Pregnant Woman Loses Child in Fatal Accident


A pregnant woman, believed to be in her late 30s, lost her child after a tragic accident along the Monrovia-Kakata highway on Sunday, January 17.

According to a police source, the woman, who also broke her leg in the accident, was operated on at the JFK Memorial Hospital in Monrovia, in an effort to save her prematurely delivered child. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save the infant.

Police said the woman was hit by a taxi (plate number: TX 9158) while crossing the highway in the Lofa community, adding that the taxi driver escaped, but left the vehicle at the scene of the accident.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver was driving at high speed and was not watching out for pedestrians, when he hit the woman.

A man identifying himself as “Okocha,” the driver’s brother, later appeared at the Mount Barclay police station where the vehicle involved is now impounded, saying his brother fled the scene out of fear that he would be attacked by the angry mob that had gathered at the scene of the accident.

Okocha said he arrived after the angry mob had dispersed from the police station to inform the police officers that he is willing to deliver his brother to them whenever he is needed.

“It is very common in Monrovia and its environs that whenever there is an accident, people who call themselves sympathizers often take the law into their hands, especially when the accident is major,” said Okocha.

Asked to comment on the fate of the driver, a police officer said that is for the court to decide, as their pressing concern is for the injured woman to survive the ordeal.

Meanwhile, the investigation is pending until the woman recovers.


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