Pres. Weah Gives Nimba Chiefs Pickup, Bikes

Some of the chiefs and elders at a meeting held in Gompa City, Nimba County.

Local chiefs and elders in Nimba County can boast of being relieved of transportation constraint been facing them after President George Weah provided them a vehicle and 10 motorbikes on his tour in the county

During the donation, President Weah said it is expected that the vehicle and bikes will help to ease the stress in covering long distances by the chiefs and elders when going for meetings in various parts of the country.

“Looking at the 21st century and expansion, chiefs and elders find it very difficult to walk long distances unlike before, so I can understand. I want to give this special gift to all of our chiefs and elders. You said the motorcyclists can take you for L$350. I hope this can help to reduce the constraints you have been facing,” said President Weah.

Nimba County is the second most populated county in the country after Montserrado with a population of 462, 026 (LISGIS, 2008). The population of the north-eastern county has played a key electoral role in successive elections being held in the country, with the most recent being the 2017 Presidential election that through the politically influential warlord and Senator, Prince Johnson, the county gave President Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) huge votes.

President Weah told the people of Nimba that he will continue to make them proud by extending development initiatives under his Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) in every corner of the county and the country at large to harness the many challenges facing the people.

He said the essence of people electing him as President Liberia is to liberate them from intensive hardship and as such, promised to extend his goodwill gesture to the chiefs and elders in the county.

President Weah assertively promised not to disappoint the people who have imposed confidence in him, saying, “No reason why I ahould deny you of your basic necessities; however, we need to be patient because development is a process that requires time and not an event.”

He also promised to work with the disabled community to provide them help to also feel happy and proud of Liberia. President Weah visited several areas and made interventions, and some of the key areas and activities include the ongoing Gompa City Hall, groundbreaking for a market hall, and a new hospital site in Sanniquellie.


  1. Our dear president said, “…………..however, we need to be patient because development is a process that requires time and not an event.”
    So, you now know it requires time to conduct the feasibility studies of any project, seek the financing, define the schedule of implementation, before embarking on the project?
    Why then, were you so rude and stupid on Ellen? Didn’t you say she was not doing anything? What have you done, as your own project, since you came to power?
    You even nicknamed the woman as “Gulliver Travel”, why haven’t you realized your coastal highway you projected in the first 2 years of your rulership?

    Sadly, the same book people he was against, who he said he did not need to rule Liberia, are the same book people he’s looking up to for help. Why did you tell Senator Prince Johnson to give you qualified Nimbaians? Why couldn’t you tell him to send you any Nimbaians?

    Our chiefs do NOT need bikes, they need vehicles for their safety and security. Do NOT send our chiefs to their early graves, take all your bikes and carry them to Grand Kru. The chiefs in that part of the country need those bikes more than our chiefs in Nimba.

    Are you liberating our people from intensive hardship or inflicting more hardship on them? Since you came to power, show us one thing you have done to relieve our people of their hardship.
    Anyway, you think we are stupid. At the dawn of 2023, you will see the real face of Nimba, Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah!


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