Pres. Weah Assures Muslims of Equal Rights


In observance of Liberia’s 173rd Independence Day anniversary, President George M. Weah has assured the Muslim community that the rights of all citizens will be protected under the law at all times.

President Weah’s statement, which was contained in a speech delivered on his behalf by Minister of Internal Affairs Varney A. Sirleaf, came following calls by some Muslims to the national government to legislate Abraham’s Day and the Holy month of Ramadan as National Holidays.

Minister Sirleaf, speaking at a colorful Independence Day celebration under the auspices of the National Muslim Council of Liberia after the Juma’ah Prayer at the 17th Street Mosque in Sinkor, said President Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government are concern about every religion and is doing everything possible to work in the interest of everyone.

The ceremony, which took place on Friday, July 24, 2020, was attended by an array of government officials, Muslims as well as business tycoons. Prayers were also offered for the nation and its people.

According to Minister Sirleaf, President Weah has bigger plans for Liberian Muslims and, as such, he should not be pushed by those he referred to as politicians who are bent on undermining government’s effort in maintaining social justice and religious freedom.

“As President of the Republic of Liberia, I want to assure the Muslim community that the rights of all shall be protected at all times,” the president said in a speech delivered on his behalf by Minister Sirleaf.

At the same time, President Weah said, “As we celebrate our 173 Independence Day Anniversary in this unusual manner of our beloved country, may I ask the Muslim community through the National Muslim Council of Liberia to offer a prayer for our country as she goes through this difficult period of fighting against COVID-19.”

The speech further said that the fight against COVID-19 has taken Liberia from the path of “our economic advancement that should lead us to prosperity and to a very severe global economic downturn, thereby exposing our national economic shock.”

“I believe that prayer becomes necessary in this endeavor so that Allah, through his power of all powers, gets us off this virus, thereby restoring all nations once more affected by this virus.

“In this process, may I also add that until we get rid of this virus through the Grace of Allah, the leadership and members of the Muslim community should strictly adhere to the public health protocols, which I also believe will help in cutting down the transmission of the virus,” Minister Sirleaf said.

The Internal Affairs minister also used the occasion to congratulate the Muslim community on behalf of President Weah as in a week’s time “you will be celebrating Eidul Adelia in observance of the noble sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. May this day bring peace to our hearts and nation.”

Aide to the president Sekou K. Damaro, said President Weah will remain committed to ensuring that every Liberian has equal opportunity regardless of his or her status, tribe, political affiliation, or religion.

Mr. Damaro said the president also wants “us to know that his commitment to religious tolerance is unquestionable. President Weah wants every Liberian to live cordially in peace and harmony.”

He said President Weah is also urging the Muslim Jama’ah to remember “our country in prayer, especially during this critical health emergency period. The president recognizes that it is only through prayers that we can acquire wisdom, resources, and strength to build our nation.”


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