Pres. Weah Dedicates 2 Capitol Annexes Today

Architectural design of the two completed annexes

President George M. Weah will today, July 19, dedicate the two newly constructed annexes of the Capitol Building, a release from the Senate has confirmed.

According to a release from the Senate Press and Public Affairs Department, several dignitaries and foreign partners are being invited to grace today’s ceremony.

In line with the planned itinerary, Chinese Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Fu Jijun, is expected to hand over the keys of the buildings to Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar M. Findley, who will subsequently hand them over to President Weah for the official dedication.

The construction of the two annexes is one of several projects fully undertaken by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in Liberia. The erection of the two additional wings is mainly due to lack of office spaces for Lawmakers and staffers.

On July 4, 2016, the Chinese Party, Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Public Works of Liberia on behalf of the Liberian government signed an implementation agreement of China Aided Project for the two annexes.

The annexes were constructed at the cost of approximately US$ 12.9 million. The project contains 60 new offices — 40 offices for the wing of the House of Representatives and 20 for the Senate. They also contain two separate chambers for the House and the Senate, including a modern joint chamber, other offices for staffers and cafeteria.

The project is one of several projects that President Weah will dedicate during this year’s Independence celebration.

Today’s ceremony comes weeks after the Chinese construction Company, Jiangsu Construction, presented the keys of the two annexes to Senator Conmany B. Wesseh of River Gee County, who serves as Chairman of the joint committee on modernization.

Widely referred to as “Capitol Building,” the current seat of the Legislature was originally constructed and dedicated in 1956, when the then President William R. Tolbert, Jr. was Vice President of the Republic and President of the Senate. Richard A. Henries was Speaker, and Edwin Morgan was President Pro-Tempore.


  1. Another waste of time! Could it be because these guys have so much idle time on their hands, so they can afford to carry out useless exercises like this? Not that dedication in and of itself is bad, but the uselessness of this particular one lies in the fact that a dedication of this annex already took place before, when a ribbon was cut and the keys to the facility presented to the rightful persons. Could this be about giving our #9 the forum to utter some more blabber or rambling talks, therefore this dedicatory ceremony is being repeated? And we’re asking citizens to “bear patience?” God bless Liberia.

  2. Wasn’t this same annex dedicated before? Or is this one intended to give our #9 the forum to utter some more blabber or rambling talks? Either that, or just too much idle time on the hands of our officials. Either way Liberia lose! And they want us to be “patient!”

  3. My apology for the double post on the same topic. But the first attempt indicated “unsuccessful” post as reason for the second attempt which resulted in the double post.


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