituted by GOD and only GOD bring war to us. The invitation extended by our President indicates his godly nature and his fear for God to lead with sincerity and honesty; so that was good of him.

  7. The Jamaican singer Max Romeo in one of his classic songs puts it even better. Stealing, Stealing, Stealing, Stealing in the name of the Lord : CD, WAR INA BABYLON . What a coincidence of that song and the CD ? Could Liberia be the BABYLON that the Prophets are talking about and its doomsday ? But Bob Marley the revolutionary Jamaican singer said to Liberians: Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights , Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight. Preacher Man Them Say Heaven is Above The Sky. Now You Know They Lie. Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights. Don’t Give Up The Fight. The Jamaican wife of the President knows the deep meaning of both these Jamaicans Revolutionaries Songs. Why is she so quiet ? Or her husband wouldn’t just listen to her ? Or are they in it together ? What ever it is, It Is ON People . Don’t Give Up The Fight , Don’t Give Up The Fight.

  8. Moses,
    Your piece is most intriguing! Are you sure if the sackcloths and ashes are covered up with people’s heads, God the Almighty will not change Liberia? When the reluctant missionary Jonah finally delivered his message to the King, the King mandated that domesticated animals as well as humans were forced to fast and covered up with sackcloths. It worked. Because of their obedience to God Almighty, the punishment which God threatened, was withdrawn. Don’t you think that could happen in Liberia?

    • The people were willing to repent. Are Liberians and this corrupt government willing and ready to do what is right? Thought GMW said he was also a pastor. LOL. Liberia is a shame and disgrace to the rest of the world yah.

      • Africa is never a serious continent,we sit down do ourselves then we call the so call men of God to do more harm to the non existing countries
        They are all fake pastors non of know what really the bible tells them

  9. Are there no elders in the land (Liberia)? If and only if Liberia needs prayers, where are the pastors and elders of Liberia? Why is the President sending for a celebrity pastor from another land to offer prayers for the nation (Assuming what I am reading here is true)? The Bible says “if my people who are called by my name shall turn from their wicked ways, repent and seek my diligently seek my face, I God will hear their prayers and heal the land “.

  10. OMG the president himself have to cry to God to help him how to lead his people not to invite others pastor to pray so in the entire country no pastors there to pray for the country?what’s a mess God bless mama and deliver your people.

  11. Just a shame on the president, due to what he does know about his own country mama Liberia that’s why he want to invite a man of GOD from other country, if he knew the powerful man of God we have here, the respect should have been given to them but he disregarded and disrespected those man and choose to do his own thing he will get to know for himself or he will see it through vision…


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