PPCC Hosts Bid Preparation, Tendering Training for Liberian Business Owners

Mrs. Jargbe Roseline Nagbe Kowo, PPCC Executive Director

Authorities at the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC), recently ended a one-day bid tendering workshop, aimed at enhancing Liberian-owned business executives’ knowledge about bid preparation, and tendering.

The one-day workshop, according to the entity, comes at a time when Liberian-owned business executives have limited knowledge on quality bid preparation and tendering, which limit their chance of winning government’s contracts.

Mrs. Jargbe Roseline Nagbe Kowo, PPCC Executive Director, said the goal of the forum was to educate local business owners about the rudiments of government’s bidding process in order for them to improve on their bid preparation.

She renewed calls for the conduct of responsible procurement, and adherence to the Public Procurement Concession Act (PPCA) of 2010.

“The whole idea about this entire workshop is for you, participants, to understand some rudiments in the bidding process so that you will be able to sail through at ease whenever you are doing the process,” Mrs. Kowo said.

“From this training, I expect you people to tender in quality bids to stand a good chance to win government contracts. If you apply what you have been taught here, Liberian businesses will easily sail through the bidding process.”

Earlier, Afuye Oyewole, Senior Procurement Specialist, World Bank Country Office in Monrovia, cautioned participants to stay focused as the training comes with great benefits for entities and individuals in the procurement sector.

Ayewole described the forum as an avenue to share ideas to overcome challenges in the procurement sector.

“This will help us to prepare responsive proposals or bids. It will give the idea how to prepare a more advantageous bid,” he said.

“The World Bank,” he added, “will collaborate with PPCC to create enlightenment for fragile countries in the procurement sector such as Liberia. But remember, there is always the need for collaboration in bidding processes.”

The PPCC is an integrity agency, established in 2005 by an Act of Legislation to regulate all forms of public procurement and concessions with the statutory power to stipulate methods and procedures.

THE ACT establishes the PPCC with oversight responsibility to regulate and monitor all forms of public procurement and concessions practices. Its mandate is to monitor procuring entities to comply with the Act of 2005 for all public procurement and awarding concessions in order to ensure economy, efficiency, transparency and to promote competition so that Government gets value for money in using public funds.


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