Pres. Weah Declares April 9, National Fast and Prayer Day

H.E. George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia.

President George M. Weah has by Proclamation declared April 9, 2021, as a “Fast and Prayer Day” and to be observed throughout Liberia as a National Holiday.

The Second Friday in April of each year is observed in Liberia as a “Fast and Prayer Day.”

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the Day is set aside as a Day of Supplication, Prayer, Fasting, and Meditation so that its efforts as a nation and people may be crowned with great achievements to the common cause of the State and its common humanity.

 The Proclamation is in consonance with the Act of The National Legislature, which was passed into law in 1883 declaring the Second Friday in April of each year as a National Fast and Prayer Day for the prosperity of Liberia and in grateful appreciation of God’s deliverance of the nation from external aggression.

The Proclamation Further calls on all Prelates, Priests, Elders, Deacons, Evangelists, Imams as well as citizens and foreign residents of Liberia regardless of religious creed, to gather with one accord, in their respective places of worship within the territorial confines of Liberia in simple and non-costly apparel to Fast, Pray and to Intercede for the country commencing at 8 O’clock antemeridian.

The Proclamation also orders all Public Offices, Business Houses, and market places closed during the observance, while citizens and foreign residents will cease from their usual daily occupations in further recognition of God’s love and guidance for the nation, Liberia.

The release stated that “there have been unusual and extraordinary outbreaks of natural phenomena and man provoked national crises that have caused much harm, devastation, and destruction in many parts of the world and in our nation, respectively from which, by the Grace of God, we, the survivors have been spared.”

It further indicates that there are still large numbers of our Kith and Kin living in uncertain conditions in the diaspora, and the need for remembrance in the prayer of those who have made the supreme sacrifice remains unfulfilled.

The Proclamation maintains that the people of Liberia have always submitted themselves, in humble contrition to the Almighty God for guidance and protection as well as for peace in their national life and affairs.

”The patriotic and cultural observance law of the Republic of Liberia, Chapter one declaring the second Friday in the month of April of each year as a day of fasting and prayer for the prosperity of the nation,” the release added.


  1. Another beauty!

    Very soon we will have 30 days set aside as national holidays in Liberia.
    So, you want for the people to fast and pray for your sins? If you know you stole the people’s money, sell 2 of the mansions and reimburse the money. You alone don’t need 4 mansions. You need 1 in Monrovia and another in Grand Kru, as you have the Executive Mansion for work and living place.
    Or do you want to plead the blood of the 4 auditors? Then confess your sins. You could do it in private by going to the parents and begging for mercy, or else their blood may create psychological problem for you.

    Fast and prayer, mon oeil!

    • Hney – I’m not surprised you’re not objective because you have made friends with the devils running Liberia into the ground. How do you explain Weah’s instant wealth, and the mysterious murder of audit officials? Dude, you’re making an ass of yourself.


  3. An Israel flowing with milk and honey has yet to be actualized, because the truth remains that God helps those who help themselves. Like that land, Liberi’s founding was, and is still fractured by ethnic factionalism. A division the inherent partisanship of politics continues to widen. Therefore, our leaders shouldn’t look to our nation’s perilous past for precepts; instead, they must unite our nation by various steps including the following:

    a), More inclusive governance, b), Devolution of some executive powers to elected local assemblies, c), Commitment to elevation of merit over parochial reasons towards achieving better delivery of essential services to the public, and d), Prioritization of transparency and accountability in gaining trust of our people.

    Of course, successive Liberian governments are oblivious to insightful proposals of their own officials, hence it would be delusional in expecting the current leadership to read comments of past officials in news outlets. One highly-educated official of this administration was so scornful of outside suggestions that he reportedly said, “The children (current policymakers) have no time for inputs of old hands.” He is damn right, and it tells, unarguably. But the mentality undermines need for reforms of systemic dysfunctional rule, a potential threat to stability, too.

  4. Are you a true doctoral degree/PhD recipient, or you fall along the same line with Weah having schools to confer multiple PhD’s on him when they themselves are not equip to deliver same to their own students. I was just wondering because you cannot fake true education. Eventually, your pretense will expose you.

    Do you remember Weah’s famous verbal gaffe when during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he attempted to use the phrase “…to sensitize the people”, but he instead said he will: “de-sanitize the people?”

    I would like to know which higher institution of learning conferred the doctoral degree/PhD on you, and what was the thesis of your dissertation? One’s level of eloquence and writings speak loud about the kind of education he or she has achieved my friend.

    All that many ordinary folks in the United States have ever possessed by way of their intellectual growth have been a simple high school diploma in general education in the United States. Nevertheless, their level of comprehension and the ability to read, digest, analyze and articulate complex topics is incredible. This underscores the need for government to prioritize and budget more on quality education for its citizens.

    Please make yourself sound credible next time by attaching this phrase to your degree, and letting it sound like this: “Liberian PhD” Dr. Gaye Jamil Nuahn.

    By attaching Liberian PhD to your title then you do your readers a great favor as the confusion or dissonance they encounter after looking at your title and how incommensurate it is with your intellectual output, will finally be dispelled.


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