Pres. Weah Bags Prestigious Award in Freetown

President Weah (right) receives Sierra Leone's highest honor from President Maada Bio

…Hailed for Service to Humanity

President George Manneh Weah has received Sierra Leone’s highest honour, the Most Distinguished Grand Commander of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The Liberian Leader was also hailed for fostering peaceful coexistence and his service to humanity.

President Weah received the honour during Sierra Leone’s 60th Independence Day celebrations in Freetown on April 27, 2021.

“Brigadier General (Rtd), Dr. Julius Maada Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, and on behalf of the government and the people of the Republic of Sierra Leone award the most distinguished honour of Grand Commander of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the President of the Republic of Liberia H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah for his passionate drive and commitment to fostering peace, stability and democracy in the Mano River Union and the West African subregion at large,” the citation read.

Continuing, the citation of the honor said, “you are a soccer legend and a Global Ambassador for Peace. Today’s award recognizes your selflessness and resourcefulness in contributing to the attainment of peace in Liberia, which also has a far-reaching effect on neighboring sister Republic of Sierra Leone.”

“But equally important is your tireless march alongside your peers of the Mano River Basin and the ECOWAS Community to promote sustainable peace, stability and socio-economic transformation in the subregion in order to improve the quality of life of your people,” Dr. Weah was further praised.

The government and people of Sierra Leone hailed the Weah administration’s development agenda which focuses on peace and security, economic revitalization, infrastructural and service delivery, Governance and the rule of law.

President Weah was further hailed for his “enduring service to the world, the subregion and your country. Today, we celebrate a great African, an enduring personality, role model, and a philanthropist, President George Manneh Weah”.

The Liberian Leader was among West African and world leaders that witnessed and participated in Sierra Leone’s 60th Independence celebration activities on April 27, 2021.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS YOUR Excellency President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah!!! Renewing Liberian leadership via your transformational and visionary leadership focused inter alia on common security for common humanity, its not surprising our sisterly sovereign country of Sierra Leone has thought it deserving of you to receive such a prestigious award!

    And this is both a diplomatic and international political evidence that through your skillful and visionary leadership excellence, this glorious land of liberty under God’s command, is regaining its global status of been stronger on the continent of Africa, and highly admired and respected across the globe!!!

    With such demonstrated diplomatic excellence between and amongst your sovereign peers, we the Liberian people and member states and citizenries of the MRU, ECOWAS, AU, AND THE WORLDS SAFETY NET THE UN, are confident that at the end of 2029 when you shall be making your constitutional exit after building us a great nation, Liberians at home and abroad shall pause to say, WOW!!! DR. WEAH DID NOT ONLY INJECT A NEW MEANING IN TRANSFORMATIONAL GOVERNANCE WITHIN THE MRU BASIN AND ON THE CONTINENT, AS A WHOLE, BUT HAS INDEED BUILT US A GREAT NATION!!!

    Hence to that juncture, Your Excellency, we say once again, Your Excellency, kindly accept our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS FOR SUCH A WORLD DISTINCTION WITHIN THE COMITY AND COMMUNITY OF NATIONS!!!

  2. True Nationalist as a paid Agent may now go and receive his pay check or pay for the month ending April for heaping useless praises on one who has brought upon the Liberian State an alarming state of bad governance or misrule in Liberia. There is no accountability in Weah’s government. 25 million dollars of mop up money disappeared and could not be accounted for. There is no ongoing development projects of significance that could help our people. His friends can give him all the accolades in the world but this will not deter Liberian Patriots and the people of Liberia to change their minds. Come 2023, the Liberian people will overwhelmingly vote him out of office mainly based on 3 things:1. Under his rule our people are suffering, no jobs, corruption in government, years of financial mismanagement, and misrule has trapped Liberia in a chronic cycle of economic dependency and international aid.
    2. Mysterious deaths of government Auditors and disappearances of innocent citizens 3. The gentleman has an impediment. He can not read or write. He does not know or understand the job.
    This is why “Only Philosophers must be Kings.” Liberia is in dire need of a Philosopher King because a philosopher king is able to understand true goodness and justice in a way that other people cannot. Moreover, a philosopher king would understand that the greatest self-benefit is living virtuously. They would act out morally and not out of self-interest. Liberia’s next leader at the ballot box will be a Philosopher King.

  3. President Weah, you are a dumb leader. It does not matter how many accolades you bag; the proof is in the sour pudding! You don’t know nothing about nothing!
    You are just a clown dressed up in suit coat who’s masquerading as a serious leader.
    You are not even fit to be supervisor or dog catcher!


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