Pregnant Woman’s ‘Murder’ Sparks Riot, Arson in Lofa


Reports from Zorzor, Lofa County say the city was on Wednesday a scene of intense unrest when angry youths took to the streets, burning down five houses and several shops.

The destroyed shops and homes are believed to be owned by residents of the Mandingo ethnic group.

The angry mob, according to our sources, was rioting in retaliation for the alleged murder of a pregnant woman who had come on a visit from Fissibu, a nearby town.

Officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Zorzor were no match for the rioters, compelling them to call for reinforcements from Gbarnga and Voinjama.

Gbarnga is 94km from Zorzor, while Voinjama is 104 kilometers away.

Officers of the Police Support Unit (PSU), another component of the LNP, were brought in and after few hours of struggle, were able to restore order in the town.

Fissibu is situated between Zorzor and Voinjama City, the county capital. The woman, it is alleged, was killed by a Mandingo man only identified as AB, who happened to be the father of one of her children.

The alleged murderer is said to be a soccer player for one of the local teams in the area.

The victim, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, was said to have arrived in Zorzor in the morning and was discovered dead late in the evening.

The angry crowd also erected roadblocks along the main street to prevent the alleged criminal from leaving town.

The move also affected the local radio station, Radio Life, with its staff feeling threatened and constrained to shut down the station.

The radio station is located on the road to Fissibu, and its management chose to close because a roadblock erected along that road was manned by angry youth.

The victim is reported to have been riding with the alleged culprit on a motorcycle purportedly owned by him (AB) when she arrived in the town on Wednesday morning.

She was said to have come to Zorzor to receive her “child support” from the accused.

Meanwhile the alleged murder, AB, has not been seen since the tragic incident and may have likely escaped from Zorzor. The victim was reported to have been six months pregnant prior to her demise.

The victim’s body is reported to have been deposited in a morgue at Zorzor’s Curran Lutheran Hospital.


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