Pre-Campaign for Nimba 2020 Senatorial Election Heats Up

In early April this year, Rep. Jeremiah Koung (center) and his 'friends' took a long tour in Buu-Yao Administrative District distributing chain saws to several for road rehabilitation works.

As the 2020 special senatorial election draws closer, pre-campaigning is reportedly heating up in Nimba, with Nimba District #1 Representative Jeremiah Koung and Superintendent Dorr Cooper taking the lead.

In the latest move, Rep. Koung and his entourage began their trip in Bahn City on May 17, 2020, where he donated a car to Morris King, a popular Gospel Musician in Nimba and a motorcycle to Amos Poquie, also a Gospel Musician. He toured the Zoe Gbah Administrative District on what his supporters classified as an acquaintance visit.

In early April this year, Rep. Koung and his ‘friends’ took a long tour in Buu-Yao Administrative District distributing chain saws to several for road rehabilitation works.

Although Superintendent Cooper has been petitioned on several occasions, pertaining to the upcoming senatorial election in 2020, he is yet to accept or refuse said petitions. He also has yet to declare his candidacy, but critics believe his actions speak louder than his words. He has spent an incredible amount of time touring the county, and making donations in cash and materials to communities and community-based groups. Critics believe the superintendent is using his office to gain popularity for the pending senatorial election in breach of the National Code of Conduct. His supporters refer to him as “incoming senator.”

Another person, who is expressing interest in the senatorial bid is Taa Wongbe, who has been holding series of meetings with supporters this month, promising to improve the agriculture sector in Nimba, if elected. He met with supporters in Sanniquellie on May 13 and Buutuo two days later.

Former Representative Garrison Yealue has also expressed interest in the senatorial bid, and was recently in Buu-Yao, trying to raise his support base.

In the midst of the development, little has been heard about incumbent Senator Thomas Grupee, and former Superintendent Edith Gongloe Weh. However, their supporters continue to assure the public of their candidates willingness to contest for the post.

Former Senator Adolphus Dolo appears to be making a comeback as well. During a surprise visit to Nimba recently, he called on the residents to support his candidacy in order to restore development to the county.

The coming senatorial election has halted key development activities in the county. Yellow machines for road rehabilitation have been grounded, and the status of the proceeds from the controversial metal scraps sale to Sethi Brothers and Northstar remain unknown.


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