Potholes Hamper Free Movement at Redlight


Residents in Paynesville are appealing to the Paynsville City Corporation (PCC) and the Ministry of Public Works (MOPW) to rehabilitate deplorable roads which have been worsened by the rainy season.

Residents told the Daily Observer that many of their selling places near the main road linking Redlight with other communities have developed large potholes, which have made free movement very difficult for vehicles providing goods and services to the area.

They want authorities of both the PCC and MOPW to improve the road by filling the large pot holes to relieve the restriction to free flow of human and vehicle traffic.

They complained that the situation is deplorable to the extent that vehicles plying the route move at a snail’s pace, competiting with over crowded marketers and consumers at Redlight.

Our reporter observed that the large potholes are filled with muddy gunk that slow down vehicles trying to dudging them.

They said they have made several appeals to the government and local authorities for help but to no avail, causing them much frustration.


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