Pres. Weah Gives JFD Hospital 1,500 KVA Transformer

Newly dedicated transformer for the J. F. Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County.

The Chief Administrator of the Jackson F. Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County, says the management is elated by the dedication of a 1500KVA transformer to the hospital with a dental clinic.

The transformer will enable the hospital to have stable electricity from the West Africa Power Pool running from the Ivory Coast through the Loguatuo border in Nimba County to the south-east.

Chief Administrator Abraham F. Jusu said the newly dedicated transformer will not only ensure a stable electricity supply but will improve the overall operations of the hospital that serves the people of Nimba and the entire South East as well as neighboring countries.

“Prior to the provision and subsequent dedication of the transformer, the JFD Hospital had just a 50KVA transformer, which could only light up the staff quarters,” Mr. Jusu said.

He said the rest of the hospital’s facilities survived one generator thus imposing a serious burden on the management. Mr. Jusu said the management of the region’s biggest health facility is delighted over the President’s gesture which has brought relief to the administration and the people.

According to him, running the hospital on a generator had been very cost-intensive for the administration.

“We were spending a huge amount on fuel and that was taking too much from us and not allowing us to do other things,” he said. “The provision and subsequent dedication of the transformer has taken away the huge financial burden from the shoulders of the hospital. We will now be able to allocate resources to other areas.”

He indicated that prior to the dedication of the transformer, the management team headed by him was spending not less than US$1,125 daily on fuel. He further expressed great delight over the dedication of the Dental Clinic at the Tappita hospital by the Liberian chief executive.

“We are pleased that we were able to get the attention of the President to our hospital in the midst of competing priorities. We feel so excited; we feel so blessed,” the JFD chief administrator expressed.

Aside from the dedication of the transformer and the Dental Clinic, Jusu also announced the donation of an ambulance to the hospital, which, according to him, will add further boost to the facility’s operations.

“The government is still making tremendous contributions to the hospital, and I want to applaud our President for that. As I speak, the government provides 95 percent of what we need and this is why we provide the lowest cost in service delivery,” the excited administrator added.

In remarks, Nursing Director Madam Margaret Kear assured Liberians of the provision of quality health delivery to the people of Liberia and its neighbors.

Kear said the hospital backed by several international specialists has been up to the task in seeking the health needs of people through its operations.

“We have international specialists and we have departments that are headed by some of these people. This is why we have and will always provide quality healthcare delivery to our people,” Madam Kear added.

During the dedication, President George M. Weah lauded the management and staff of the JFD for their dedicated services to mankind aimed at saving lives.

“I am so impressed here by the work you do and continue to do in this region. Through your dedicated service, this hospital has come up as one of the best that we have,” he added.


  1. Dear Daily Observer:

    Your headline is misinforming the public.

    Instead of saying “President Weah gives JFD hospital 1,500 KVA transformer”, you really should be saying The Government of Liberia gives JFD hospital 1,500 KVA transformer.

    If Oppong had donated this transformer to JFD hospital before becoming president of Liberia, your headline would have been accurate in promoting Oppong Weah as a person of goodwill. But he never did it when he was a private citizen, not even when he was a senator.

    He now using the Liberian people’s money and you are blindly giving him undeserved credit.

    News Flash… News Flash…!

    President Weah donates transformer to JFD Hospital on behalf of the people of Liberia



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