Pres. Weah Dismisses NPHIL Boss, Orders Probe Report Published


President George Weah has dismissed with immediate effect the Director-General of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), Dr. Mosoka Fallah.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Weah’s decision to dismiss Dr. Fallah is in consonant with findings and recommendations of the Special Investigative Committee set up to probe reported breaches in the health and administrative protocols that guide the issuance of Covid-19 test results by NPHIL.

This comes two weeks after the special Investigative committee submitted it report.

As promised not to leave any stone unturned in ensuring that the health and welfare of Liberians remain paramount, Dr. Weah said he remains committed to implementing the recommendations contained in the Report and has ordered the publication of the Committee’s full report.

President Weah thanked Dr. Linda Birch, Chair of the Probe Committee, and the members of her committee for their professionalism, time, and manner they carried out the investigation.

The committee was charged with the responsibility of finding out whether there were systemic breaches in the reporting procedure of COVID-19 results and recommending actions to be taken in order to remedy the situation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Patrick N. Kpanyen, Deputy Director-General for Administration at NPHIL, will continue to act as Director-General pending further action.


  1. Gbekugbeh consoles Dr. Mosoka:

    “Ay bah Mosoka, jus hang around man. You CDC party faithful, and so you one of us. Jus wait let dis yo yo die down small. I way soon find you something for you to do.”

    “My man you suffa for the party O. I cannot turn my back on you bah. Only ting the new American ambassador is in the country now and right now I tryin to study hin. When I really no hin good, good then I will find way to put you somewhere again.”

    “You no how dis corruption business going bah, bor don worry yah. I Gbehkugbeh. Jus hold you heart. I will find way for you. I’m the man”

  2. For the good of the country, Weah was right to do what he did. Just for the good of country! There was no politics involved, neither was there a stint of hatred in his heart to terminate Dr. Masoka Fallah. There could be more to the story than what has been stipulated, but given what the general public has been told, Weah did what Trump or any president would have done. The health of our country is most paramount. Given this scenario, it is hoped that the usual critics of Weah will find a tiny room in their hearts to say, “George Weah, job well done” on this one.


  3. Mr. Hney,

    There is more to this story than meet the eye,

    One day i will let you in on what actually transpired.

    good evening, sir.

  4. Comrade Kimba,
    It is my hope and prayer that you will not fall back on your word. I patiently await the day on which you will let me know what actually happened before Fallah got terminated from his job.

    In the meantime, I have been unable to get your response regarding the last movie I urged you to watch. Kimba, you might wonder why I bug you to read or watch certain types of videos. It’s a way of life for me to read. And so, I am doing all I can to pass my habit on to you.

    Another Story……
    The main character is called, “Ota Benga”. The scene is the US, but the character, Ota Benga, was captured in the Congo, brought to the US and kept in a zoo with animals. I will not say much. I urge you to read about the man. He’s dead, but the story is sad.

    Hang in there!
    Stay safe.
    Practice social distancing.
    Wear your face covering outside of your house.

  5. Mr. Hney

    You got my wife crying over the Ota Benga video we watched. Man’s inhumanity to man knows no bound. I

    really have no comment on that video except to say it truly vexed my spirit and the day I really need a good

    reason to really hate the white man, it will be because of the “Ota Benga” story.

    I have to go console my wife.

    Good morning, Sir

  6. Kimba,
    Good morning to you and your lovely wife. Sorry to have caused a pain!

    You’re 100% correct. There’s too much hatred in this world! We the black people are often used and misused. But that’s not how God intended it to be.

    Black people have to awake! We (meaning the black folk) have to show respect for others as well as for ourselves. Let’s put it this way…..if the people of the Congo had shown respect for themselves, Ota Benga would never have been brought to the US. Furthermore, let’s take a quick look at the Liberian situation. When the freed Liberian slaves returned to an area we call Liberia, the issue of superiority complex was foremost amongst the settlers. Speaking for myself, I sincerely believe that had that kind of inhumanity not taken root in the (❤️) hearts of the settlers, Liberia would have been a top Second world country today.

    It is written, “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. It seems that black people love themselves only and not their fellow black person.

    More to come gentleman. Be good. Stay healthy. Make lot of money. Get wealthy. Above all, peace.

  7. I have known For Fallah for a very long time, we taught at a high school in the early 1990s. I know him to be a man of principles. He has just learnt practice from theory, especially dealing with Liberia a about their govt. Jobs; if you try to not do their usual thing of business as usual, you sure will get dismissed , if your boss is a man who listened to you say, I say.
    Papa, move on, people who knows you are aware of what happened and history will absolve you.

  8. Mr. Kimba,

    The Ota Benga video should NEVER make you to hate the white man. In fact, harbor no hatred in your heart against anyone for that matter.
    If you want to blame someone, blame our own people, the black people.

    Go down in history and ask if any other race had ever been enslaved as the black race. No other race, brother.
    Some races suffered severe persecution, but they fought and overcame and are now counted among “the civilized or descent people” on planet earth today.
    But ONLY the black race suffered the trans Saharan slave trade, the black race suffered the transatlantic slave trade, then the black race suffered colonization, why?

    When you go down through history, you will learn that the Arab or white man did not just come and take the black man away to North Africa or the Americas.
    Blacks sold blacks to the Arabs. Blacks sold blacks to the Europeans. Blacks sold blacks to the Americans.
    Is there any race that can be killed in the USA in numbers like the black race in the 21st Century? NO, only blacks!

    This should make our race to think twice and get down to work intelligently. When can we overcome?
    – We can only overcome when we begin to realize that only ourselves can shape our destiny, as the Americans did when they sacrificed and fought out the British from their land, as the Indians fought out the British from their land, as the rest of Europe fought against the barbarism of the Greeks, as the rest of the world fought against the Romain domination, as the Chinese fought against the Japanese supremacy, etc.
    – We can overcome when we begin to respect our own laws we vote, seek excellence to lead, reward merits and hard work.
    – We can overcome when we let go of tribalism, nepotism, regionalism and judge people not based on these dehumanized factors but on the contents of their character.

    As Hney said, if the settlers had not been so negative and egocentric, I believe the white man was never going to colonize Africa. I strongly believe Africa could have been the third most powerful continents, behind the USA and Europe.

    Our generation need to start the change. Let’s stop promoting mundanity, ineptitude. I will NEVER feel proud to work under a grade 9 dropout.
    It’s a shame that our referenced intellectuals will altered our constitutions to run for 3rd or 4th terms like Guinea and the Ivory Coast, why organize elections then?

    Africans, we are the cause/s of our many problems, NOT the white man! We sell our integrity to the white guys and kill our heroes and the brightest brains amongst us.


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