PPCC Fights Waste Abuse

PPCC Fights Waste Abuse

Few of the boxes containing computers the PPCC donated to two ministries yesterday

The Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) yesterday donated 21 computers to the ministries of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and Justice (MOJ) to help mitigate waste and abuse during national budget execution.

PPCC’s donation yesterday was funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to enhance the works of the Accounting Services Unit and the Economic Department of the two institutions when they are implementing the budget.

Accounting Services Unit is responsible to process payment, while the Economic Department at the Ministry of Justice reviews contracts.

Before presenting the 19 pieces of the computers to the Accounting Services Unit, PPCC executive director, Dorbor Jallah, said that there have been a lot of problems associated with the execution of the budget and that the project seeks to mitigate those problems.
The brief ceremony was held at the MFDP.

Few of the boxes containing computers the PPCC donated to two ministries yesterday

He disclosed that the project was necessitated by repeated waste and abuse, particularly within the procurement framework.

Jallah explained that in an effort to alleviate reported fraud associated with the budget, the PPCC has trained some staffers of the Accounting Services Unit and the Economic

Department at the Ministry of Justice to address the situation.

Jallah said that the donation of the computers, which would be linked to PPCC’s system, will help mitigate waste and abuse.

According to him, employees of the Accounting Services Unit will access PPCC’s website to know agencies in compliance with the procurement regulations to enable them make proper payment.

Jallah said there have been challenges that pose bottlenecks on the level of efficiency of budget execution emanating from the delay in the budget approval process, which then cascade into the procurement process, thereby negatively affecting “our developmental efforts.”

He said the PPCC has introduced a project “advance procurement and framework contracting, to address the challenges.”

Jallah said the advance procurement and framework contracting will strengthen efficiency within the procurement system.

He said under the advance procurement and framework contracting, agencies would frontload their procurement activities, since the national budget approval process is usually delayed.

He also donated four of the computers to Justice Minister Frederick Cherue for four lawyers working in the Economic Department, who benefited from the training the PPCC organized.

Jallah also provided four internet modems with data for one year usage to enable them access PPCC’s website when reviewing contracts.

He warned against the abuse of the internet modems and said PPCC will audit the computers every month.

In two separate statements, Justice Minister Cherue and Assistant Finance Minister, Alieu F. Nyei, lauded Mr. Jallah for the donation, and promised that the computers will be used for the intended purpose.


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