Pres. Weah: ‘Insult the President and Be Dealt With’

Pres. Weah said he is leaving the country for official visits to Nigeria and Gabon.

President George Weah appeared a bit peeved by the vicissitudes of “free speech” as enshrined in Article 15 of the Liberian Constitution, when he warned Liberians, particularly those who he claimed were in the constant habit of insulting him, to desist or else they will face the consequences of the law.

Article 15(a) of the Liberian Constitution states:”Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being responsible for the abuse thereof. This right shall not be curtailed, restricted or enjoined by government, save during an emergency declared in accordance with this Constitution. The (b) part says: “The right encompasses the right to hold opinions without interference and the right to knowledge. It includes freedom of speech and of the press, academic freedom to receive and impart knowledge and information and the right to libraries to make such knowledge available. It includes non-interference with the use of the mail, telephone and telegraph. It likewise includes the right to remain silent, etc.

With this on the books, the President said his government will not tolerate lawlessness and insulting words from people anymore.

“If you think you can insult this President and walk in the street freely, it will not happen. And I defy you,” Weah said while his supporters applaud him.

He made the statement on Thursday, June 6, 2019, during the dedication of the newly constructed Duport Road Market in Paynesville. The market, according to insiders, was constructed to the tune of US$20,044, thus contributing to the economic empowerment and growth to “Liberian marketers.”

Interior of the newly built Duport Road Market

The market project was personally financed by President Weah as a gift to the marketers, especially the women. The market contains about 350 tables, storerooms, bathrooms, and parking lots.

“If you have your views, you can express them, but any expression that will contain insult that citizens issue against me, we will deal with such person(s) under the law. It can be whoever,” the President said, without calling anyone by name.

“So, I advise all citizens to be cautious; you have your freedom of speech, and that goes with responsibility. I am the one of the persons that signed the law of the freedom of speech. If you have your grievances, you can do it in an honorable way, but not to the contrary,” he warned.

Having cleared his chest, President Weah then stressed the important role market women have played in the development of the society.

“Market women have the ability to change the society, and should therefore be supported,” Weah added.

Without further question, anyone would think the President’s statement is against the backdrop of the many taunting remarks, especially on social media. Some of the vulgar language are sometimes directed at the president and or some members of his cabinet.

Shortly before cutting the ribbon to the structure, the president promised to continue giving facelifts to all local communities, noting that all Liberians deserve better.

Weah said his focus and interest to build Liberia remain unchanged, despite current challenges facing the nation and its people, “because my desire to develop the lives of marketers is a promised I made to my late mother to serve my people and develop the nation.”

He has meanwhile disclosed plans to construct the Duala and Old Road markets anytime soon.

Paynesville City Mayor E. Pam Belcher-Taylor, lauded President Weah for the construction of the market and on the marketers to keep the facility clean.

Meanwhile, the marketers have extolled President Weah for the new facility, describing him as a “talk and do President.”


  1. Childish talk! Do you remember how your people used to dripped red Kool-Aid on oversized panties when protesting in Liberia during Ellen Sirleaf’s government time? How about the caskets that you and your friends use to parade on the streets of Monrovia? Don’t try it, Mr. President!

    • I strongly believe that freedom of speech goes with responsibility, expressing your regrets about the governance processes of our country don’t requires you to insult the President, remember he is the president, or are we not capable to express or give our opinions on issues withowithout insulting the President.

    • Freedom of speech come with responsibility as enshrined in the constitution. Objectively criticizing is different from just get on the radio and begin to insults. You can differ with the president on national issues but not to insult him or any officials of government.Be warn or you face the full weight of the laws.

  2. So our leaders are so small minded that been insulted is something they have to mention. Ay mehn …Liberian people elected this bunch. Something is wrong with us.

  3. The word ” insult ” as being used by the Chosen Son of the soil is vague. And has not been actually defined by the Anointed and Ordained One. To just get up and say one can not insult the Anointed One of the people , is to conclude that the nation understands what the Anointed One is talking about. So the President is inexperienced and incompetent, insult ? The President is talking silliness, insult ? He is a fool for saying what he said . Insult ? The budget signed by the President is f–k up . Insult ? So those who are of the opinion that they actually know what the President is saying come on , and give your opinion. There was this popular saying in that country long ago. Perhaps still be used for influence purposes on those with limited education and knowledge. The President appoints a Superintendent, and in those days, it was a common knowledge that the Superintendent represents the President. And if someone said something wrong about the Superintendent, that person was reminded that he was insulting the President. Or referencing that the President is wrong. Because as a Superintendent, he represents the President. Here , it is not fair for what someone will say about the presidency is insulting. There are political overzealous people who are ready to interpret every thing as insulting to the President. The President himself is limited in vocabulary and education. And this by itself represents a threat to freedom of speech. Let the President explain by example what he considered as insult to him. As to avoid unnecessary confrontation and confusion. Besides if the Anointed and Ordained feels insulted, who is to determine whether that was free speech or actually an insult ? The President alone ? Then that’s spelled trouble for the country as a whole.

  4. This ass called weah is drunk with power. He and his criminal colleagues used to insult the former president and go free. As long as weah is president he will be dealt the same blow he dished out to the former president. Just just asked our people to insult you even more.

  5. Making of a dictator! This fool thinks Liberia is his farm I don’t blame him. He and his ignoramus running around Liberia and globetrotting will soon know who born dog. Idiot!

  6. if you don’t want to be insulted, you and your people should stop the stealing. The more you guys continue to steal and abuse power, the more people are going to insult you.

  7. This president is silly. Has he forgotten all the insults they rained down on former president EJS and those negative things they did. This shit hole president better go find a place to hide himself.

  8. I thank the President is taking his real position as the President of our country, the Presidency is must be respected at all times, if it happened in the past, it does not mean it should continue, I support my President on his stance in protecting the highest office.

  9. Let George Weah know that respect is earned and is reciprocal. As you give respect to others, so you get it in return. Let George tell his supporters to desist from insulting other political leaders. If his supporters go on insulting other leaders, the followers of those other leaders will go on to insult him in return. It is that simple. You get what you serve to others. George must make a public pronouncement dissuading his followers from insulting other people.

  10. Weah is a jackass of a President. The Liberian people are dumb to elect such an idiot. Good, let them feel the pain of their country rogue. “Da book you will eat.”

  11. What the President fail to understand is that respect is earned and not given. So my question to you Mr. President is, what have you done to earn the respect of your people? I won’t hold my breath for a response.

  12. Those who have done nothing in life are not qualified to criticize those who have done little. What goes around, comes around. Just think about that!

  13. Everybody should follow the Constitution; things will go fine. Nobody is above the Constitution. Its the guide for everyone.

  14. People who steal will always run away from been call rouge. people who don’t want to be criticize should not take public office. Weah is insulted because he is the president, if he don’t want to, let him resigned today and see if anyone will insult him. let him ask how many people are insulting Ellen now? I don’t think Weah is a truth Christian. He should denounce his faith now. He is not and will never be Christ. Jesus Christ was never insulted when he was a child living with his parents, nor was he when he was stay the carpenter son until he became to go public. He was welcome my all, rejected later by his own people, insulted, stone, killed. A man who was blameless, what more about Weah or his Ministers or government? who are they that no one can insult? If the president of The USA and other great countries can be insulted for wrong they or their followers do, who is Weah? why will he think he can say this to make people afraid? there are more dark and bad days ahead of Liberians. we need to pray for those days not to come to pass. Weah and Rep. Gray insulted Ellen when she was in power, he did or said nothing to stop Gray and the rest from CDC, what goes around comes around. the insult will increase just watch. the USA president announce no immigrant should come through Mexico, and the Bounder is open, from that day the inflow increase and in a few years before his first term finish, his government will have the highest in America History of immigrants to the USA. I don’t support Illegals but this is a big example that when a government leader try to oppress or suppress vulnerable people because u have power and speak it publicly, it will be creating problem for yourself or government. God didn’t give government or president power to do what weah is saying. Weah problems has not started yet, if he is not careful it will come. the more he as a leader say don’t insult, people will insult you more then before to see what you will do. many including myself and other Liberians will suffer because of his saying. Liberia is not a football field, it is better you don’t talk or you leave public office then to. even on the field, players play to score and not talk or use emotions. I doubt if he really won those titles as the world say he did, maybe they should take the titles back from him, it is possible, just watch it might happen to that extend of those titles removal by many nations if he is not careful. keep quite if you don’t know what to say or do. Pray that the UN and ECOWAS help you until your term that will soon be over, you don’t have to run for presidency again. just stay away from been president or from public office Mr. Weah, president of the Republic of Liberia.

  15. Resigned now if you don’t want to be insulted. you have just told the people to insult you more. this time the insult will be more then another president has been insulted. just watch or listen.


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