Pres. Weah Commissions Several Senior Gov’t Officials

Pres. Weah administers oath to the commissioned officials. Photo Credit: Ministry of Labor

President George Weah yesterday commissioned several senior government officials in fulfillment of his presidential mandate as Head of State, Mansion release has said.

Although it is not the first commissioning ceremony performed by President Weah since he was inaugurated on January 22 this year, the latest event included almost all cabinet ministers, directors of autonomous agencies and presidential advisors.

At yesterday’s occasion held in the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President Weah reminded the commissioned officials of the enormity of their respective responsibilities, which should not be seen as solely for themselves but for the general well-being and interest of the Liberian people.

According to the release, the President also cautioned ministers and other officials against compromising the interest of the people as well as other missteps in the discharge of their respective duties.

The President said spouses and family members of government officials are “uniquely important to their success.”

He therefore encouraged them to advise their relatives not to conduct themselves in ways that could jeopardize the interest of the country and eventually impede national development.

President Weah said he has no fear of making decisions intended to impact the people of Liberia, and therefore urged relatives of all government officials to encourage their relations in government to work in the interest of the people.

He further placed emphasis on the issue of performance in his government as a serious matter, and said those occupying positions in government should not relent or renege in prioritizing their performances.

“The government is in line toward fulfilling the ‘Pro-poor Agenda’ that targets all Liberians regardless of their connections in society,” the President said.

“I am excited that you can be commissioned; I think it speaks a lot, because for me, performance is rotational; I am in a gathering where we have to perform; then we will accept that when you are not doing well, someone else will have to come in to do well,” he said.

According to the President, his administration believes in performance and that those that will keep the torch of the “Pro-poor Agenda” burning in the interest of Liberians will also be remembered by the people of Liberia.

He added, “I come from a family that believes in a maxim that says, when you are not on the field, you are on the bench. And when you are in the dressing room and you are on the bench, then you are closer to the field. So, they make the list and you are selected; out of those that are selected, when they are going to the field and you see yourself on the bench, it means that somebody is better than you until you prove yourself. I can only wish you the best; we are all working for the Liberian people, you are not working for me. I can only monitor you and you need to do your best, because only your best is required and when you do not do your best, then it is complicated because only your best is required.”

According to the President, anyone who fails to stand on the side of the general interest of the people will have themselves to blame, as he would harbor no fear in taking decisions in the interest of Liberia and its citizens.

On recent criticisms, President Weah informed his officials that he was aware that it is based on decisions he has made and will always make in the interest of Liberians, but called on all to ensure that his “Pro-poor Agenda” is achievable and can be carried out with due diligence.


  1. So what do we have to do before the names of those commissioned can be revealed to us? Hopefully it is affordable. Thank you.

  2. I believe President Weah did his part but the journalist who write the article did not list the names of the officials that were commissioned.

    • Steve,

      Anytime the president commissioned a list of official, the names are listed and each person name is call, and all those who are attending the ceremony are given a program with the names.

  3. John Kpakolo and Call me John Doe:
    Are you suggesting that it is the responsibility of the President to publish the list of the officials who were commissioned?
    What is going on people of Liberia? This thing is becoming too childish.

    • Isaac,

      The Chief of political is the one that provide the names of those who are being commissioned in the form of a program.

  4. Certainly! Liberia’s BUREAUCRACY is over BLOATED. It seems the entire budget is for the sole purpose of paying government employees SALARIES-only. There Will be no MONEY left for other expenditures. A broked Country, Liberia needs to put some stringent policies in place; starting with a hiring freeze, until the economy gets on “A GOOD FOOTING”. The President, earlier, informed Liberians that he inherited a “BROKED NATION-LIBERIA”. I wonder, where is the money coming from; to pay numerous Government Employees? The inquiring minds want to know.


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