Pres. Weah Distressed by Anti-Rape Protesters

President Weah asserted there is still a need to minimize the cost of fuel to enable the LEC provide electricity to the general public at a reasonable cost.

President George Manneh Weah has taken serious exception to the refusal of anti-rape protesters to present their petition to him through the Gender Minister Williametta Saydee-Tarr and Assistant Minister Mamensie Kaba on the first day of the protest.

In an interview with Ledgerhood Rennie, Director-General of the state-owned radio, Liberia Broadcasting System, President Weah said he was disappointed to see the same anti-rape protesters presenting their petition to representatives of the U.S. Ambassador but refusing to present the same to his designated representatives.

“Whether the ambassador was there or not, they didn’t care about it. They gave their petition but refused to deliver the same to their own government, even though I sent a team to receive it from them. It doesn’t make sense to me. Going forward, all Liberians need to know that we are all in a partnership. Be it a politician or not, we are all connected on several fronts,” President Weah said.

On the first day of the anti-rape protest, the protesters refused to hand over their petition to the Ministry of Gender officials, who had been designated by President Weah to receive the petition. They insisted that they wanted to deliver it directly to the President because they did not trust the officials who they claim have been here in the country hearing the increase in rape cases and doing little to address it.

The protest that has gone on for the last three days has received massive turnouts, triggered by several heartbreaking reports about rape from various parts of the country with less being done to prosecute the perpetrators.

Organized by The Affiliation of Women and Child Rights Advocates, the protest came right after reports had unveiled the raping of babies and a man using a razor blade on the private part of a three-year-old girl to rape her.

President Weah, in his first comment about the protest, said while it is good to protest, people have to be honest about their intentions and be civil in what they do when they get out in the streets.

“So, going forward, we will get to know who all are protesting. Where they come from and what they are doing. When we know that, it is easy for them to be guided, I don’t think the police will come in the streets,” President Weah said.

“I just want to remind you that I watched the [protest] live. You could see how many people were insulting the President. Those things are wrong. We are all talking about rape, but why should someone be the insulting authority– it is wrong to do so,” he added.

According to him, while it is the right of citizens to protest, it is also good to know that others who are not part of the protest deserve the same rights to free movement.

“I do not condone Police Brutality–that’s not what I want to see, but the police had to come in to help keep civil liberty. Remember that other people were in sympathy with the anti-rape campaign, but they had to go about doing their jobs. They were prevented at some point and the police had to come in to restore order,” Weah said.

In a statement appearing to support the brutal action of the police, President Weah said his “administration has experienced a series of protests and, in all, the Police did well.”

Nobel laureates support the protest

Two Liberian Nobel Peace Laureates, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Madam Leymah Gbowee have added their voices to the campaign against rape in the country.  Gbowee specifically condemned the joint security for the clampdown on peaceful protesters.

“I woke up this morning to the news that the government of Liberia clamped down on the peaceful protesters marching against the pervasive rape culture in Liberia. This is sick, appalling, and a big shame on the Weah-led administration,” Gbowee wrote on her Facebook account. “To teargas and use violence on a peaceful gathering led by women against a pandemic is unimaginable.”

Like Gbowee, former President Sirleaf, who came out of her residence to support the anti-rape campaigners said given the increasing rape cases in recent times, the protesters have a reason to “protest for their freedom and safety.”

“Rape is a terrible menace that has long contributed to the crumbling of the moral structures of the country. Rape has always been a problem. It was before my administration, it was during my administration and it is still with us today,” Sirleaf said.

Meanwhile, the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) has expressed disappointment in the government of Liberia for deploying members of joint security officers to brutalize peaceful protestors.

FeJAL, in a statement signed by its president Siatta Scott-Johnson, describes the action on the part of the government as a “sad” moment for women and girls in Liberia and also a manifestation of arrogance and intolerance on the part of the government.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Liberia’s biggest cry baby dictator, George Weah. Suck on a pacifier, and stop the crying about my people do not love me anymore, and I George is distressed about it. Cause they can see clearly now, and what you stand for as a mistaken ruler who must be worshiped at all times.

    • James Davis, your continuous encouragement of anarchy will yield nothing fruitful except your demise.

      What was the rationale for petitioning the US Embassy but refusing to accept government representatives?

      Is the US Embassy a defacto government in Liberia? That’s nonsense! The American Embassy in Liberia has continued to be an embodiment of covert maneuverings instigating strive in Liberian body politics. This is nonsense!

      America has more problems now than any other nation in the world and its embassy in Liberia energy should be directed at problem solving of it’s cryonic racism than maneuverings to destabilise a poor country for its selfish motives!

      Liberians will not back down this time!

      What’s a disgrace and a shame to see that old witch Ellen Johnson Sirleaf faking about rape or joining protest when her son Robert became the mastermind of gay-raping innocent boys in broad day in Liberia.
      What’s a disgrace to see such hypocrisy?
      What’s a shameless lesbian character Lemah Gbolee is to talk about rape when she molested nearly all the little girls taking many on foreign trips to sleep with them!

  2. It is absolutely unpatriotic, strange, vain, and lacks both commonsense and conventional wisdom, on the part of the protesters, but especially on the part of the likes of those (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, etc.) who have been recipients of Peace Awards, and actors within domestic and international officialdom to insist on such VAIN, UNREASONABLE, AND HOSTILE, DEMAND to present their petition to no other official and even no Representative from the President but the President himself.

    The truth been told such behavior or disposition on the part of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, etc.and these protesters is beyond vanity, foolishness, rudeness, political stupidity, the nonsensical, hypocrisy, and inferiority complex; especially while the very Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, etc.and their fellow protesters had no problem obsequiously presenting their petition to other representatives receiving the very petition!

    • True Nationalist,

      It was not nonsense on our part nor was it stupidity that drove us to the streets of Monrovia in protest of this heinous crime that has become the rule rather than the exception in this country.

      President Weah has consistently maintained that he abhors rape and will do anything and everything in his powers to curb such and it was on the power of his words that we decided to do what we did. We did not want him to come out and spend an hour or two with us. He could have taken ten or minutes or fifteen minutes off his busy schedule to come down and meet with his subjects and receive our petition. That was all we were asking, nothing more. After all, we put him in that office and he is answerable to us. That action on his part would have lend more credibility to his words.

      I dare say you dont reside here so you may or may not fully grasp the full significance of this issue. The rapists have become so bold to the point that they commit their despicable act n broad daylight. I dont know if you are aware of an incident that took place somewhere in the Unification town area in Margibi County of a gentleman who was caught in the act of molesting a 16 years female in broad daylight. when asked what prompted his action, his reply was that her dress code was too provocative for him and hence his action. Based on his answer, the police decided to release him. The victim’s mother, in her rage and fit of anger, bought a gallon of gasoline and spashed it on the rapist and lit him on fire.

      This is just an example of what will start to happen if this pandemic, (if i can call it such) is not dealt with in a decisive manner

      Let not Ellen and Gbowee’s presence distract us from the real reason why we went to protest.


        • Mr. True Nationalist,

          I dare say i was right in surmising that you do not reside in Liberia, hence, not really well versed with how the crime of rape has seriously gotten out of hand. Perhaps you are only informed of what takes place here on the issues of rape through the accounts of the various news dailies.

          But, Sir, It is much more worse than that. When you have a baby being mutilated just to have the assailant penetrate her, when police officers can gang rape a minor just because she was in their custody for the night, when your next door neighbor can continuously rape his wife’s niece and threaten to put them out of the house if they attempt to go to the police, when an official in government is “god pa” to a young lady at the tender age of fifteen and he sleeps with her almost every night just to give her 5 united states dollars at the end of the night to enable her find food to eat (statutory rape), i could go on an on, but i am sure you get my point. If this does not turn your stomach, then nothing will.

          Another sad thing, true nationalist, is that the police dismiss some of these cases because, in their view, the victim was responsible for the action visited upon her because of the “provocative manner” in which she attired herself and “the man was already drunk”, “why you will go wear that kinda short pants and pass in front of him”? Seriously?

          Sometimes in July, i decided to assist a friend to pursue a rape case. Between the initial complaint and the apprehending of the suspect, we had to spent almost 78 united states dollars, from paperwork to gas money to . to, and to. It was just too much. I am sure 78 dollars is nothing to you, but to us here, thats too much money to spend in a days time, most especially in such a manner.

          Guess what happened at the end of the day? The Suspect had an uncle in government and some maneuvering was done and the suspect was released to the uncle and days later, the suspect was seen in Maryland county where he had gone to seek “medical attention”.

          This is happening all across the nation and it is too much. It was in this light that the people of Liberia decided to ask their President to intervene in his heinous crime. Some politicians tried to use our heartfelt request to their advantage and yet you and others want to blame us for that.

          perhaps you, and maybe some others, will say that it was gross disrespect of our part because we refused to hand over out petition to proxy and we say no disrespect was intended. all we wanted was 15 minutes, maximum, of the President’s time, to hand over our petition. We voted him in office and surely, he could have afforded such time to us. I voted for Weah and hopefully, I will voted for him again, but lets call a spade a spade, he did not do right by the protesters. We are the same people he is expecting us to vote for him come the next presidential elections.

          You, Mr. true Nationalist, strike me as a fiery person and I would not be surprise to see you running with a cutlass or gun in your hand after anyone who would dare to molest a female member of your family. I pray that it never happen to you.

          I hope that I answer your question, Sir.


          • Mr. Joe Boima Moses, The decisions and actions of THE PRESIDENCY of any State are based on fundamentally “two compasses” – INTELLIGENCE AND THE POLITICAL! You may of course be surprised to know that the former (intelligence) takes precedence over the latter (the political), and even determines the latter – the political!

            So, when THE PRESIDENCY has assimilated that there are ulterior motives or some hidden agenda by certain or some elements hiding under the cover of good intentioned protesters or even “people who put the given President in office or voted for the given President” (if we may quote you), THE PRESIDENCY OR THOSE WHO SERVE THE PRESIDENCY shall always put into place the most appropriate measure to honor the teleology (the purpose) or the objective and goal of the issue at hand or the people wanting to present a petition.

            To be perfectly honest, THE PRESIDENCY would have sent the WRONG INDICIA and would have acted extremely irresponsible, if the President himself would have physically presented himself to receive whatever petition by WHICHEVER protesters who have pelted or stoned an incumbent Senator away who have come to join the protesters. A hint to the wise is quite ……?

            Again, within the modus operandi or modus vivendi of government , intelligence takes precedence over the political or even the presidential!

  3. You know, looking at this situation of rape in Liberia, I can surmise that Weah knows the perpetrators and he cannot persecute them.

    Weah is a father; I don’t know if he has a girl child, but I guess he fathers all children.
    Given the gravity of the situation, what could it have cost you, god Weah, to come down on the first day to receive the petition of the protesters? On day 2, you still did not show up, knowing fully well our mothers and sisters wanted to talk to you only, their son for which they sacrificed to get you to where you are. And then day 3, you still did not show up, giving an edge to former president Ellen Johnson to come and make a show of how she’s still considered the president of Liberia. Worst of all, you sent the police to brutalize those women who are already victims of the rape scourge.

    Who advises you, Weah? What is in your brain? Can’t you use your common sense sometimes?

    Beware, you have an appointment with the same mothers, girls and young men this December and in 2023. I hope you will sit in your executive mansion to address them on the radio as you did yesterday to obtain their votes.

    God save Liberia from demons, Amen!

  4. Yes, Petarus Dolo, rapists like Alexander Cummings should be arrested and prosecuted as is reported in this news below.

    Breaking News
    Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia

    A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia. The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

    It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
    “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.

  5. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, I didn’t know that the so-called “country giant” and ” feminist In chief” is thin skinned. Nobody insulted you Mr. “feminist in chief”, the fact is that you hate to be criticized, but if you would just stop watching reruns of your old playing days, or stop playing Ludu all day and try to act like your are the real president of Liberia, you would not be crying all over here that the “protesters were insulting” you. If you feel that you were insulted, maybe it was because you failed again miserably as the so-called “feminist in chief”, because you have been absent when our mothers and sisters, our daughters and young boys have been crying out loud about this pandemic of RAPE in our country. As the president and “feminist in chief” of Liberia, how did you feel when it was reported that a man had used razor blade to widen a 3 year old child’s private part so that he could penetrate and rape her?
    In fact, Mr. “bad road medicine” do you read the local news on a daily basis? If you did you would have first hand knowledge of what is transpiring across the country. Why is it that the only time you get to know most of these happenings is when the people get fed up and get in the streets in a massive protest? And what do you mean by next time you would like to know all of the protesters before hand? have you forgotten that protest is part of democracy; that constitution the you swore to up hold and defend says that the people have the right to peacefully assemble to tell you what ills them. If you feel that the way they voice out their grievances is insulting, then I must say that you have a very thin skin as a leader. Oh, you forgot how the CDC, your party for 12 years protested the Ellen Johnson regime? Don’t you think that Ellen too felt insulted when your party boys carried mock casket in the streets of Ellen? Have you forgot so soon how you and minions heaped insults on the past regime?
    Don’t you think that we as citizens of Liberia feel insulted when our president tells us to “stop complaining about hardships and plant coconut” to live on, or look in our back yards for gold and diamond? You see Mr. President what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.
    You have to start leading this country, instead of letting Nathaniel Falow McGill, and minister Samuel Tweh run the country while you watch reruns of the good old playing days. You refer to yourself as the ‘Feminist in chief”, then behave like the feminist in chief, do not sit down and let our mothers , our daughters , our sisters and some young men cry and you do nothing, you don’t even talk about it.
    What would have really happened had you come down and receive the petition from the women protesters, but you had to designate someone to go and get it and pass it to the Gender minister? But you are too big to go and take a petition from your mothers.
    Let me remind you, Mr. “bad road Medicine” if you don’t start leading this country yourself, the Liberian people will you show who they are on December 8th, cause no matter how many motor bikes, or bags of rice you and your CDC distribute will make the people vote for your party.
    Do you still remember how Robert Sirleaf dished out money in the bi-senatorial election that you won? The Liberian people will take your money, your bags of rice, eat it and vote against you at the ballot box.
    It is time for you to start acting like the real leader of this country, and stop crying about people insulting you, or if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

    Tolo Bonah Corfah

    • Tolo Bonah Corfah, don´t be stupid. You must still be smoking opium in your old-age. Reasoning, intelligence, and security, matter foremost in eventualities as these; especially when protesters go about stoning, insulting, and barring an incumbent senator from exercising their democratic freedom of choice and rights to share their individual solidarity with the protesters.

      Secondly, it seems your opium-smoking in your old-age has resulted into you not realizing that in such protests against the given menace, what matters (or the sine qua non) IS RESULT; AND NOT FORMALITIES OR FANFARE to satisfy the vain egos of hypocritical and selfish politicians pretending to be serious about a menace which the government and the sovereign leader have asserted and demonstrated getting rid off at all costs!

      So, you should just go back and smoke your opium and stop boring people with your trash of an elementary opium-smoking student. You make no sense in all of your poor and silly comments which lack the dictates of the sine qua non of reasoning and composition proper.

  6. Donald Attoh

    Tolo Bonah Corfah

    Thanks for these comments. I do read many of your writings. You’re detailed oriented in the way you present your facts.

    After reading your piece, I turned into a stone just to imagine the effects of the scourge of rape on Liberia’s women.

  7. What is so strange is that everyday hardcore critics of George Weah do not want to be criticized or even disagreed with. Maybe, they are thin-skinned. The hardcore critics of Weah think it’s okay for Weah to be vilified, dehumanized or insulted without according him a small credit of 1%. Unfortunately, in the heads of the critics, “, they are always right, and everyone else is wrong” because their way of thinking is being ignored. What a ludicrous thought?

    Another befuddlement:
    Weah’s critics become extremely irritated or sometimes nasty when one criticizes their bosom buddies. Isn’t it true that “love is in the eyes of the beholder”? Does everybody have to politically support the same politician? In the real world, if all the men of Liberia fall in love with one particular woman, it will be difficult for that woman to get marry. Similarly in political terms, it is highly unlikely for every eligible Liberian voter to support one particular person for an elective office.

    • Trying to be objective, but always putting his foot in his mouth. Asking for 1% credit to be given to George, but at the same time refusing to award the same amount of credit to others potential political leaders of the country. And going on to call upon the political leader of the ANC to admit to being homosexual. If George should be criticized, then someone is not respecting George. But Hney agrees that not everyone can love the same political leader. But seemed to insist that the critics of George should give him 1% credit as he Hney is commonly known for doing . How the Hell does Hney gets his foot in his mouth like this every time ? One reason is Hney lacks objectivity in reasoning. Liberia is a free country for anyone to support or not to support, to disagree or not to disagree. Respect for opinions is what matters.

      • James, James, James
        Greeting brother.
        Cool off a bit on big brother Hney. Agree or disagree with him respectfully.
        He knows he’s on the wrong side of history in Liberia. He sometimes admits it implicitly, just read between his lines.

        Have a great weekend to all!

      • james Davis, James Davis, James Davis,

        I admire your writings a lot and most of what you do write makes lots of sense. Most times you are uncanny in your thoughts.

        but, I have to ask you, to please, please respect my uncle Hney small. you and him both bring out good and opposite points, and that is how it should be, like minds struggling for supremacy in the intellectual arena.

        So, take it easy on my uncle small. I beg you yah.

        thank you, James Davis


  8. By the way, I hope Comrade Hney listened to Trump’s acceptance speech: 10 million jobs in the next 10 months.
    This is an experienced businessman speaking. He knows how to do it, he did it in the past and he will do it again.

    Take our word for it, we can provide 100, 000 jobs to Liberians in the first 100 days of our leadership.
    Did you also read about our cousins and nephews from the sub region tussling over the lush soil of Liberia? These are sensitive issues that should have been addressed long ago by our lawmakers, but they go on Capitol Hill to indulge in foolish partisan politics.
    The land is neglected by the children of Liberia. We are running after the wind in Monrovia whereas the natural resources are left to be fraudulently extracted by foreigners.

    We (ANC) will secure our parents’ land and professionally farm them through the children of Liberia.
    We will ensure landowners have title deeds and accompany them through financial institutions to gainfully exploit our rainforests and mineral reserves. Weah and thugs came to steal from the little revenue generating avenue opened by Ellen, without thinking about adding more.
    Every year voting a budget of about 500 million wherein nearly 55% is used on salary bills. What is he going to use to develop the country now? Then sitting there raping our little children, demons they are!

    Have a nice weekend, big brother Hney!

  9. Why is it that some of you are disrespectful to this Pres. Weah ? Is it due to your respective lack of common sense or you do not think for yourselves? He convened a commission, acquired 4 DNA machines and delegated his Minister for Gender Affairs to receive your petition. So what do you want from him? As he is doing the heavy lifting to address the issue at hand yet, you have chosen to mis-behave in disrespect. He has a right to be upset. Present your petition and go home. Stop politicalizing everything! Due to ignorance you been used as political jackals. Liberians, use your common nonsenses. Did any of your past leaders including Ellen address the rape issue? Did she offer solutions like putting together a commission to address this issue during her 12 yrs? Did she acquire a single DNA machine? Did she work with the legislature to promulgate strong laws? No! Now, here is a President that engaged the Chief Justice, lawmakers, executive branch and civil society to find solutions and acquired four DNA machine to collect evidences. The executive branch has done well in handling the issue at hand. I must also commend the Minister of Gender Affairs. Well done Mr. Present and Team. This problem did not just started, it is systemic and cultural. Shame on you detractors.

  10. Mr. J. M. Moses,
    It’s always a pleasure to read your posted comments. I hope you are in good health. My car’s transmission is gone! So, during the past three days, I have been doing nothing but reading and watching TV. God willing, a transmission will be installed at the end of the day.

    Regarding the comments that I make, I have no regrets. That’s because my way of life is simple. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I am not easily intimidated. Also, I don’t interact with someone or a body of people who resort to the use of polemics. I don’t shout epithets at people that I disagree with. Once I detect that someone has begun the use of “street words”, I immediately veer off in a different direction. My upbringing was strict. I grew up in a home where my dad was a Pentecostal Pastor. I didn’t sip a cup of beer or wine until I graduated from high school. That was done miles away from my strict parents.

    We express our views in the court of public opinion. We the commenters are expected to act and interact intelligently. We all love our country! But we are endowed with different ideas and opinions. It is staggering to observe the unethical behavior of “some people”. Why do “some people” not get it! Irrespective of how anyone may disagree with me, I will not be deterred or intimidated. Never.

    Have a great day.
    Enjoy your dinner.
    Don’t drink and drive.


    • Snr Brother Hney,


      I have been away for 3 weeks celebrating 21 years with my wife Dr. Nelson.
      Like you, I also grew up in a house with strict parents but I don’t have a problem or will never have a problem treating a pig like a pig especially one without a front, back or center.

      I know you are a reserved person but sometimes I enter the pig pan and give it a dose of it’s own meds to push back on those bullies and asses.
      Who the fuck James Davis thinks he is, nobody need to beg him about his crap and bullshit he comes on here with everyday about President Weah and the Kru people but will be the first one to open his dirty mouth about someone is been tribal.

      James Davis, President Weah have done his part. He was man enough to take part in a presidential election and won, what is your fucking contribution to Liberia, please let us know or you just wake up every morning and open your dirty mouth on here is your legacy ?

      I’m going to use any word of my choosing on here and if daily observer block me on the basis of been bias because I’m responding to the constant insults to the President of Liberia and reputable individual/s on here, I will be back in minutes, we live in a world of technology..

      • Uncle Aaron Doe Nelson,

        Greetings and welcome back, sir. I trust you had a wonderful time with your other half and that all is well with the family.

        No, you do not have to get in the gutter to stress you point across. Me, I am sure that Brother James Davis does not mean any harm to Uncle Hney. In fact, if i can tell you a secret, I do think that James Davis admire Uncle Hney so much so that he cannot help but be attracted to him (Hney) . Brother Davis has a good heart.

        Peace to all.

        • My nephew J B Moses,

          I am a firm believer that treat others the way you want to be treated. I have not lost my intellect. I just have absolutely no regards or respect for idiots that continue to use this forum to insult others, including the President of Liberia.

          Joe, I’m not against anyone criticizing the President of Liberia, his government or policies, that is healthy for the Liberian democracy. I’m not against the difference of opinions because we all will DEFINITELY not agree on everything. What I’m against is these idiots coming on here daily to insult others and say they are criticizing.

          I will give you an example. A particular asshole on this forum will equate everything President Weah does to the Kru people as if we came into existence when Weah became President and when they get a push back from some of us, they will go on to say CDCians are rude.

          My Dad served in the National Legislature during the Tolbert government, Me, my siblings and our spouses are well off and educated. Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Educators, US Military Personnels. Social Scientists etc. etc. My middle son is completing his engineering degree and is on his way to fly combat for the US Navy, his sister is in the US Army, Now you know why I use the F- bomb, LOL ….

          Thanks for welcoming back.

  11. My dear brother A. D. Nelson,
    I just got up. And to my surprise, there you are! First and foremost, welcome back from your 21st anniversary vacation. I sincerely hope that you and Dr. Nelson are in good spirits! To be perfectly honest with you, I wondered about you. Trust me. If I had your number, I would have called just to check on you. By His grace, in a short while, somehow, we will connect. Above all, may God bless you and your beloved family.

    I am glad you read some of the dirt that’s being thrown around here. Meaningless, senseless dirt! I don’t get into street or jungle fights. It’s not my style and frankly, I am not a thug. I said before, I do not waddle in the mud with people who talk street talk. I stand by my word! So if there are goons and buffoons out there who think I will join them in their dirty pond, they labor under ignorance.

    This media space has been made possible for educational opinions to be expressed. It’s understandable when disagreements occur. Unfortunately, there are some disgruntled people who don’t get it. Why they don’t get it is a one-thousand pound question. But I will not waste my time to charge their mental battery.

    I am very happy about your safe return. As always, may His grace guide and sustain you and your loving family. His grace is greater than our transgressions! Pretty soon, we will connect.


    • Snr. Brother Hney,

      Thanks for welcoming me back. We had a great time. From your writings and contributions on here, I can safely say I understand what you stand for and have a great deal of respect for you.

      As for me, I’m a red blooded Kru man that will defend any member of my family, kinsmen, tribe, or friend when attack unnecessarily. I can be cordial but will put bitches in their place from time to time.

      These fools come on here and behave like President Weah created the 175 years mess Liberia is in. Blame him for every darn thing because of their selfish political interest and not the wellbeing of Liberians. I’m so sick of them because they don’t even know what they want. Take Weah out today, they will be on here in 30days saying they don’t want his replacement. Bunch of stupid people.

      This Ellen that is out there marching, what was her health ministry budget to fight rape ? what was her budget to the Gender ministry to protect women and children and create awareness about rape and provide phycological, physical and financial help and healing to victims ?

      Bro. Hney, I agree with you that this space was provided by Mr. Best with the intention that intellectual discussions will be the order of the day and we can learn for one another but these sycophants that loss the recent elections in Liberia have decided to use this site as a means to insult NOT criticize the Liberian Presidency and reputable individuals, Not to mention the Faggots and homosexuals Party and Chairman that wants to lead Liberia from 2023 into Sodom and Gomorrah of biblical times.

  12. Joe Boimah Moses,

    why are you wasting your time to answer question from true Nationalist? That man dont live here in Liberia so he dont know what is happening on the ground.

    he and many others here on this site think that president weah should never be criticized at all and as soon as you do, they ready to pounce on you like cat pouncing on rat.

    you get plenty time to waste. continue to answer his unnecessary question. you can never convince him.

  13. Mr. Arthur Kimba,
    Could you name one person who pounces on a critic of Mr. George Weah? I am not asking you to name two or three individuals. Just one.

    Thanks very much for your cooperation.

  14. That is the most simple question someone has asked me in a long long time, Mr. Hney. just one name is the person who styled and calls himself Mr. True Nationalist.

    • Arthur Kimba, so when I debunked the falsehood, concealment of facts, and inaccuracies, of the Daily Observer while educating others on this site how The DAILY OBSERVER was wong and incorrect in its position on the Nwabudke´s/LNBA´S/Supreme Court ISSUE for which you Arthur Kimba resulted in showering thanks and praises upon me, is what you believe is “pouncing on Critics of Pres. Weah”?

      Or is my divergent opinion, and of course opposing view on Editor Stewart´s opinion or Judge Yamie Gbeisay´s ruling on the CBL case what you conceptualize as “”pouncing on Critics of Pres. Weah”? Arthur Kimba , I am too educated and very much informed to have the disposition of most of you around here who are learning from these ignoramus around here calling themselves journalists and lawyers. Just keep this in your head.

      Now, pray tell us where is any issue of President Weah ligated to any of the instances I have cited above . You simply are not capable of appropriately answering the question Mr. Hney have tasked you with, because as made evident here in your response to Mr. Hney, you gullibles in swallowing any and everything these rascals and ignoramus put here, believe that once anyone corrects the wrongs of you people, he or she is “pouncing on you critics of Weah”, despite the fact you so called critics are not qualified to even be called critics.

      • Mr. True Nationalist,

        Mr. Hney asked me a simple question and I gave him a simple answer. Perhaps you need to go back and re-read my answer.

        We all know how very well educated you are. You have said that so many times that we are tired of hearing it. You are the only person that makes sense here, Mr. book man.

        I will not even attempt to answer all of your ramblings here. I will tell you my issue with you, because from day one, this has been my issue with you and it is still my issue with you today.

        I do admire your writings and when you or anyone else write anything here that I admire, I say it, so if you call that heaping praise, so be it.

        When you disagree with a person’s point of view, you tend to get personal and use words like idiot, stupid, ignoramus, etc, simply because you disagree with their views.That is the the crux of my issue with you.

        I don’t work for Daily Observer, nor do I work for the Judiciary, and so I could care less what you think of them. All I am simply saying be civil in your disagreement and dont stoop so low as to “cuss” the person.

        You are old enough to be my father because you once said that your first child is almost 40 something years of age. I am not 40 years yet. So you are suppose to be a role model of us the younger ones here. We want to learn from you.

        So, easy on the swear, Papa.

        • Mr. Arthur Kimba, whenever you see me implying or even expressing been “educated” here or elsewhere, believe me, I am only been HUMOROUS.

          Arthur, did my counter to Mr. Joe Boimah Moses warrant this insult from you below as expressed in your last line hereunder:

          “Mr. true nationalist, aka false nationalist

          Read the joint Statement by the European Delegation and and heads of mission of france, germany, Ireland and sweden and you will know why we protested.

          Stop asking silly questions.” Arthur Kimba

          You see, Arthur, I simply never ever give credence to aggression or violence. That is one key problem with most of you. You insult without any provocation and expect me to “show the other cheek” or ignore your insult.

  15. Comrade Kimba,
    You write like a good guy. I respect that in you!

    Please note well.
    The very people who dennounce Weah on a daily basis are the ones who are thin-skinned. In other words, the hardcore critics of Weah do not believe it’s okay:

    1. To be disagreed with. They think whatever they say about Weah should stand and not be rebutted in any shape or form. Also

    2. Weah’s hardcore critics are very sensitive and because of that, the hardcore critics become vituperative. For instance, it’s an everyday occurrence for Weah to be insulted. But if a supporter of Weah criticizes the CPP, ANC or any adherent of the opposition political parties, fire usually springs up in SOWETO. That’s uncalled for!

    We have to learn how to be respectful of one another.

    There are people who make foolish statements about me. I don’t hate back. But, there are commenters (very good ones) who usually fight my battles.

    It’s okay to be disagreeable. But it is fantastic to be respectful of someone despite the difference.


  16. Mr. Hney,

    When george Weah was senator, some youths, myself included, met him and had a very long conversation with him. he told us to ask him any question we desire and he was asked why is it that he never hit back at his many critics and his answer astounded many of us. His answer was what made me to vote for him.

    Many thinks that he does not know what he is doing. i can assure that it is quite the opposite. From his answer that day, I knew then that he can weather any storm that comes his way. So, the diehards like True nationalist that gets mad when Weah is criticized are wasting their time.

    So, to make long story short, i hear you, Sir

  17. Brother Aaron Doe Nelson,
    If you could look deep down in my heart, you would tell how proud I am of you. All day today, I went back several times to read and re-read your comments. You have flair! It shows in you. For instance, your kids are educated and very ambitious in the right way. That’s because you and your wife are positive role models. The Bible says, “teach your child in the way he should go; when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Your kids see in you positivity. Bravo!

    Your analogy about giving a pig its rightful dose of medicine has made me laugh all day. But you are right. Some of the people who are pulling strings and crying foul are not serious. If Weah is replaced tomorrow, the same crowd will come back and whimper like kids. More importantly, Weah is not the creator of the problems we have in Liberia. But because Weah’s critics are so obsessed with him, they lose their minds and write crap.

    You know as much as I do that Weah is not perfect. As a human being, he can make a few mistakes. But on the whole, Weah is making progress. His critics know this, but because of their obsession with him, they will not give him a half credit.

    I really like your pronouncements on issues as well as those of my other brother Mr. Freedom To Be Blunt! Like you, Blunt can go through the fire and the rough edges of a situation without being afraid of reprisals.

    Let’s fight the battle. I don’t give a hoot about what they say, Liberia will bounce back under Weah.


  18. Look Mr. Hney, THAT IS THE SPIRIT as sung in the Liberian music: Weah build roads, they vex. Weah introduce free education, they vex. He build homes for the people, they haters vex. ECOWAS AND THE UN praise Weah, they vex, Because of Weah, UAE anxiously want to invest and trade in Liberia, they vex!! ANY GOOD HE DOES, THEY VEX!!!

    But then the music goes on: IF THEY VEX, LET THEM BURST! IF THEY VEX, LET THEM BURST!!! IF THEY VEX, LET THEM BURST!!! IF THEY VEX, LET THEM BURST!!! So, you are quite right Mr. Hney, that you “don’t give a hoot about what they say, Liberia will bounce back under Weah”!!!

  19. Yes Sir Comrade Freedom To Be Blunt,
    I totally agree. Weah’s critics are obsessed. Because of that, it’s hard, if not impossible for them to speak truth to power! There’s one spiritual person who can bring peace, truth and tranquility into their lives….. that person whose love is unfilling is Jesus Christ.

    I understand that Liberia is going through difficult times. I am not happy to see high unemployment, bad roads and bridges, the shortage of electrical power all the time, congestion and the issue of textbook shortage for our future leaders.

    This is what galls me most. The critics of Weah would like all of us to blame Weah just because Weah is Weah, because all the problems of Liberia were caused by Weah and because Weah’s critics say Weah is wrong. Shoot! I was born a free man. There’s no one on earth whose dictates I will be forced to bow to. All of Weah’s critics don’t stand a chance to make me do anything! In the face of their adversarial behavior, I will air my opinions. I couldn’t care less.

    Finally, I think one of the ways in which Liberians will be well off is to show respect for oneself and respect for others. In this way, we can work together for a common good despite our differences.

    Hang in there buddy!


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