Pres. Weah Calls on Officials to Pay Their Taxes

Pres. Weah on a guided tour of some of the road projects in Monrovia. Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

President George Weah has called on members of his cabinet and other officials of government to honor their tax obligations, in order to financially equip government in executing its mandate consistent with the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, the President reminded government officials about their tax commitments and how this is significant in transforming the nation and the lives of Liberians.

President Weah, who made the remark on Monday, December 3, after touring ongoing government-funded community road projects in and around Monrovia, said he was convinced that government can do more when citizens pay their taxes and when officials of government lead by example by meeting their tax obligations.

“All over the world,” the President said, “tax payment is a legally binding obligation for those in private and public sector, because delinquent or deviant elements do go to jail for failure to pay their taxes.”

President Weah called on his officials to always be on the side of the law by paying their taxes or he would be compelled to take appropriate actions against those who will not pay their required taxes.

He said another reasonable way to ensure tax compliance of his officials and government workers is to effectuate the deduction of taxes owed from the salaries of individuals who delinquent in tax payment.

“While the government is reaching out to multilateral and bilateral partners for support,” President Weah told a sizable crowd that accompanied him on the road inspection tour, “we as citizens and particularly officials of government, must contribute to the domestic revenue envelop by paying our taxes. That’s the only way we can fund these community projects.”

President Weah and his administration have initiated several community projects, principally the construction of paved roads, which are largely funded from government’s meager domestic revenues.

According to Pres. Weah, officials of government must lead by example by paying their taxes. This, he said, will encourage ordinary citizens to also honor their tax obligations.

He however urged Liberians not to relent in paying their taxes without which, he said, the government cannot carry on development. President Weah expressed appreciation with the progress contractors are making to meet deadline for the completion of some of the projects.

The President particularly acknowledged the significance of the Doe Community and Clara Town roads to residents, describing them as milestone achievements.

“I am glad that these two communities are being connected today with paved roads,” the President said, adding, “residents of these two slum communities will no more walk through the mud and swamp again as we were used to doing several years ago.”

Monday’s daylong tour, which was a continuation of the President’s vigorous road inspection, took him to the Chucky, Pipeline-Johnsonville project, Patience Shop-Barnesville road, Doe Community-Clara Town and the Sawmill Community road projects. He also inspected the New Kru Town Costal Defense project.


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