Pres. Weah Dedicates New Health Facilities at JFKMC

President Weah dedicates the new facilities at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia

To meet the health needs of the country, and even make it better than many of the countries in the sub-region, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC) over the weekend dedicated new health facilities to address the medical needs of patients across the country.

Those facilities include a mobile type of the CT Scan, movable Operating Theaters, Pathology Laboratory, and a Center of Excellence for Infectious Diseases. CT Scan is an X-ray image made using a form of computed tomography in which a computer controls the motion of the X-ray source and detectors, processes the data, and produces the image for doctors to read and diagnose a patient ailing condition.

Dr. Jerry F. Brown, JFKMC Chief Executive Officer, said the dedicatory ceremony is the implementation of Pillar 44 of the government’s Pro-poor agenda to ensure that the country’s major referral hospitals become equipped to provide quality and affordable healthcare services to all people.

Dr. Brown said the equipment came as part of collaborative efforts of the government and partners to ensure that JFKMC live by her status as the number-one referral hospital in West Africa.

He said the imaging center comprises a CT Scanner, Mammogram Machine, 3D Ultrasound Machine, and two X-ray machines, to enable any detection of breast cancer, and be able to give proper treatment.

“JFKMC having a Pathology Laboratory can now beat its chest in diagnosis, and refer patients to the right doctors for the appropriate treatment, Dr. Brown said. “In the past, everything we were doing was all empirical without knowing exactly what we treated or were sending patients for out of the country to treat.”

Dr. Brown said the CT Scanner will play an important role in addressing most of those cases for which people seek medical attention out of the country. He lauded the project is a significant milestone in the improvement of health sectors.

“We have a long list of people who have been waiting for six months to undergo surgical operations because JFKMC had one and a half Operating Theaters. But now with the rehabilitation, we have eight Operating Theaters.”

Dr. Brown added, “We will ensure that one of those theaters is equipped to perform eye surgeries and one on the brain and spine.”

He encouraged investors to trust the leadership of JFKMC, because they will give fruitful results of the money and equipment donated to the institution.

President George Weah called on authorities of the JFKMC to maintain those felicities given to the hospital, because it will encourage them to do more.

The President thanked the partners for the donation, saying that, with the new facilities, the center can now be considered as a “hospital of choice” for Liberians and other nationals.

President Weah said during the Ebola outbreak, there was no equipment to differentiate between the virus and other sicknesses, so everybody showing slimier symptoms were diagnosed with one problem. He said with the equipment now dedicated, the hospital will help him and other government officials get treatment at JFKMC rather than going out of the country to be treated.

United States Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder, said one of the U.S. Government’s greatest priorities to bring the JFKMC on par with other international health facilities, and enable them to move forward.

She expressed the hope to see JFKMC not just provide basic healthcare, but specialized services for the next generation of doctors and scientists, so as to make the JFK facility a teaching hospital.

About the projects

The Pathology Laboratory is an initiative of JFKMC, Mount Sinai and the Women Global Cancer Initiative that was renovated to provide histological diagnostic services.

The Imaging center was renovated through a collaboration between US institutions — PREVAIL, National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — and the Liberia Ministry of Health and JFKMC. The imaging center is now equipped with a computer Tomography (CT) Scanner and a dedicated powerhouse.

Center of Excellence for Infectious Disease (CEID) is a project done in collaboration with CHEVRON Corporation, USAID and JFKMC. The Refurbished facility, which houses isolated wards for infectious disease patients, offices, a meeting room, laboratory, and a break room, will facilitate the provision of competent professional care to patients afflicted with infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, hepatitis, and meningitis.


  1. Good effort to begin the next 4 years. Strict security measure to maintain and secure these facilities will invite more equipment and Liberian train medical assets. Let the people protect and maintain in peace for themselves a better healthy nation. Let the people know. No chat in this box.
    Gone to 57% in meditation.

  2. These facilities are for Liberians, the Liberian nation. We will, should help cure more diseases around the world, but do not forget that it us, Liberians who will keep more medical equipment sanitized and save in this nation.
    Gone in silence too.

  3. What do you guys mean by making JFK better that medical Facilities around Africa? What are being revealed at JFK have been in other west African countries for decades. What is new to Liberia is not new anywhere else. Countless hospitals in Ghana and lvory coast have been performing open heart surgeries and some forms of brain surgeries decades back. A man’s arm that was ripped from his shoulder in an accident was stitched back in lvory coast . In Liberia, our leaders use government’s monies to enrich themselves .This has made Liberians to see anything no matter how old it may be in as new. All that are being revealed at JFK are thing that should have been there decades ago. You can find these things in some of the least government hospitsls around west africa. Its a dangerous thing to make statements with out exercising due deligence. Happy 26.

  4. All of a sudden President Weah has become the president who loves his country and cares about his people only because a major election is right around the corner. And after he gets his lawmakers of choice selected and imposed on the Liberians to protect his political empire and dwindling sphere of influence, he coils back to his same old game just like a nocturnal animal that only shows up during the night, but pretends like it does not exist during the day.

    How exciting this would have been for him and the nation, when right after he won the election and was inaugurated, and the populace looked up to him with such high hope, esteem, and expectation, he began to match his election promises with deeds?

    But instead, he bastardized his presidential oath in pursuit in pursuit of self-aggrandizement and reckless enrichment.

    So now, is this how the game will be played — that the only time the president shows concern for the people’s welfare is when he needs the people’s votes? Nevertheless, a person can fool some of the people some of the times, but he will never fool all of them all of the times.

  5. This is great news but these are not projects that were conceived, planned and executed by this Government so they need to stop lying. I remember hearing about these projects during Sirleaf’s time. The records are there.

  6. Yeah, yeah, the best equipped hospital in the sub-region . But from the picture posted by the News, the portion tells a different story. That the building needs a facelift or painting. The management invited guests , but failed to see that the maintenance crews were on top of their work. Putting a ribbon of the national colors around the building and don’t care to notice that a touch of paint would had beautified the building or that portion. To neglect the nation’s public places is taking a toll on the beautification of the city. The Presidential Mansion as a symbol of the nation’s pride has been neglected. The so-called people’s square or parade grounds for the nation’s military, BTC has never been touched since it was constructed in 1847. But the nation will be celebrating its 172 years of independence with foreign guests in that rundown place. Oh well, what they don’t see to know will not hurt them all. Neither will it shame them. Development of that country has never been a collective issue, but rather an individual social initiative for self achievement. Any other thing less important, especially public places. Wow ! Dirty BTC as the nation’s pride for its 172 birthday celebration. Oh well.

  7. Well done again donor(s)! Ironically, receiving and turning over something doesn’t, ever, makes one/a person a donor. Explicitly, a receiver can not be the giver, “rationally”. When shall an old beggar* be the one thank (ed)? Liberia will never be/become independent, as long as it wants to be and remains dependent!//Gonyanue Blah
    P.S. A beggar really means, a rich person or nation that chronically begs for everything!


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