“Pres. Sirleaf Started a Process, We’ll Take it to Another Level”

VP Jewel Howard Taylor poses with the women following the ceremony

-VP Howard-Taylor assures women of Buchanan

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has acknowledged as laudable, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s endeavor to empower Liberian women over the past 12 years.

“Madam Sirleaf started a process and carried us somewhere, now we need to go to the next level; we hope that within the next six years, more women will be empowered because, when they are empowered, my pressure and those of other women in higher institutions will come down,” Vice President Taylor informed women of Grand Bassa County.

She spoke at a program highlighting educational activities. The program was held at the Fair Ground in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

VP Taylor promised to continue encouraging the government through the office of the president, to help implement the much publicized pro-poor agenda, “because the president knows that we are farsighted and hardworking; so we will continue to advocate for the upliftment of women in governance.”

The women later gowned VP Taylor in a traditional Liberian outfit. Shortly after, the VP informed the women that ex- President Sirleaf had told her of the existence of a factory in Lofa County that weaves traditional country-cloth. However, locals at the factory did not have the funding nor material to improve the project.

“We have to encourage the women in Lofa to plant the cotton they use to produce country-cloth; we need to pay them a visit because country-cloth could become a Liberian fabric that all of us would like to wear. We will send a team to Lofa to investigate how we can empower the factory,” VP Taylor assured.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has assured residents of Grand Bassa County that the government is determined to elevate and improve the country’s education system, especially in the areas of training and building the capacity of teachers.

She told students present at the occasion that the government is determined to encourage and support schools that introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) within their curriculum, especially those starting at the elementary level.

Seven students and an instructor, sponsored by Grand Bassa Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, will depart the country in April to participate in a month-long STEM program in Kentucky, United States.


  1. tell Ellen to give the women her money from Mo Ibrahim. The only people she empowered were her friends from her high school days, Parker, Gardner, etc. Don’t fool these women. They have been suffering for too long. Did you ever see them dancing with Ellen cronies on TLC Africa? Were they ever invited to her high class parties?

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