Power theft, Candlelight, Generator Causes of Fire Disasters

Col. Darblo “We have trained manpower but inadequate resources to fight fire incidents.”

LNFS pleads for adequate supplies to fight fire outbreaks

By Jallah Amoson

The Human Resource officer at the Liberia National Fire Service, Col. Patricia S.D. Darblo says the improper connection of electrical power and the usage of candle light, generators, mosquito coils, among others are the major sources of fire outbreaks in the city and elsewhere.

She said though in 2017 the LNFS was able to fight several fire outbreaks successfully, more could be achieved if the LNFS increases its night patrols around the city in order to minimize what she referred to as power theft and illegal connections of electrical power.

“Officers of the LNFS stand ready to increase their fight against fire outbreaks and we also want to carry out awareness in all communities across the nation to educate people on how to prevent fire outbreaks,” she said.

Col. Darblo told reporters in Monrovia that it is important for Liberians to avoid illegal power connections since the Liberia Electricity Corporation has trained men and women who are prepared help them with their connections.

Col. Darblo emphasized that the LNFS has the responsibility to educate Liberians through awareness about the dangers of fire in every part of the country because it is important for people to know what to do in case of any fire disaster.

She meanwhile called the Liberian government to empower the Liberia National Fire Service with the necessary equipment to enable the bureau to fight fire outbreaks, saying items needed include adequate fuels, vehicles, and additional fire trucks.

She said LNFS will need adequate and effective materials to make their job easy more effective to be able to save lives and properties in case of fire disasters.


  1. Great article the Liberia Natl. Fire Service. Thank you for bringing attention to the issues surrounding. As a Liberian who has been a successful fire chief in the United States for many years, it breaks my heart to see what has become of the LNFS. Unfortunately I’ve offered to help out in any way I can but I cannot seem to get a return call so far from anyone in the Liberian Govt. [email protected]


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