Pres. Weah Elevates 2 NHA Employees to Officers-in-Charge

NHA Human Resources manager, Tonia D. Johnson, now Officer-in-Charge and C. Raphael During, Sr, Deputy Officer-in-Charge

In the wake of the bribery saga at the National Housing Authority (NHA), President George Weah has elevated two employees to head the entity until further notice from the government, a release said.

The two employees are Madam Tonia D. Johnson, head of the Human Resource, will now lead the NHA as officer-in-charge and her deputy, C. Raphael During respectively.

According to the release, the dual elevated employees will replace former managing director Duannah Siryon and former deputy managing director for administration, Tugbeh C. Tugbeh. Madam Johnson has worked at the NHA for nearly 10 years, and has also worked under several former managing directors, while Mr. During has worked at the NHA for the last one and half years.

It can be recalled that the two former officials are facing charges, among them economic sabotage, and financial solicitation in a recent contract deal with GELPAZ-Liberia that signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NHA to construct 50,000 low cost housing units.

President Weah’s letter to Madam Johnson, dated on December 20, 2018, and signed by Minister of State without Porfolio, Nathaniel F. McGill, said, “in consideration of the current situation at the NHA, the President has instructed that you serve as officer-in-charge, and therefore you assume the tasks and functional responsibilities of the officer thereof, until further notice.”

The letter added, “His Excellency expresses trust in your ability to make a meaningful contribution in your area of responsibility as we strive to move our country forward.”

President Weah’ letter to deputy officer-in-charge, also dated December 20, 2018, to Mr. During, quoted the President as saying, “in consideration of the current situation at the NHA, you have been instructed to serve as deputy officer-in-charge, and therefore, assume the tasks and functional responsibilities of the office thereof, until further notice.

In response, both Madam Johnson and Mr. During expressed appreciation for their preferment, and assured him that they would live up to expectation.



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