Pres. Weah Dismisses UL President Weeks

Dr. Ophelia I. Weeks, President, University of Liberia

— Makes additional appointments in gov’t

The administration of the state-run University of Liberia (UL) stood still late last night having heard of the dismissal of its president, Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks. She was the UL’s 14th president, and the second female to lead the institution since it founded in 1951.

President George Manneh Weah has meanwhile named Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson in her stead.

President George Weah has made additional appointments in government affecting ministries, agencies and commissions. The appointments, according to an Executive Mansion release, take immediate effect, though subject to confirmation by the Senate, where applicable.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Edwin Juah, is named as Assistant Minister/European Affairs

Ministry of Internal Affairs: Esiaka Sheriff Assistant Minister for Research, Planning and Development

Ministry of Mines and Energy: George Gontor Deputy Minister/Energy, William T. Thompson II, Assistant Minister for Energy.

Ministry of Agriculture: Dr. George T. Forpoh Jr. Deputy Minister/Regional Development, Research and Extension.

Ministry of National Defense: Tarplah Davies, Deputy Minister for Operations.

Ministry of Post and Telecommunication: Varney Okai, Deputy Minister for Operations.

Ministry of Public Works: Macarthur Hilton, Assistant Minister for Rural Development.

Civil Law Court: Cllr. J Kennedy Peabody, Resident judge Sixth judicial circuit replacing Associate justice Yusif Kaba.

Liberian Embassy in Washington DC: Al Jerome Chede, Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs.

Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission: Cllr. Nbuduis Nwabudike Chairman, Kanio Bai Gbala vice chairperson, Charles Gibson Commissioner.

LIBTELCO/Board: George Howe Member, Chicago Bright Member, Cllr. Alexandra Zoe Member.

Civil Service Agency: Teetee Pailey, Deputy Director General for Administration.

Rural Renewable Energy: Joseph T. Williams, Executive Director,

Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment: Mariama M. Koon, Deputy Executive Director.

Liberia Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority: Keturah Chupee Smith, Executive Director. Center for National Documents and Record Agency: Emmanuel Lomax Director General.

National Food Assistance Agency: C. Neileh Daitauoh Director.

National Housing Authority: Henry Clarke Deputy Managing Director/Operations.

Mittal Operating Company Board Representative to the Board: Dr. Gonsahn Matardy, Member.

Liberia Electrical Corporation (LEC) Board: Cllr. Charles Gibson, Chairman.

National Oil Company of Liberia Board: Richard B. Devine Chairman.

Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company: Randolph Cooper, Chairman.


  1. So, disgraceful and frustrating for such a functional illiterate to be dismissing a University president. He is so sick and deemed ineducable to be a visitor at the University. Weah is a disgrace to the country! So sad to see such an illiterate at the helm of country’s power structure. Really, it is a dark day!

    • Jackson Neal, you should be ranting about how you are so stupid a disgrace to your parents and nation that you cannot reason in such a common matter where this incompetent Ophelia Weeks girl was not to even be appointed at such a position in the first Place; as is the case with her criminal and disgraced brother Milton Weeks who was appointed by a corrupt Ellen who appointed the now disgraced Milton Weeks at the CBL, and appointed an incompentent Ophelia Weeks at such a national noble institution.

      Despite the inherited economic hardship faced by this government, Dr. Weah is one of the best presidents Liberia has ever had I have worked with the UN for years, and even worked there and at the WORLD BANK, during Ellen´s stints with the very UN and the World Bank, and have been following the trends of governments in my country during all such timeds and to the present. And I can repeat here that Dr. George Manneh Weah is one of the best presidents Liberia with which Liberia has ever been blessed.

      • Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
        Kou, you have to tell us from what perspective/s you are making your points ohhhhhh ma!
        Why I do not have any proof to ascertain or refute your assertions about Dr. Weeks, your statement of Weah being the best president so far is ludicrous and laughable.
        Working with the UN or the World Bank does not give you the right to make the obnoxious remarks you are making. It tells me the level or degree of responsibility you held or are holding at the UN or the World Bank.

        My heart pains me to read such misleading statement from “an educated Liberian”.

        Liberia will shine again, like the land we knew as enfants, Amen!

  2. Find something good to say…Is it jealousy? Or what? The educated person that was in power what did she do?

    Did you hear about the wage bills of Liberia when President Weah took over?

    How much civil servants were making in government?

  3. Weah thinks we are stupid. He dismisses her simply to make it look like she is to blame for the instructors not getting paid. The man is a disgrace and needs to step down!

  4. How does the dismissal of Dr. Weeks address his government inability to pay teachers and other civil servants salaries. I have had the opportunity to work with her briefly when she was head of the Science college, and I seved as one of the representatives of the Geology and Mining engineering students. Back then, we were on the ropes for daring to take the likes of Abert Chie, Gelser Murray, and Emmanuel Sherman to task for misusing funds and overseeing other academic malpratices in both departments. Dr. Weeks stood up and defended us when people like Dr. Nelson started clamouring for us to be expelled because we dared to take their criminal empire to task. She is an amazing person who has always wanted to make the university better. It’s a shame it has ended like this.

    • Thanks for this first-hand info, Kulee. I too worked with Dr. Weeks for a short time. All my recollections of her are positive, too. Liberia loses – again.

    • Kulee, you are simply been sentimental. Ophelia Weeks is simply incompetent for that position. An she herself knows it as you do.

        • No, not anyone’s mother, but indeed your dirty mother from Gbarpolu who and you wife were used when your backside was whisked of to prison years ago.

  5. Presidents should not be making any decisions on academia. This should be left to an independent board of directors who understand the nuisances of public education.

    • Exactly. For a democracy, the power is too centralized in our society. No one position should have all that power. Seems like even the appointment and dismissal of janitors is under the purview of the president. I’m not sure if such authority was given to the president through the constitution OR through the statutes, but we need to seriously revisit some of these things.

  6. University presidents come and go. What should also be fully understood by Weah’s critics is Weeks’ termination from the presidency is not solo. In other words, many middle-level government employees lost their positions and a host of changes were made in the government. The fact that Weah decided to replace Weeks at the University of Liberia does not show an iota of weakness on his part. No way!

    It’s an altruism that hard times exist in Liberia. Irrespective of that, the work of the government will go on. I am also flabbergasted because Weeks’ termination from the presidency seems to be the overriding concern to most people. What’s about the changes that Weah made at Agriculture, Energy, Telecommunications, etc. Is Ophelia Weeks superior to all the men and women who were replaced or transferred? Was Weeks’ appointed to serve for life?

    In all governments worldwide, changes are usually made. Mr. Donald Trump always makes changes in his government. When Obama served as president, he made departmental changes across the board.

    Everyone has his or her core support group. So, it’s understood why there is so much condemnation from Weah’s critics. Of course, I disagree with them. What is strange is that none of Weeks’ supporters has listed one signature achievement of the deposed president. What are Weeks’ achievements? The lady has served. It’s about time that someone new had been brought on board.

    Come on people. This is not a big deal.

    • Reinstate Dr. Weeks.
      Only the best educated Liberian with the needed Know-Hows, Skills can move the country forward.
      We have very few educated people in Liberia. Should everybody like President Weah before working in the government? NO. At least 38% of Voters in 2017 did not vote for the President..
      He should reinstate Dr. Weeks because it is about the country. Those students will demo anyways because they are all men and women deciding for themselves; fix their issues.
      God bless our country.

    • People recognize and honorably mention certain appointees that are dismissed by Liberia’s moronic head of State because these are the real individuals dedicated to the development of Liberia and myself enrichment and self aggrandizement. BTW, Jowea never, ever worked at the World Bank or The International Monetary Fund (IMF). He does not have the academic training not the technical or administrative experience to work at either of those august institutions … not even as an executive assistant!!! Dr Weeks’ dismissal is Liberia’s unfortunate loss.

  7. I am very much disappointed in many Liberian writers regarding day to day affairs of our state. Are you sure this guy is competent for the presidency? question to his supporters.

  8. Correction
    Should be….”was Weeks appointed to serve for life”?

    Shouldn’t be….”was Weeks’ appointed to serve for life”?

    Okay amigos?
    Come on. Let’s move on.

  9. Some Liberians act like rats. They enjoy living in a cartoon that has enough peanuts in it, and soon as the peanuts finished, immediately they start eating the cartoon. You’re calling on the president to make changes and you’re against the changes made by the president.

  10. Kou Gontee you are an irredeemable fool with looming mental insanity. I am not going to waste my precious time on you and your so-called Dr. Weah. It seems some of you need to be confirmed to mental institutions to be calling an illiterate fool a doctor. The days of reckoning are at hand. Your dressed up fool will go down in the dustbin of history. You must as be shame of the day your mother borne you for being this stupid, calling Weah doctor. A Born Fool is always a fool. Shame on your parents for bringing you forth on the face of this earth.


    This is what you get when you have a leader and his followers who are inanely dimwitted–like Weah and his insipidly callow myrmidons. Ophelia Weeks was a Dean at Florida International University. As a professor, she served in that capacity for years prior to her being sought after by then President Ellen Johnson to head the University of Liberia. As President of UL, she did serve with due diligence. She is not responsible for the slumping economy created by these academically conceited ignorant who rant and spew inane and sophomoric verbiage about subjects the lack cultivated training.

    You have a finance minister who has no cultivated qualification aside from one he obtained from the University of Liberia during the civil war. He lies and cooks a resume that he graduated from George Washington University for a gullible public that believes such figment.

    Do you blame Ophelia for their mess? Well, unless you a mess yourself to believe their pathological lies.

    Neither the president nor his finance minister is capable of understanding how the economy works; as a result, they are simply toying with matters that regard the functioning of the economy. Kou Gontee and those of her likes should know that Weah has never sat in a classroom since his eighth-grade education from Muslim Congress Junior and Senior High.

    Chris Wisner, the gentleman at the National Port Authority, did took all of his academic works for him at Devry University when he enrolled there on a fake high school diploma from Liberia. This is why he can not understand simple conjugation of verbs let alone subjects and verbs agreement. He is a disgrace to Liberia. His followers goaded him to fetch a university degree so as to fence off criticisms for his lack of education. Rather than seeking it through actual application of effort, he chose to covet it at all cause through a proxy. The result is what have now, the country has become a laughing sprung! Call a doctor if you don’t know what earning a doctor degree means. But a fool can never be disguised or masked. Once he is, he will always remain.

    To be calling him a doctor is a debasement of education itself. I have to go low on Kou because Kou being a Cedian, she will only understand the language of insults and lampoons. That’s how she started by responding to my initial post and that’s how I too took on her as well. They are bringing Liberians to the nadir of human civility whenever they truth is said about their Dummy President. They do not speak with decency and civility. They are very low just as their president.

  12. The appointment of Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson as President of the University of Liberia is not a step in the right direction. While Rev. Dr. Nelson may be an excellent pastor, I am not convinced he has the skill set to lead the University of Liberia to where they need to be. For example, the curriculum of the university needs to be redesigned to offer and promote the acquisition of 21st-century post-secondary education skills that align appropriately with what employers need in Liberia, Africa, and the rest of the world. Also, a strong strategy of professional development is necessary for administrative and instructional faculty members to enable them to implement and evaluate such reform. Moreover, incorporation of meaningful and appropriate educational technology into the University of Liberia’s classrooms is needed to allow students and faculty members to connect and network with their peers around the world if required.

    My opposition to Rev. Dr. Nelson’s appointment as President of the University of Liberia is primarily based on my authentic assessment of his leadership abilities during his tenure as the dean of students’ affairs. I was then serving as a student leader–senior representative of the science college to the University of Liberia students’ Legislative Assembly (SLA), chairman on executive (SLA), and chairman of the Health Sanitation Committee. You cannot run the University of Liberia like you would operate a church organization. I know this firsthand because I, too, like Rev. Dr. Nelson, have been privileged to serve both as a church leader and an academic leader. The University of Liberia does not need an authoritarian leader with a status-quo mentality that has kept the University of Liberia and Liberia largely regressive for the past decades. They need a visionary leader that will work with the faculty members and students in a way that will make the development, implementation, and evaluation of 21st-century reform at the University of Liberia both possible and successful.

  13. Well, we shall see. If the gentleman is not qualified, he will be baked like a turkey in a hot oven. For now, he is the president’s guy who will sit and stir sensibly in the University’s cockpit.

  14. Dolo,
    Madam Kou Gontee has a right to express herself. If Miss Gontee states that Weah is the best president she’s known, that’s it!

    Remember, we are operating in the court of public opinion.

    • Hney,
      Maybe you DO NOT see the danger/s in Kou’s statement. She is not only expressing her public point of view but speaking out for many people.
      Note that Kou is/has worked for the UN and World Bank, and so she is a road model for many people in the Liberia society irrespective of the position/s she has held in those organizations. Her immediate family members consider her as their “book woman” and therefore willing to following her in any way. I bet she made her enire family and some opportunists in her entourage to usher in this government. If we cannot make such people to reason well, the few of us can make no change. Unlike all neighboring countries, Liberia is the only country that does not have at least “20 Think Tankers”. We have some great technocrats though but until the ideal leadership can be ushered in, I’m afraid the few think tankers we have will soon be disbanded. We are at the crossroads, and may not easily recover from the plague inflicted by the Weah’s administration.
      Kou is indeed dangerous! Her statements are misleading and catastrophic.
      I usually take up my time everyday to read what Liberians say or think. No statement has ever appeared so fearful like Kou’s.

      I pray that she reads me and hold her peace on this forum. When I was in high school, my principal usually told me: “son, if you DO NOT have anything good to say about a person or subject, say NOTHING”.
      Kou, do likewise, please.

  15. Take it to the bank that Liberia is a failed state and will never recover. All of you stating Weah is the best President is because you are all illiterate asses and ignorant or you are looking for a job for a country that cannot pay its civil servants. Take it to the bank that unless Liberia change leadership soon, that country is done.

    You never fire a university president even for poor performance. You normally ask him or her to resign, replace him or her by the provost until the Board of Trustees do a search and find a replacement. You cannot mix education with politics. That’s the sad part. Liberia is doomed.

  16. Mr Flomo Gomo,
    Come on my dear brother. We don’t have to react negatively towards one another because of Weah’s dismissal of Dr. Weeks.. There’s really no need for being abusive. I know it hurts. However, I sincerely believe that we can get over this hump without ripping our fellow country men and women apart.

    You’re right! Liberia must change. All of us must put our brilliant ideas to work. I have just returned from Liberia. I was there for exactly 90 days. I caught or Apollo caught me. In America, they call it, “pink eye”. For one whole week, I wore my sun shades. Can you believe it?

    Look man, if some or most of us do not go back to do the utmost best we can for Liberia, that’s when we’ll be doomed. Ivorians and Guineans supply us with vegetables. But why can’t we do that ourselves? Why? By buying Ivorian and Guinean vegetables, our bank accounts dwindle. However, if we plant the vegetables ourselves, we will add more money to our bank accounts.

    The country is corrupt. It’s been corrupt from the days of Joseph Jenkins Roberts. It’s a fact!
    It’s not Weah’s fault at all. By saying that, I don’t mean to suggest that Weah is clean neither do I mean he should not try to undo the filth in Liberia. Of course Weah should do something. He needs the best of Liberian intellectuals, both men and women to deal with the critical issues of Liberia. I totally agree!

    Schools aren’t functioning properly. No way. I listened to some of the teachers and I wondered whether this is not a “blind lead blind” situation. Classrooms (not all of them, but most of them) are rediculouly oversized. There aren’t enough textbooks. Where are the administrators? Do the administrators really care for the future of our youth?

    Before going to Zwedru from Ganta, consider visiting my brother who lives in Brewerville. You will go through Douala..point 4. I jokingly asked a Keke driver ..”where is point 1″? Laughter! Look man, the road is bumpy and the Douala marketers are literally in the street carrying wheelbarrows filled with bananas, coconut or fruits and vegetables. Where is the Minister of Public Works?

    While people suffer, the Liberian lawmakers are earning more money than their American counterparts. Believe it or not! The issue of corruption in Liberia is well and alive. It’s not one person. It’s a way of life. Senators earn $16,000 (US) per month. Representatives earn $15,000 (US) per month! It’s been going on for for over 10 years. Started under Ma Ellen, the Harvard educated!

    One last thing:
    I gave a money-changer $5.00US to convert to Liberty. He took my $5 and gave me 950 when he should have given me 1050, Liberty. So I asked, “where is my 100 liberty”? Said he, “you got it”. Gomo, isn’t that theft? Or maybe corruption?

    We must fix Liberia together.

  17. Hervey Cushing Jr.
    Thanks for recognizing in your post that Dr. Nelson is an excellent Pastor, however you wrote that you are not convinced that he has the ‘Skiill Set’ to lead the University of Liberia and you gave some examples.
    I beg to differ with you. The University of Liberia has a vetting committee and a Board of Trustee.
    There was a need for a Dean of Students Affairs about a decade ago at the University of Liberia and Dr. Nelson after serving as Dean of the Gbarnga School of Theology of the United Methodist Church was among several qualify candidates that applied, was vetted, chosen and endorsed by the Board of Trustee as Dean of Students of UL.
    Under the Presidency of Dr. Emmett Dennis, Dr. Nelson was elevated to the rank of Vice President of Students Affairs.
    Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson does not sit in his office as an administrator but also go to the classroom and teach at the University.
    I also beg to differ with you that Dr. Nelson leadership role in the Church might be adverse with working with students and faculty, inability to separate church leadership from school leadership.
    One of Dr. Nelson’s Masters degrees is in Youth and Young Adults Ministry and he have worked with young men and women for 30 years and he is internationally known for his work. I believed his work for the Church is an added value for the University. of Liberia because it also comes with humility, compassion and listening to others.
    Mr. Cushing, I do recommend that you contact the Board of Trustee, get to know the academics who sits on it, accertain what led to their decision to hire Dr. Nelson a decade ago and compare their response to your assessment, I’m sure might have a clear picture of what it takes to lead the University of Liberia.

  18. Dolo,
    You ought to let bygones be bygones. The fact that Miss Gontee worked at the World Bank means nothing. She had the qualifications.

    Dr. Weeks was not appointed to a lifetime position. The idea is simple: Presidents of universities come and go. The dismissal of Dr. Weeks should is not a big deal.

    Let us just move on and concentrate on issues of importance rather than accusing one another.



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