PPCC Workers Don’t Need ‘Cold Water’

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The Executive Director of Public Procurement & Concession Commission (PPCC), James Dorbor Jallah, told a gathering of Liberian business owners that the employees of the commission, by law, don’t expect any financial inducement from businesses for doing their job.

Speaking as one of the panelists yesterday on the 3rd Day (Nov. 15-18) of the SBA 2016 National MSME Conference & Trade Fair at the Monrovia City Hall, Director Jallah said employees at the PPCC stand to lose their jobs if they are caught receiving any remuneration for providing services to business owners.

“When you as a business owner is found offering ‘cold water’ to any employee, the employee stands a chance of losing his or her job; and you the business owner stand to lose opportunities that the PPCC offers to business owners,” Director Jallah said.

Many times serious national issues are done the Liberian way, which involves overlooking the right way to do things, and bypassing official channels of ensuring that there is transparency and equal treatment for every business owner competing for contracts.

Dr. Jallah took pains to explain the process of business registration and the related issue of how a business can successfully bid for contracts. He regretted that many Liberian owned businesses lack the capacity to successfully bid for contracts, and efforts by PPCC to provide capacity is not fully supported.

During a question and answer forum, Director Jallah provided answers to Liberian business owners on some of the difficulties they encounter in their business ventures.

Dr. Jallah said the PPCC has a wealth of information that anyone aspiring to get involved in business should acquaint themselves with to reduce the stress and some of the difficulties inherent in the process.

He told a business owner who complained about the cumbersome process of business registration that owning a business is a serious venture and the government has provided channels, some of which overlap with other government ministries.

Dr. Jallah encouraged business owners to exercise patience and make sure that they do things right, including bidding for contracts rather than falling into a situation where a friend who has secured a contract ends up not paying them for services rendered.

He said business owners should secure contracts by PPCC rules; otherwise they may face difficulties for which the Commission cannot provide any support. He, however, said when a business owner fails to receive just pay when the contract was acquired through PPCC rules, the Commission stands ready to ensure that the company is paid.

The conference’s focus is on women’s entrepreneurship for their economic empowerment under the theme: “Buying Liberian, Building Liberia.”

The conference brought together the best 100 Liberian owned businesses, many displaying their products and networking with each other to expand their distribution base.

Some of the companies are Seklaa Enterprise, producers of household products such as liquid soap, sheabutter bath soap, pure shea butter and palm kernel oil, located in Chicken Soup Factory-Gulf Community and owned by Mrs. Theodosia Clark-Wah; Mako Business Incorporated of Johnsonville Old Field, with Mary K. D. Kokulo as General Manager; Edutainment Playground Center, located at Wahlay Town, Lower Careysburg, that provides over 15 simple and age appropriate exciting games for kids.

Present with its own stand is Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), which was established in 2004 and provides private security services throughout Liberia. It is managed by Momo T. Cyrus.


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